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Obama and his Media wing took a hit.

Obama and his Media wing took a hit.

After the first debate, Romney the clear winner put the Obama campaign on defense. For the very first time in his career, the media actually took a unbiased look at the pretender in chief. It wasn’t very drastic but it was there. Even some of his biggest cheerleaders on ABC/NBC and CBS had “Negative” comments regarding Obama’s performance. Not that it will stop them from carrying his water, but it did cause the blinders of their viewers to be pushed aside.. The blinders are back in place by now though.

Mitt Romney’s Cheat sheet found:

My view of the debate was similar to everyone else’s. Romney opened up a big ol can of whoop ass on Obama and it was fairly easy to do. Obama has to defend a failed record now as opposed to “Promising to fix what someone else did”

Obama’s media group has gone about full circle since the debate. They have blamed Obama’s failure on everything from altitude to Romney cheating. It’s real fun to watch but beware, next debate will be a full on assault from both the moderator and the Obama spin machine. There will be WHOPPERS coming from Obama’s podium and the moderator will not challenge Obama.

Prediction: Obama will be much better prepared for the next one and the moderator will be fearful of how this last moderator was treated afterwards. Romney will need his A+ game to overcome the bias/lies/assault of the lefty machine. Which they will have already forgot about the way they handled this debate loss…Our nation is ran by misinformed ill prepared politicians and the media is culpable in our demise. Hold them accountable by not viewing ANY NATIONAL NEWS CHANNEL WHO SHOWS BIAS FOR THIS POTUS! And if Romney wins, do the same if Fox doesn’t challenge Romney the way the others don’t challenge Obama.