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The Trap is Set for Syria and Republicans

The Trap is Set for Syria and Republicans

My take on the “Syria crisis” is the same as my last post with a new twist. This blustering first, then no action is typical of the far left liberal we all know Obama is. Obama painted himself into a corner with his “Red Line” comment. He took a page out of Mr Netanyahu’s playbook but didn’t read the whole book. He should have read far enough to understand that a redline stance only works if you are prepared to go all in if the redline is crossed.

So now we have Obama going to congress for permission to attack Syria’s LEGITIMATE Regime on behalf of “Freedom Fighters” also known as Al Nusra front, Al Qaeda and various factions of ISLAMIC RADICALS who have been at war with us for 50+years.

This is the trap: No matter what happens the left has spin material. IF congress doesn’t vote to allow Obama his power to strike, Obama has a way out of his redline bluster. This is the desired path Obama wants to take. This gives him the ” I would have helped save the children of Syria but those evil republicans wanted them dead” defense. IF congress allows Obama the power to strike and it goes well it will be because “Obama’s leadership and his decisive action saved the day” if it doesn’t go well, Democrats who voted against and republicans will blame each other and Obama will skate..


I’m convinced that Obama WILL NOT strike Syria now no matter what congress decides to do. At least not in the conventional way. No cruise missile or air attack, maybe a cyber attack that he can claim eliminated something…


I’m also convinced that any action in Syria now is foolish. Too much time has passed, we don’t know who we’re fighting for or against. And that right there is DIFFERENT than Iraq. Regardless if you think Iraq was a mistake or not, the fact that George Bush went ALL IN with regime change goal and didn’t pull punches (At least in the beginning) made the world take notice. He said he would and he did. That gains trust from your allies and concern from your enemies. Obama? Well he’s untrustworthy to our allies and a laughing stock to our enemies.

Mark my words folks, Syria is a distraction. It’s moved up on the docket and kicked important things like BENGHAZI, IRS, NSA, DOJ scandals to the bottom. Syria is keeping us from talking about OBAMACARE and the ECONOMY as well as the racial division Obama has created. Syria is a perfect problem for Obama and he’s even handling that poorly.


Obama deflecting again…

Obama deflecting again…

So, Obama decides to give warnings to Syria, talks red lines like a boss. Then after the red lines are crossed like a school girl playing hopscotch, he goes after America’s 2nd Amendment… Wow.

Think about that for a second. Just open your eyes for a second and your mind and think about that.

Obama wants to get involved in Syria because Syria bombed Syria. He wants to send the rebels, also known as Al Qaeda guns/ammo and other weapons. While at the same time eliminating YOUR Right to own firearms. Wow.

Personally, I’ love reading about muslims in Syria being killed by other Muslims in Syria. It gives me a chubby.

Here’s the facts folks listen up I’m only going to say it once.

The Obama presidency is the result of affirmative action. Its the result of a politically correct society gone impotent. Obama is what happens when a society decides that you can get something for nothing. Obama is what happens when a society fails to hold our leaders to the same standard as all the other leaders. When the bar is lowered because of the color of ones skin you get the Obama administration. And when that administration has 95% of the media in the tank you get the democrat party on steroids. You get exactly what we have now, you get a world in chaos because American leadership is missing, because the president of the most powerful nation in the world, is the enemy of the most powerful nation of the world. We have allowed a virus in the nations bloodstream and we have not yet realized the cure.

The cure is CONSERVATISM. Not RINOplasty, Not DEMOCRATS..

Time for a change…

Question: What are American’s Doing?

Question: What are American’s Doing?

In 2008 thru 2010 gun and ammo sales went through the roof. American’s have always been fond of their firearms. But the election of a full majority Democrat ruling party in DC tweaked half of America. We were concerned that the elite Democrat view of America would include bans on our freedoms to bear arms.

Then in 2010, some form of sanity regained a foothold in America and the House turned from Democrat to Republican and that kind of put the fear on hold for the next couple years. But gun sales were still very strong for the next two years.

In 2012, with the re-election of Barack Obama gun sales picked up again from high to higher. Then after the Newtown tragedy and the typical kneejerk reaction by our child leader, Gun/ammo sales went from higher to through the roof… And as of right now, guns/ammo prices have skyrocketed, the availability of popular brands is way down.

America went from hoarding because the democrats might ban our firearms to preparing for war.

That’s the question I posed yesterday on several social media outlets.

Is America hoarding ammo and firepower to beat the ban or are we preparing for all out civil war?  

Personally, I’m preparing for war. That pretty much covers both of them. If its war then I’ll be as prepared as possible. If it’s to beat the ban, then I’ll do that at the same time.

No New Taxes!

No New Taxes!

Remember those words? Now we have the Grover Norquist anti-tax pledge that MANY republicans signed to prove they were of the right mind. Well, now we have a few of them signaling they’re willing to break that pledge…. sigh.

You sign the pledge to prove you are for less government spending and then you are willing to give the government more money? How do you square that with your pledge? You can’t. Let me be perfectly clear. IF ANY REPUBLICAN votes for a tax increase in any form, that republican will lose money and possibly his job in the next election.

Every time these “tax hike” debates come up it’s the “Republicans” who must compromise. Not this time. John Boehner the house speaker did this to himself and the Republicans. HE allowed Obama to play him last negotiations. We got the “Sequester” because “Nobody would allow such draconian cuts to happen” well, here we are. IF you compromise with democrats who will not cut spending, what is in it for us? If you say “We’ll avoid the fiscal cliff” shoot yourself in the head.

The fiscal cliff is a cliff that needs to be jumped. If you don’t have the balls to play chicken to win, don’t get in the car. Hold the line or give it ALL away. No more half measures. IF you are going to give it all away. Give Obama EVERYTHING he wants ALL of it. Don’t negotiate, just say “Here ya go” and then put out the reason as follows:

“We republicans have decided that since Obama was re-elected, the majority of the people in this nation can’t see where we are headed. In that light we are going to provide a show and tell. We are abstaining from any and all budget proposals or votes on them. They will be all the democrats wishes in one nice package”

Otherwise stand up for free market principles and stand up for NO NEW TAXES ALL THE WAY! No more half measures.

California politics has infested DC. 55 house members are from CA. The senate is occupied by idiots on both side of the aisle. But what’s happening now is exactly what has crushed California. The only policies that get done here are done in crisis mode. A crisis based decision is seldom a good one and it’s always a short term solution.

Fiscal cliff? Lets jump, Bring it on. And let me tell you this. It will cost me about 5k the minute we go off of it. I’ll pay it rather than my kids having to pay it.


Lies, Lies and more Lies…

Lies, Lies and more Lies…

It’s pretty funny that after the RNC, the MAINSTREAM media went above and beyond the call of duty to fact check every word of every person speaking. But at the DNC the fact checking was done by Fox and us “Just a bloggers”

There’s many sites out there that have disputed and put a light on the lies of the Democrat party from start to finish. I’m not about to go through them all here. Look them up, do your own research find out the facts vs the fairy tales you were told. Open your eyes.

Think about this: The head of the DNC Debbie Wasserman Shultz has been caught in no less than 5 lies in the last 2 weeks. Not just “Well, she stretched the truth” no, outright lies. Verified lies. And She stands on stage and expects Americans to believe her. Arrogance? Ignorance? Fantasy?

Then the DNC puts on Bill Clinton. Who was IMPEACHED for lying. To try to convince America to trust the Democrats.

Pretty funny if you think about it. Pretty damn sad if anyone truly believes them about anything.

Will Joe Biden be a Scapegoat?

Will Joe Biden be a Scapegoat?

Just using what we know of Obama as a barometer here, but think about this:

Barack Obama has taken NO BLAME for anything. The past 4 years have been an epic failure by all measures and he’s blamed everyone else. Specifically, he’s blamed George Bush, the Republicans (Except the RINO’s) he’s blamed the rich, the Europeans, the arabs, the weather and the list goes on.

In November 2012, our nation will undergo a severe shift. Either we will go further LEFT into the abyss that so many other great nations have gone, or we will start the treck back to greatness. IF it’s the latter, the excuse for Obama’s defeat will be laid at the feet of Joe Biden. Mark my words.

This is what I see happening should Obama/Biden lose to Romney/Ryan. The left in its infinite wisdom will bemoan not removing Biden from the ticket. Their “Push” to get back into power will include the line “This election was not a referendum on Obama, it was Joe Biden who sunk the party” I post this here and now in order to have this ON RECORD. And in late November I hope to dig it back up and repost it as a “See I told ya.”

The other thing folks need to understand is the strategy of the Romney campaign. Think about this. IF you attack ANYTHING related to Obama, you are classed as a racist. Biden? well he’s fair game. Why the difference? Same philosophy, same agenda, the only difference is a paint job. We can attack Biden all day long for parroting Obama’s policies and not be called racists, not become buried in defending ourselves against that label. Issues stay on the forefront because of it. So far I like that strategy a lot.

How to Defeat a TERRIBLE President…

How to Defeat a TERRIBLE President…

If folks are paying attention they will notice the entire Democrat playbook open for public use. Here it is:

#1. Blame everything wrong on something other than Obama.

#2. Accept Credit for anything deemed RIGHT and highlight it as often as possible.

#3. Highlight everything in a negative light that the Republicans have done.

#4. Include buzzwords like “Race”, “rich” “War on …” “Economic unfairness”

#5. Swing attention away from the truth about our record the last 3 years.

These are but a few of the tactics. And their soldiers are about to hit the streets. Occupy Wall Street is about to make news again. They will do everything to get attention and it will dilute the truth about where Obama’s crew is taking us.

Now everyone sees this, But how is it countered successfully? Here it is:

EVERYTHING from here on out goes back to the last 3 years of Obama.

We must hammer the fact that Obama had 2 of the last 3 years with TOTAL DEMOCRAT CONTROL. Still No Budget, Nobody in either house of congress voted for Obama’s budget, They spent 2 years on a health care plan in the middle of the WORST recession since the 20’s. IF they were so concerned about “Fairness and Taxing the Rich” why didn’t they do it when they had control? These and many more things such as fast and furious, solyndra Bailouts, Deficits, unemployment number fraud, Media bias etc ALL OF THIS needs to come out in every discussion every debate. Every time they want to move the discussion bring it back. Don’t let them control the narrative. Strap up, boot up and get ready for war.

It’s going to get real ugly this election season. Have your facts because the truth is on our side. Don’t let them control it. Fight the good fight and we win, continue to play in their sand box and we’ll lose.

We the People are Responsible…

We the People are Responsible…

I read a post at Bloviating Zeppelin about the OWS folks blaming “Da Jooos” for everything (AGAIN) to which I made a comment that I would like to expound upon.

My comment there was simply it was OUR FAULT. We caused it. We allowed it and in some cases we even demanded it. The OWS crowd, the Greek rioters, the London looters, the anarchist in general are a direct result of OUR lack of effort, Lack of attention, Lack of our back bone, and our lack of knowledge. As well as our failure to recognize where we were headed.

We INTENDED welfare to be hand up and temporary. We allowed it to be a hand out and permanent.

We Intended College Grants to be a hand up for those who showed promise and couldn’t afford the next step. We allowed them to be RACE/Gender based hand outs that only increase the amount of idiocy that we see in OWS.

We intended for unemployment to be a hand up to help bridge the gap between jobs. We allowed it to be 2 years of income without working. We allowed it to be a bridge until a JOB YOU LIKE comes along.

We intended to give minorities a hand up with the affirmative action program. We allowed it to lower the bar so there is no incentive to be the best if you are a so-called “minority”

We intended to give a hand up to the millions of illegal immigrants in this nation back in the 80’s and gave them amnesty. We allowed the illegal immigration flood to continue to degrade our nation and now they have become a voting block for the Democrats.

We intended to give the gun grabbers a little slack by agreeing to some of the most ignorant gun laws ever imposed on people, because we didn’t know if we were right. NOW WE KNOW and it’s a very tough fight to get back those rights back.

We intended to help the homeless and inner cities with money so they could educate themselves and compete in the nation. We allowed that money to flow into the abyss with NOTHING to show for it but more democrat voters because THEY keep filling the trough.

We intended to give teachers a say in how they teach students. We allowed them to become professors of liberal philosophy/marxism/communism and rewrite history if it doesn’t follow their warped beliefs.

We the people have allowed the mentality you see in the streets of Oakland, DC, NYC, LA. We have seen the world they would have us live and I will die fighting that vision. I will remove a lot of those type people on my way out I assure you.

The issue is on the front burner now. The American people have seen the opposite of the Tea Party. The American people have a serious choice to make. IF we chose right we can fix this madness. IF we choose wrong, buy a tent because you will be occupying an underpass soon.

IF war is what they want lets get it on. We need a counter in the streets and as of yet I see nothing in the way of confronting these losers on Wall Street. LOWS… (Loosers Occupying Wall Street)

Wirecutter sprayed the first gas. GOD willing there will be much more of that going on in the near future. At some point there will be a falling out. In the streets or in the woods. Makes no difference to me. Lets play.