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Democrats throwing Tantrums…

Democrats throwing Tantrums…

I hope you folks are understanding what is going on in America today. I see the current events in a different light than most I guess…

Ferguson, New York, Eric Garner, Mike Brown, Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, Torture report, Amnesty, Funding bills… etc.. All these issues AFTER November 4th election… Sound odd?


Not if you understand today’s democrats and their vindictive nature. If you have been paying attention to time lines and understand the hatred Democrats have for American values.

Ferguson, could have been handled well before Nov 4th. It wasn’t because Democrats knew that the outrage wouldn’t turn into votes for them, it would turn into HUGE numbers against them. Amnesty, same thing.

Ferguson is the temper tantrum for losses in Nov. Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson along with Obama and Holder pushed the reaction. The facts however have given America a winning hand agains the agitators. This has provided America with more ammunition in 2016 than we ever had before.

Move on to Amnesty, that is another one that will make a democrat POTUS in 2016 a severe long shot. (But if the GOP puts another RINO up the odds even up)

The latest in the temper tantrum is the Torture Report, Gun Grabber Extreme, Diane Feinstein, who by the way was INVESTIGATED/SNOOPED on by the CIA releases a report on enhanced interrogation. Why would democrats do it? Because they can’t be tied to it in any way.. Well, they are tied to it, but they’re denying it. (If you have read my blog for any time, you know I’m good with any torture performed on any islamic prick at any time)


But here’s the kicker on this torture report temper tantrum: Obama says “We need to be open and honest and apologize when we do bad things” Anyone notice that? So, if its not him involved, he’s quick to apologize. He’s been real quiet about Benghazi, Fast and Furious which involved DEAD AMERICANS, he’s silent about IRS abuse, he’s silent about breaking the laws he swore to uphold. But he’s okay apologizing for what another POTUS did after Americans were killed.


Basically what we have is a democrat temper tantrum, stompyfooters running around upset because they see their Obama led utopia collapsing because the results don’t match the rhetoric.

Its going to get real interesting the next 2 yrs. Arm up, prep up and be ready for anything. Nothing is out of bounds for these democrats.

36K Criminals Released

36K Criminals Released

Well folks, I hate to say I told you so, but I sure as hell did.

I said it back in 2006 that we would, as a nation be heading the direction of California. Gov. Brown released over 50k Criminals here due to “Overcrowding” and “Lack of funding” Here we go:

Report: 36K criminals freed

NEW YORK – The U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) released 36,007 convicted criminal aliens last year who were awaiting the outcome of deportation proceedings, according to a report issued Monday by the Center for Immigration Studies.

The report is for 2013. While the democrat party (and some RINO’s) were trying to limit law abiding citizen’s right to obtain and possess firearms for protection, the administration was releasing dangerous criminals. Let that sink in.


Now the amnesty push appears to be gaining steam. So much so that Obama himself is no longer using “Immigration Reform” its “Amnesty Legislation”

Lets ask ourselves, out of these 36,000 criminals, how many are going to work in hospices, hospitals, high tech or even volunteer at homeless shelters? Yeah, not likely. These 36k are going to end up killing/raping/robbing etc. I sure as hell hope there’s some records that ICE is keeping so we can count…

Don’t be a victim folks, better to be judged by 12 than carried by 6.

Amnesty Now?

Amnesty Now?

So Speaker John Boehner is upset with some members of the Republican party because they won’t green light an Amnesty bill?


Okay, let me break this down. This may piss off some folks but hear it out. If you don’t agree with it, that’s what the comment section is for.

First, I do think our Immigration system needs to be reformed. There’s no reason it should take 10 yrs to become an American. I could go into the entire belief I have about IMMIGRANTS ASSIMILATING, but I’ve done that enough in the past. Lets concentrate on the NOW… I do think we need REFORM, but we must secure the border and clean house first.


So the GOP’s position on AMNESTY is that “this time the government will secure the border.” And there is the biggest problem the GOP faces. You want to pass IMMIGRATION REFORM NOW? Barack Obama is still President, Harry Reid is still in charge of the Senate and Eric Holder is still AG. Now, lets look back at the last 6yrs.

Obama and Holder sued the state of AZ because Arizona wanted to secure the border.

Obama and Holder have stopped deportations, without consent of congress. 

Obama and Holder have usurped/ignored/changed laws from their offices without consent of congress.

So tell me again how we can count on the Obama Administration to “Secure the border”


Trust in Government is at an all time low. IF you trust this government now you are stupid son of bitch. And speaker Boehner, you sir are a stupid son of bitch if you think the GOP will survive an AMNESTY bill vote now. In November, if the house stays Republican and the Senate Switches party majority and the GOP sends an Amnesty bill to Obama’s desk, the GOP will lose in 2016 BADLY.

Trust is important. When its gone it can’t be recovered UNLESS those in power are removed. Therefor STOP THE AMNESTY TALK until Pelosi, Reid, Obama, Feinstein, Biden, Graham, McCain, McConnell and several others are GONE! That’s the only hope of the GOP has of not being relegated to a minor party for the next 100 years.

What a Week!

What a Week!

Sorry for the absence folks. Been a bit busy around here. Unfortunately it doesn’t seem to be slowing down much. Lets get to the meat of the problem in our nation.

Emotions are running amok. People from Right to Left are PISSED OFF! And rightly so.

IF you are not pissed off YOU are not paying attention:

Eric (with)Holder was in front of Congress this past week. What did we hear? “I don’t know” “I didn’t do it” “Bush did it” was the basic premise of his retorts. Brian Terry’s family deserves better. So does the 300+ Mexicans the guns HOLDER KNEW ABOUT killed. (Since the left believes GUNS KILL PEOPLE, should they try to stop those runaway Walked Guns and find out why they are running amok?)

Then there was the “Private sector is doing fine” speech from Obama. Now that my friend is OUT OF FKN TOUCH.. BUT then, Obama Doubles down on that doozy of falsehood.

Obama “Executive Orders” Amnesty for a Million Illegal Immigrants. Wha? Oh yeah he did. But he failed to mention if those million “New workers” will immediately lift the unemployment numbers to 8.6% or will they be “Uncounted/Undocumented workers?”

Anyone latino/Hispanic/Asian immigrant who entered this country LEGALLY should be livid at this action. Not that it’s a horrible idea in part (I fully agree that an illegal kid brought here by his/her parents should be citizens if they SERVE IN THE MILITARY) But the timing is questionable at best.

Think about this: GWB and a DEMOCRAT majority in both house and senate tried to pass an amnesty it was blocked by AMERICA. Then Obama had two years with MAJOR MAJORITIES in both house and senate… No effort to pass this “Comprehensive reform” NONE. But just before an “Obama fundraising speech” to the “Latino community” an executive order is “the right thing to do” BUUUULLLLLSSSSSHHHIIIIITTTT.

But what I see is even more distasteful. This action does NOTHING to help the economy. Matter of fact it hurts the nations infrastructure and it’s economic prosperity. For what? To keep King Obama in power by any means necessary. What’s that tell you? Obama would rather rule over rubble than not be in charge and see America succeed. How is that a leader?

One thing I caution all my friends who are PISSED about this action. It’s a trap laid by emotionally based professionals. If Romney comes out against it too strong. He will pick up support from us “Extremists” but he will lose the wishy washy gooey centered indy’s. Romney needs the Indy’s to oust Obama. And we need SOMEONE by GAWD ANYONE at this point to OUST OBAMA. What I know is this: The trap laid was a brilliant NUCLEAR OPTION by Obama. I Also know that using that option so soon will backfire on his ass if WE DON’T LET THE TRAP SUCCEED. We need to remain united in the face of this divisive tactic. And that’s all this was. A divide and conquer tactic to split hard core conservatives/Ron Paul’s supporters/Moderate R’s/Indy’s and Blue Dog Dems.

It’s up to us to remain focused on what is important. The Obama administration must go. And we must not let them play us like they are playing the lemmings.


Eric Holder finally Admits…

Eric Holder finally Admits…

After a Year plus of lies, deflection and false testimony, Eric “bag” Holder finally states what we all knew:

Holder tells Congress the Obama administration wants to ban guns

Last Thursday, U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder appeared before the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee to answer questions about his role in the deadly “Fast and Furious” gun-running scandal. However, instead of answers, Congress got more defiance, more arrogance, and more wasted time with an attorney general who clearly feels no sense of obligation to the American people or our rule of law.

But for all the stonewalling, there was at least one telling moment at this hearing, and it should concern law-abiding gun owners and all Americans who expect accountability from our government.

In a rash attempt to deflect attention away from himself and his own irresponsibility, Holder let Congress know that the Obama administration is still working toward the day when it can reinstate former President Bill Clinton’s so-called “assault weapons” ban. According to Holder:

Okay so why would any GUN OWNER vote for Barack Hussein Obama? You think that one shotgun you have in the safe is enough? You believe that our government would never go so far as to restrict guns from the people? You don’t believe Obama and his crew want people unarmed? What is it? In America there’s over 80 million gun owners in America WELL over that now I believe. We only have 4 Million NRA members… WHY?

Let me ask you something and let me ask it as nice as I can. Are you “Fixing” the people around you? Are you hammering into peoples heads the importance of their vote? Are you questioning people around you about the right to bear arms? Are you actively pushing folks to join the NRA? Are you part of the sheep or a leader and a fighter? We need to fight these clowns at every turn. Holder is the TOP cop against guns but he has no problem with giving them to criminals…. How’s that make you feel? You feel safe knowing that AR’s and high powered rifles/hand guns are in the hands of known criminals via our corrupt government and yet they are doing everything they can to keep them from YOU?

Sad aint it? But not as bad as the APATHY we’ve fell victim too. Wake the hell up and get engaged in the fight for your rights or the next fight you will be under prepared.

Obama Using Gun Control to defuse Fast and Furious Scandal?

Obama Using Gun Control to defuse Fast and Furious Scandal?

Well let’s practice liberal/progressive thinking for a few minutes:

Gun Rights Advocates Wary of Coming Obama Measures in Wake of Tucson Shooting

Gun rights advocates are expressing concern over the Obama administration’s plans for a new gun control push six months after the shooting in Tucson, Ariz., and they warn that attempts to curb gun rights could provoke a political fight.

Attorney Alan Gura, who successfully argued two recent Second Amendment cases before the U.S. Supreme Court, vowed to give intense scrutiny to any new initiative the president puts forward.

“The gun rights community is going to look very carefully at the Obama administration’s proposals, and anything that interferes with the Second Amendment right as it is being enforced today by the courts will be tested.”

What we are seeing is the use of violence in another country, the use of violence against a member of congress to disarm the American people. However; The reasons Obama is acting has nothing to do with either. First, the violence in Mexico is because of Mexico’s corruption not guns from here. Guns from here seem to be flowing from the ATF not gun shows. Just sayin.

Second, The Gifford’s shooting has a lot less to do with gun rights than mental health. The guy was a nut and the “Gun control” measures in place failed to stop him. Doesn’t mean they weren’t tough enough it means they are a government entity and therefore are piss poor from the get-go. DMV, Post office, Education, Medicare, Medicaid pretty much anything the government controls the government screws up.

I submit two very important pieces of fact that are missing in the entire debate.

The violence in Mexico would stay in Mexico if the border were secure. IF guns are being traffic’d into Mexico from here, secure it and nothing goes down there that isn’t supposed to be there.

The Gifford’s shooting: IF the meeting wasn’t full of lefty retards, and someone actually had a gun in a state where it’s entirely legal to carry concealed with out any special license… There wouldn’t have been more than 1 person shot. PERIOD.

Read More Read More

Obama and Holder lied again…

Obama and Holder lied again…

“We’re going to try 9-11 conspirators in Civilian courts”… HA! In my best “Speaker of the house” voice; “HELL NO YOU CAN’T” :rotfl:

Gitmo still open, Not only are we still fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan but Obama started another war, Patriot act still law.. Let’s recap shall we?

Obama got into office with “Hope and Change” he blamed Bush for all the wars, said Gitmo needs to be closed, and railed against the Patriot act…. Funny, all of these things that made him a hero to the libers/progressives are still going on after almost three years. IS that a little strange? It’s almost like he THOUGHT he knew everything then all of the sudden realized he had no clue..

Holder is “Upset” at congress for not allowing him to bring the Islamic douchebags to New York… Um, Eric baby, you could have done it when your liberpuke party controlled ALL three power houses in DC…. You do know why it didn’t happen don’t you? It was because your daddy “Duh Won” knew you might lose the case, he also saw the writing on the wall for ANY election involving democrats if you lost the case. IF you lost and didn’t set them free it was a farce and if you won and didn’t get the punishment phase right you would be seen as a loser.. Well more than now.

It’s probably a good move to have the trials in the military, I understand you had to look like you were pissed off about it, but I know you breathed a huge sigh of relief…

Holder said “We are a nation of cowards” Yeah, well how much courage did it take to do exactly what George Bush wanted to do? How much courage does it take to keep doing what the previous administration did in all aspects. Want to know something really funny… George Bush would have instituted a no fly zone in Libya too…. Did George Bush get re-elected in 2008? Outside of high unemployment, and increasing debt I’d say it’s a toss up..

How do you like your change now liberpukes? :rotfl:

America Under Attack

America Under Attack

Let me lay this out the way I see it.

An invasion has been happening in America for a long time, it has recently became an armed invasion. Our southern border is wide open and the thugs keep coming in… Our Homeland security Dept. is concerned with the climate change and has activated the coast guard to monitor.

Our Freedoms are being stripped from the air port to the internet. Our politicians are worried about gays in the military.

Our gun rights are being taken by leftists across the nation and our politicians are worried about negotiating with Russia about nukes.

Islamic Terrorists are continuing to try and kill innocent men, women and children in our nation and our attorney general can’t seem to find the words Islamic Terrorists. Instead we call them “Homegrown” or “Domestic” rightwing extremists….

Our economy is teetering on the brink of disaster and our POTUS wants more money so people don’t suffer without jobs, while he makes job creation and success cuss words.

These are just of few of the things that are going on and our elected officials are on top of it! I am so glad we have such competent leaders of what used to be the most free place on earth.

Now the leftist in charge has presided over another “regulation” NET NEUTRALITY?

I ask my liberal friends, if GWB would have been in charge when this came up, how would you have reacted? TSA? Patriot act? HELLLOOO?????

I am dead serious when I ask this question people: WHERE IS THE LINE? At what point do we say enough? When exactly is the time for pitch forks and torches? IF not now, there will soon be regulation that outlaws pitchforks.. THEN WHAT?

The internet: In military terms is a communication capability. NOW the Government is putting it’s hands on it.

Industry: In military terms is a transportation capability. GM Anyone?

Firearms: In military terms is small arms, insurgent offensive capabilities. Register any firearms lately?

Food: Obvious, “Food safety” regulations?

WAKE UP AMERICA you’re nation is under attack from within and from the outside. Do you still trust your Government? DO you honestly believe they are doing this FOR YOU?