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Egypt on fire… Again

Egypt on fire… Again

Well who could have envisioned Egypt, under control of the Muslim Brotherhood would explode into Chaos?

Morsi opponents, backers clash in widest violence yet

CAIRO – Supporters and opponents of President Mohammed Morsi clashed Friday in the worst violence since he took office, while he defended a decision to give himself near-absolute power to root out what he called “weevils eating away at the nation of Egypt.”

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Remember folks it was Morsi and Clinton who brokered the “Truce” between Hamas and Israel. Also put this into perspective, Egypt is as divided politically as the United States. The only difference is intelligence. At least on side. Think about this for a minute. IF Romney would have won, it is entirely possible that Egypt’s violence would have been secondary to the United States violence. The Obama supporters were all “keyed up to riot yo”

Let me tell you exactly what is about to happen. The Egypt violence will subside shortly because something will distract them. Will it be a failed truce? Will it be Hezbollah who sees that Hamas got Israel to cease and possibly got something for their antagonizing? Not sure what it will be, but something will happen this week to get the pressure of Morsi. OR it will end him. IF the truce fails and it can’t be pinned on Israel, both Morsi and Clinton will look incompetent. IF the truce holds Netanyahu looks weak in the eyes of those of us who want gaza to be a smoldering hole in the ground.

This Egypt thing can get real big real quick and it has far reaching implications. IF you think it’s just a political division, you haven’t been paying attention. It’s Islamic radicals vs Islamic moderates. It’s a decision between a possible peace in our time or continued misery for those of Egypt. I hope they choose wisely and oust any fundies but they won’t. The power of the cult is greater than the hope for peace.

Shrink their numbers, eliminate their aggressors in the most violent and public way possible. That’s all they understand.

Iran’s Warships in the Suez…

Iran’s Warships in the Suez…

Let’s see, Obama and our elitists in charge backed the “Democracy Protest” in Egypt. Prior to that event, Iran was barred from traversing the Suez by Egypt. A couple of weeks later, Iran is headed to Syria… Why?

Iran Naval Ships Enter Suez Canal, Says Official — MSNBC. (I wont be linking MSNBC here)

ISMAILIA, Egypt — Two Iranian ships entered the Suez Canal on Tuesday and were heading toward the Mediterranean, a canal official said.

“They entered the canal at 5:45 a.m.,” the official told Reuters. No other details were immediately available.

Israel had said it takes a “grave view” of the passage of the ships — the first Iranian naval vessels to go through the canal since Iran’s 1979 Islamic revolution.

“Israel takes a grave view?” Ya think? This is just a “prod” all Iran is trying to do is deflect attention from protests in Iran. IF Israel sinks those ships (Which I really really wish they would) it could galvanize the Iranians and unify them. Pretty much like 9-11-2001 did in America. IF Israel lets them pass with no issue, then it gives Iran’s idiot some talking points about how the little Satan is ripe for defeat.

The big question is; Why would the military in Egypt allow this? They are supposed to be our “Friends” right? Egypt is going the way of Iran, there is no doubt. Israel is in big trouble, and the Islamic world knows Israel stands alone now. The Islamic world knows they have a limited window of opportunity to act. 2012 will usher in a stronger POTUS here in the United States.


Over the next few weeks, Rocket attacks on Israel are going to increase. Expect to see a fairly large attack on Israel in the coming days. Regardless of how this warship issue is handled. Hezbollah, Hamas, and the Muslim Brotherhood are looking to incite the entire area in war. They must draw Israel into it, in order to get the entire region ablaze.

Pray for Israel.

Barack Hussein Carter.. All that’s missing is Hostages.

Barack Hussein Carter.. All that’s missing is Hostages.

Does anyone notice what fence sitting gets you? Carter sat on a fence, Obama sat on the fence. Trying to appease both sides at the peril of the conclusion.

Let’s play “What if?”

What if, Obama put all of his support behind the protesters? Mubarak steps down, the military takes over until elections are held. OR, A power vacuum comes to fruition and Islamists take over as they did in Iran.

What if, Obama put all of his support behind Mubarak. Mubarak still has the backing of the military, Mubarak steps down after the next election in Sept. The military with the support of America and Saudi Arabia as well as Jordan and several other moderate Arab states keeps the protests at a minimum and the march to elections get organized. OR, the Military has to get tough on the protesters, they are shown beating and shooting the unruly protesters but other than that nothing changes until September.

What we have seen is our “Decider” can’t decide because he can’t be seen as backing the wrong side. I think you make your pick and you stand by it FULLY. IF you can’t do that you don’t deserve to lead the boy scouts much less a nation.

Sure would be nice to have a leader again….