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The Timing is Wonderful…

The Timing is Wonderful…

The Nanny Staters are taking freedoms left and right, but at the same time they are seen as “Giving rights” to gays…

The “Narrative” the media is pushing now is a combination of gay agenda issues and the gun grab. The liberal democrats are wanting to be seen as the party of tolerance and care givers. The Republicans are murderers of children and hate gays and old people and we’re racist and intolerant… And if you ask the average uninformed voter that’s what they’ll tell you.

Fact is the party that is trying to protect/preserve and grant MORE freedoms IS ONLY ONE PARTY, the party of the Republicans have in history proven their beliefs. While they’ve been candy ass’d and weak knee’d history doesn’t lie. LIBERALS DO!

Do not get distracted with the bullshit keep our focus and stand firm.

My New Favorite Vlogger

My New Favorite Vlogger

Found At TexasFreds

The power of COMMON SENSE!!!

Truthfully I would vote for this guy before Obama. This guy has a clue and Oh yeah he appears to be black. I am sure he will be ridiculed in the “African American” community, but in private those same folks will realize he is right.

John Edwards… Typical.

John Edwards… Typical.

Does this really surprise anyone? I mean look the guy is as metro-sexual as they come, $400.00 hair cuts and he claimed to be ” A working mans best friend”? He is a typical Demorat leader.. And not for the reason you might think. He is typical because he is YOUNG enough to still do the wild thing with hot chicks.

Republicans have always been the older, wiser group but face it they aint dipping their wick in anything. (Well, except pages of the same sex) Yeah, I know that’s a generalization, but fair is fair.

Edwards has, Clinton has, and eventually Obama will do something stupid in regards to their lack of a moral compass. America as a whole knows what’s right and they want their leaders to exhibit personal moral fiber. In the Demorat party, that is a trait not yet nurtured,  it takes time to become wise, and if you are cheating on your DYING wife and running for President while lying about it… Well that is not very good morals.

Obama is young, Obama is very inexperienced and Obama is going to have scandal after scandal that takes away from leading the nation… Just like Bush had scandals with CIA, the Judges and the wars, but those are very different, they are opinionated issues, very little evidence of any wrong doing. His moral compass is sound. (So far)

Morals are what guides us, and they are lacking in the Demorat party, and they are hiding in the Republican party.

I can hear the question already: “Ok Bushwack, what do you suggest?” I’m Glad you asked:

I suggest a total overhaul of the DC crew, I suggest a FLUSHING! I suggest that any one holding an office at THIS TIME, be removed. A NO INCUMBENT Campaign.

We vote for a President, the rest are fired. with a message that if shit don’t get done we “Downsize” them again in 2 years.