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The New Black Panthers, and Eric Holder…

The New Black Panthers, and Eric Holder…

Doing a little looking around the internet and found some interesting stuff about the New Black Panther idiots that are NOT being charged with voter intimidation by the AG.

The AG is a black man, Our POTUS is a black man that went to church for 20 years with Reverend Wright. The charges were leveled (Then dropped) against Black Power preachers…Nothing wrong here huh?

Lets look at a few items found while looking around…

Samir (Racist piece of shit) Shabaz has a web site: Waste of flesh’s site is here

personal message:
TO know me is to live as i live and dwell as i dwell.I dont have time for foolish unintelligent azz females who dont want nothin out of life but drama. KEEP THAT CRAP TO YOURSELF.I hate crackas deeply and I will never compromise with that,SOOOOO CRACKAS STAY OFF MY PAGE.NOT INTERESTED IN ANYTHING YALL HAVE TO SAY. BLACK PEOPLE WAKE UP AND KNOW THAT WE ARE THE GREATEST BEINGS IN THE UNIVERSE. U WANT TO KNOW MORE HOLLA BLACK

Here they are hanging out, too bad the idiot on his knees didn’t pull the trigger. But the way these morons hang out together it seems a bit gay, he may not hurt what he enjoys…just sayin

Here’s some wonderful artwork found at the site…Black Children are warriors? Uh yeah..WOW.

Lets not forget to F*** Whitey’s Christmas…He’s a real winner huh? Whitey must have wronged him…What could whitey have possibly done to have him hate us soooo bad? I’m thinking he just listened to Rev Wright with Obama and Obama was smart enough to hide his teachings…

And lets not forget the “Black Power Pose” scary huh? Tatted up face, angry look, all black leather….Damn He’s really mad or he’s getting ready to ask a question at Reverend Wrights church….

But wait there’s more…
Here he is doing what he does best…Hate WHITEY! I’m sure it was whitey that caused him all his pain..It couldn’t have been his addiction to crack or anything…I’m also pretty damn sure he doesn’t have a job and I’d be willing to bet us tax payers are paying for his existence…Talk about a waste of taxpayer money…

See The DOJ drops the charges on these guys… But they are pressing forward with the charges on the Hutaree…They are going against AZ’s Illegal Immigration law, yet are not charging these guys with voter intimidation…

There is a battle brewing and the lines are being drawn in courts. When these scum sucking racists can freely intimidate voters,  what’s next? ONLY Democrat voters will be able to vote?

It’s coming folks, mark my words here this is about as real as it’s ever been.

Where Are All The Bush Haters?

Where Are All The Bush Haters?

Sitting around the house today, I started reading some of the local papers opinions. Then I decided to check the internet for ideas to post on.

What I came to a conclusion about was pretty disturbing. Bush screwed up everything. Bush caused all the problems we are experiencing now. EVERYTHING! At least that’s the message from Democrats and their supporting crew. Even those in congress, those that were in congress during the Bush years, as well as those that started when Pelosi took over the Speaker spot, and those that came in when Obama was elected.

Then I watched Neil Cavuto: (I will post the video when its available)

Neil Cavuto made some salient points in his closing opinion. He said “Those in congress like Pelosi and crew, blaming Bush for everything are admitting they were useless in their jobs” (Paraphrased)

Congress has been under Democrat control since 2007. 3+ years and our unemployment is at an all time high, our deficits are at record levels and we are the laughing stock of the world. But its all George Bush’s fault. The Republicans have been successful as the minority in a few areas. The Republicans having a TRUE MINORITY have done MORE to help the country under Obama and Pelosi than they did under GWB. And that’s a damn shame in and of itself.

Where are those screaming liberal idiots that were so upset over the Patriot act? Obama extended it, Holder is going to start questioning Americans without Mirandizing them if they SUSPECT something. That is okay I guess, but QUESTIONING POTENTIAL ILLEGAL ALIENS is forbidden?

Where are those screaming liberal idiots that were so upset about Gitmo? GITMO will remain open for another year at least….

Where are those screaming liberal idiots that were so upset about the War on Terror? Obama sent more troops to Afghanistan, Iraq is exploding into chaos and we are still in BOTH places.

Where are those screaming liberal idiots that were so pissed off about haliburton? Obama awards a no bid contract to Haliburton…

Where are those screaming liberal idiots that were so upset that the internet was possibly being used by government agencies to locate terrorists? Obama and his minions are now saying your email and internet activities can be spied on and are trying to change the internet laws in an effort to silence opposing views..

Holder says We NOW have an enemy that is global…. NOW?

Hello Earth to Eric Holder, the Islamapukes have been attacking us for damn near 30 years, only in the last 10 years have we begun to fight back. The liberpuke clan that got elected in 08 ran on a belief that GWB was conducting illegal wars, illegal wire taps, illegal actions on an array of areas…ONCE they got in office and were privy to the information of real world issues, all of the sudden GWB’s actions are not illegal, and in some cases not harsh enough….WHERE ARE ALL THE LIBERAL BUSH HATERS NOW?

Transparency of our leadership?

Transparency of our leadership?

Obama campaigned on the “The most transparent administration ever” tagline….We have so far seen back room deals in Health Care, middle of the night passage of Cap and Tax, and then there is this:

Holder admits nine Obama Dept. of Justice officials worked for terrorist detainees, offers no details

Attorney General Eric Holder says nine Obama appointees in the Justice Department have represented or advocated for terrorist detainees before joining the Justice Department. But he does not reveal any names beyond the two officials whose work has already been publicly reported. And all the lawyers, according to Holder, are eligible to work on general detainee matters, even if there are specific parts of some cases they cannot be involved in.

Holder’s admission comes in the form of an answer to a question posed last November by Republican Sen. Charles Grassley. Noting that one Obama appointee, Principal Deputy Solicitor General Neal Katyal, formerly represented Osama bin Laden’s driver, and another appointee, Jennifer Daskal, previously advocated for detainees at Human Rights Watch, Grassley asked Holder to give the Senate Judiciary Committee “the names of political appointees in your department who represent detainees or who work for organizations advocating on their behalf…the cases or projects that these appointees work with respect to detainee prior to joining the Justice Department…and the cases or projects relating to detainees that have worked on since joining the Justice Department.”

In his response, Holder has given Grassley almost nothing. He says nine Obama political appointees at the Justice Department have advocated on behalf of detainees, but did not identify any of the nine other than the two, Katyal and Daskal, whose names Grassley already knew. “To the best of our knowledge,” Holder writes,

Evidently the transparency part of Obama’s campaign only includes items that can be firmly or loosely placed in GWB’s lap for blame. Obama will be transparent when it suits the liberal agenda but not when it suits the American people. The American people are you know, NOT liberals, we the PEOPLE are over 46% conservative, 34% moderate and 20% libturd…..I’m betting even a few LIBTURDS will see this as WRONG….