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Here Comes Feinstein’s Gun Control

Here Comes Feinstein’s Gun Control

Okay folks, we knew it was going to happen. Most of us KNEW the democrats would be coming after guns in Obama’s second term. You might say, “Hey, if it wasn’t for Newtown they wouldn’t be going after them” Really? Do you honestly believe that Dianne Feinstein in one week could write this legislation? Or do you think it was already written and just waiting for the right time?


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And there’s more. Trust me this isn’t the final wish list of Mrs Feinstein. Basically, what we have here is California’s gun laws with a few new tweaks. This is what’s known as “baby steps” They will float this out there and then call everyone who opposes it “baby killers” They will call any opposition the NRA’s fault. They will continue to say it’s only white people who have an issue with these minor tweaks to our 2nd amendment rights.



Now lets take this a step further. Lets play with the 1st amendment a bit. Every public access news channel must offer opposing views to every political story. Every story must first be registered and okayed by a bi-partisan committee. Every news channel must be evaluated for fairness. Pornography must be stopped for the common good. It’s degrading to women and perpetrates spousal abuse. Any movie or video game that has a gun in it, must be rated M-21 only.



You think those 1st amendment tweaks are an infringement of the 1st amendment? Remember it Democrats because very soon, democrats won’t be in power. There is a coming storm that you are on the wrong side of. You went against the bible, you went against patriots now you are attacking the 2nd amendment. This is a red line in our nation. Believe it.

Dianne Feinstein is having a virtual orgasm over the possible control she will give to the government. She’s foaming at the mouth with her glee over removing your rights. If you support her infringing on our rights YOU are the enemy of the nation.


Any Republican who votes YES for this should immediately switch party’s. I will never donate a dime to another GOP candidate, nor will I support any republican for as long as I live if this grab passes. Dianne Feinstein and Obama are doing exactly what has been done in California. They are making the opposition into baby killers in the media and rather than fight the lies, they will lay down and “Compromise” Look how many GOP’rs are left in California?

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