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Lt Col Allen West Defends his remarks

Lt Col Allen West Defends his remarks

Allen West by most measures is the best hope for a resurgence in American values leadership. However; given the current state of the GOP he’d be drug through the mud and raked over the coals for one thing or another…

Notice how West handles the questions, notice his confidence and his convictions. Notice his statesmanship when delivering his answers. Not rattled, not stuttering. The man has ZERO DOUBT in his views and his beliefs. That alone is very refreshing to me.

Allen West/WHOEVER 2016. (Even if Romney wins in 2012) We need a challenger and I’m sure Romney will screw up as much as he’ll fix. Romney will stop the train from going off the cliff at full speed. But he won’t reverse it’s course. For that we’ll need an Allen West to depose him…. OR if Obama wins, and there’s anything left of America. We’ll need Allen West to take over the reigns.


2012 Republican Election Field expands…

2012 Republican Election Field expands…

But not ONE of them have my full undying support. Very Very Sad.

I love the “Pre-campaign” speeches, they are saying all the right things… But I’m a seriously disenfranchised voter. I’m a disgusted voter, I’m an angry voter.

Herman Cain entered the race today. Good. We need more in the running. Because the current crop SUCKS. When a 2 yr old child puts his hand on the stove and burns his hand he learns real quick DON’T DO THAT AGAIN. I wish the American people were smarter than 2 year olds.

I don’t want “Moderation” anymore. I don’t want “Compromise” anymore, I don’t give a good damn about “Working with the other side” the other side has proven their skills, their ideals, and their direction is an utter failure. WHY COMPROMISE? Kids need discipline and the democrats need a time out.

IF we can’t get a better crop of candidates in 2012 for POTUS, we will have to push for majorities in the Senate and hope to hold the gains in the house. IF we have veto over ride power in congress then Obama can’t affect too much “Change/Ruin” That may be the only hope we have as I see it.



Conservative or Republican?

Conservative or Republican?

Evidently moving toward the 2012 election the distinction between Conservative and Republican will be at the forefront. Not to mention, Libertarian. These three political positions are going to be challenged. Now let me say first off that I consider myself a Conservative.

If you want to know some of my beliefs just click the about the author page up top.

I believe in preserving the CONSTITUTION of the United States, I don’t want it changed, I don’t want it to be “Progressed” I think it’s served us well and it should be a sacred document. Do not mess with it unless you get the consent of the people. (i.e Amendments)

A “Republican” is not necessarily a Conservative. Conservatives just align more with that party than the Democrat party. A Republican is more moderate in some areas and more rigid in others compared to a “Conservative” An example of such occurs when Republicans are in the majority of House, Senate or White House. Conservatives tend to be very critical of ANY elected officials that are not upholding Conservative values. Republicans tend to provide cover for their own party. Now I know that will piss some of you Republicans off, but it’s true. Just look back to 2000 thru 2006 to see my point.

Now, we can look to this election and see the distinction between Republicans and Conservatives. What is really funny is, one without the other will result in Democrat reign for eternity. We are entangled by our vision of our nation, we are together in MOST instances on most every issue that confronts us.

One of the things that sets us apart is: You won’t hear a Conservative say “Well we have to compromise our principles on this issue in order to get something later”… Conservatives at one point did that. (Reagan) Today’s conservatives are pretty much done with compromising our principles. We have had it.

It was possible to compromise with yesterdays Democrats, today’s Democrats are NOT the same. These Democrats today are EXTREMISTS compared to the JFK Democrats. Conservatives have moved just as far right as Democrats have moved left. Republicans have become the Democrats of old. So who is left on the right? US Conservatives.

Let me say this. Conservatives are not looking to “Expand the tent” We are looking to educate the population in our core beliefs and if you agree, welcome brother/sister. If not we’ll see you on the field of battle.

We are coming up on the election cycle for our nation. I would like to see us all push for the same candidate in the general election. But in order for that to happen the GOP must put fourth a VIABLE CONSERVATIVE Candidate. We can’t allow another 2008 ticket, and Conservatives will hold the key. Independents are moving away from Democrats in droves and will most likely vote against Obama in 2012. Conservative turnout is paramount to removing Obama.

We must remove “Duh Won”  however there is a cost greater than not removing him. That cost would be electing someone worse. Hard to believe that one worse would come from the right. But IMO it very well could.

One thing I don’t want to do is bash any potential candidate (YET) I think I’ll wait on bashing or supporting one. Most have not announced their candidacy anyway. And it’s kind of interesting to see the media attack dogs out in a pack jumping on any “Potential” Republican candidate.

Lets get this one right folks. Lets put fourth a candidate we can fully support rather than a candidate that requires us to vote AGAINST one.