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Wall Street, Main Street, Future Street

The Democrats have the majority, if the “BAILOUT” bill was so great why did so many DEMOCRATS not support it? Democrats voted 140 to 95 in favor of the legislation, while just 65 Republicans backed the bill and 133 opposed … Continue reading

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Don’t Blame the Democrats?? WTF?

Pelosi: Dems bear no responsibility for economic crisis House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, when asked Tuesday whether Democrats bear some of the responsibility regarding the current crisis on Wall Street, had a one-word answer: “No.” Pelosi (D-Calif.) ripped President Bush’s “mismanagement” … Continue reading

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Thoughts on the DNC

Since the Olympics are over, and there is very little else on I have listened to the DNC speeches, hoopla, and what-nots… Very unimpressed. I watched the “Faith” part at the beginning and felt it was more pandering. It looks … Continue reading

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