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2013 Predictions

2013 Predictions

I’ve listened to people make predictions about the future of this nation. I’ve even done it myself. I’ve predicted correctly several things that I thought would happen regards to the nations direction.

Last year I predicted this: 

1. Romney will win the GOP Nomination. Not because he’s the best man for the job, but because the media and Democrats want him. He will win by a large margin over everyone but Paul who will garner more than his usual 17% closer to 20% because Americans are sick of war and a withdraw from everything mentality sounds good to sheep. Paul will put his endorsement behind Gary Johnson (L) and with it take a large part of the Paul vote.

4. Obama will win re-election because of a lack of enthusiasm in the Republican party. Romney will come up short convincing people he’s not a racist, rich, poor people hating baby eater and the loss of the Paul supporters to Johnson will cement the election for Obama. It will be close and it will be messy.

Still a potential:

5. in 2012 early March, the dow will tumble worse than it did in 08. The rest of the demise of America is hard to tell but I’m seeing visions of Mad Max beyond thunderdome… just sayin.

I made a few that didn’t happen (YET) but I’ve been pretty damn accurate in most. Let me make a few for this upcoming disaster that has befallen us:

1. Obama will cut a deal with the house, Republicans are going to say they got what they could. It will be more borrowing, tax hikes and accounting gimmicks that allow Boehner to say he got something. The fine print will be illuminated after the bill is signed just like the last 2 times Boehner “made a deal”

2. Obama will appoint a SCOTUS judge between Jan 2013 and August 2013. Republicans will try and keep confirmation from happening and it will become a political point for Democrats who are seeking the 10 seats in the senate that will be up for election.

3. Obama will use the media to push amnesty in March. This will take the focus away from an economy that is faltering and the unemployment rate above 8%.

As of right now, my dire prediction for the GOP is this: In 2014 the Republicans will lose the house. Democrats will have a super majority in the senate. The reason this will happen is the GOP is going to move left to make their tent bigger. It will have the total opposite effect. Not only will the targeted groups not support them at the ballot box, the base will stay home too. America will suffer for two more years. Debt will climb.

Good news is, if we survive until 2016 a libertarian candidate (Which could be confused with the republican party of old) will force a real choice. Dem, dem lite and saving our nation. IF it’s worse than my prediction then we’ll be fighting in the streets anyway.