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Hillary and her security blanket.

Hillary and her security blanket.

Hillary is faltering, there’s some big changes coming…

Hillary now has pneumonia, it was “just a cough”, it was “She’s fine” it was “Heat stress” it was “Allergies”  now it’s something else…

Here’s my take on it:


Hillary was supposed to run away with this election. It was her time, she’s done all the dirty work, she’s had the right people killed, she’s promised everything, to all the right people, she’s guaranteed access to the White House when she moved in. She’s promised policy changes that would benefit the elitists and the foreign dignitaries, she’s hidden all the bodies, she’s lied and cheated all the way from the lawyers office in Ark. IT WAS HER TURN!!!


The DNC had a plan for Jeb, Christie, and even Carson.. They had no plan for Trump. They are scrambling to find something to knock Trump out of the race… They can’t. Hell, he’s helping them and he’s still right there with her in the polls. WHY?

This is an election of the elites vs the people. The super connected crony politicians vs the people. Trump isn’t perfect but he’s different enough. He’s pushing a pro America message that this country hasn’t seen in over eight years and WE NEED IT!


So what we are seeing now is the last play in the book of democrat electioneering. “Elicit sympathy for your candidate” First you claim victimhood because of your race or gender. Next you may have a death in the family or someone very close to you, if that doesn’t work your health is poor and you’re so brave for working through it. Look around at some of the supposedly “Unbiased” media and tell me I’m wrong.


Mark my words folks, Hillary is desperate to win. The DNC may be having second thoughts though. Hillary’s baggage is having a huge effect on this election. When Democrat’s are flocking to Trump because of Hillary, the head democrat Barack Obama is going to take notice. Hillary’s crime family isn’t as big as Obama’s crime family and if democrats fear a loss how far will they go? Just wait.


There’s going to be some changes. If Hillary leaves the campaign because of health reasons then what? The DNC can pick who steps in? Obama delay’s elections?

Mmmm, interesting couple weeks ahead.


GOP vs Donald Trump

GOP vs Donald Trump

So almost like clockwork, here we are again. Same as in every election since 2000. The GOP has a very talented field. The best candidates for POTUS all in one clown car. I use that term loosely and as a joke. The fact is, I can’t stand the thought of having any of them running this nation other than 4 of them. However; ANY OF THEM WOULD BE BETTER THAN HILLARY/SANDERS/OBAMA…ANY OF THEM!


So with that said. Its deja-vu time. The best candidates, the ones that would offer the MOST HOPE to this nation are being systematically taken apart by the GOP elites, the DNC, the Media and the RINO’s all together, in a united effort to keep the choices close to what we have now.


So lets ask a few questions:

Q: Who does the Democrat party most want Hillary to run against in 2016?

A: Jeb Bush, Chis Christie, Lindsey Graham are top three because they know conservatives will again stay home and Hillary will win. Next level would be Rick Perry, Rick Santorum and Huckabee. They think they can get enough traction from Illegals/Atheists/Gay mafia they can bury them. The very last Republicans the DNC or the GOP wants Hillary to run against is Ted Cruz, Scott Walker, Ben Carson, Donald Trump.



Now I could be wrong, you can switch Perry and Trump in the levels but the same statement applies. The DNC doesn’t want any GOP candidate to offer a real choice to the people.

Q: Why doesn’t the Democrat party or the GOP want to have a competitor that offers the MOST Difference between their guy/gal and the GOP’s?

A: Because neither of them have confidence their ideology is best for the nation. The GOP is now the Moderate Democrat party, The Democrat party is now the socialist party and the democrat party only wins when two things happen: 1. No voter ID. 2. The conservative base stays home. It happened in 08, it happened again in 2012. When the conservatives come out to vote, the GOP wins in landslides. 2014 proves it.


So what we have here is the same thing that happened in 2012 getting ready to happen again in 2016:.. The people who vote in the primaries for Jeb/Christie/Graham are the same people who defend Obama and Hillary on blogs and facebook and say they’re republicans.

in 2014 the tidal wave that gave the GOP the most seats in house/senate in forever have shown themselves to be less than what they claimed to be. Let this sink in: Since 2014, more of Obama’s agenda has been enacted, than in the entire 6yrs prior. And the Republicans were elected because of their speeches against Obama’s new world.


My prediction: The GOP is going to get its ass kicked in 2016 from house to POTUS because of what the GOP has done with its power this year.

Bye GOP. unless Scott Walker, Ted Cruz, Rick Perry, Donald Trump (Might pull a lever for Ben Carson just so I can call democrats racist for not worshipping him) other than that. Nope, not going to waste my time voting.