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Message to the “Moderate” Republicans and Democrats…

Message to the “Moderate” Republicans and Democrats…

In 2008, Democrats voted for Obama. Most Independents voted for Obama, Republicans voted for McCain. These are the biggest voting blocks. Liberals/Progressives/Blacks, other minorities (legal and illegal) and the dead voted for Obama.

We’ve had nearly 3 years of Obama, we had 4 years of total Democrat legislative branch rule (2006 through 2010) Look at the results. Are we moving in the right direction?

I submit that we have yet to have a conservative ruling class. I would like you folks that sit on the fence, you the Moderates that decide elections, to look around. Look and see the chaos that has been created from far left governance. I ask you to PLEASE consider Mitt Romney as someone that will continue that strategy. Any CONSERVATIVE POTUS would be too busy fixing the economy, and shrinking government to worry about who is marrying who. IF your entire political system is based on social issues. Then you are a seriously lacking in the patriot gene.

We are in a death spiral as a nation. Rome fell because of the same things that are going on now. We have to reign in our leaders, we have to shrink the government, remove the unions and the agenda driven special interests from our ruling body. Please Moderates, consider this as you support a candidate and when you vote in the general election of 2012.

We’ll talk again.