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The Timing is Wonderful…

The Nanny Staters are taking freedoms left and right, but at the same time they are seen as “Giving rights” to gays… The “Narrative” the media is pushing now is a combination of gay agenda issues and the gun grab. … Continue reading

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My New Favorite Vlogger

Found At TexasFreds The power of COMMON SENSE!!! Truthfully I would vote for this guy before Obama. This guy has a clue and Oh yeah he appears to be black. I am sure he will be ridiculed in the “African … Continue reading

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John Edwards… Typical.

Does this really surprise anyone? I mean look the guy is as metro-sexual as they come, $400.00 hair cuts and he claimed to be ” A working mans best friend”? He is a typical Demorat leader.. And not for the … Continue reading

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