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Hire Felons? Lowering the Bar…

Hire Felons? Lowering the Bar…

I heard today that the federal government is going to screen job applicants to make sure there’s NO DISCRIMINATION in regards to felons… WOW.

This is the problem with America under liberal control. The Lowering of expectations, the “Fairness” above effort. We’ve created a CONSEQUENCE FREE society.


Think about this: The way it used to be is PARENTS and TEACHERS used to tell kids that if you broke laws there was a punishment. If you were a felon, you’d lose your rights to vote, own a gun and limit your chances of finding a job. NOW?

If you’re a felon, it wasn’t your fault. Why should you be punished for your actions it was a long time ago and you did your time. Never mind the person you killed or assaulted or Raped or Robbed.. You deserve “Fairness”…


In America now, there seems to be a push to disregard prior actions in favor of a perceived  FAIRNESS now. This sets a terrible precedent. But hey, our liberal idiots have already set so many poor precedents what’s another one?

The only criminals in the minds of our current leaders are hardworking, family raising, bible believing, gun owning, law abiding citizens. At this point a nation is past the point of no return. There is no coming back from this without bloodshed. History shows us where a consequence free society ends up. IF we’re too stupid to learn from history, we deserve a repeat performance.

Can you imagine the law suits? Applicant A, a “White” college graduate with a degree, who has never seen the inside of a police station, straight A’s through education… Vs applicant B, a “Minority” dropped out of high school, graduate from Pelican Bay State Prison with “good time” Employer picks candidate A and is immediately scrutinized because applicant B didn’t get a fair shake? WTF?


Oh, then there’s the very evident safety concern. Felon A gets a job, loses mind and kills a few co-workers. Media blames the tool the felon uses not the process in which Felon A got the job in the first place. (See Chris Dorner for more details on hiring wrong person) Yes I know Dorner wasn’t a felon, but the screening process obviously failed. WHY? Because to deny him the job is obviously a race based decision.. right? Idiots.


Stop the madness folks… The inmates are truly in charge of the asylum.

The Victimizing of America…

The Victimizing of America…

This is where I get very pissed off. I’m tired of hearing about:
I’m unemployed, I have bills, I can’t find a job, I have 6 kids, I have a college tuition loan I can’t pay for, I can’t do ___ fill in the blank… OWS is full of that crap.

How about getting off your ass, dusting yourself off and taking a job until you find one you want. How about taking your sorry ass back to school to learn a trade? How about not having 6 kids and no job? How about some personal responsibility you dumb SOB…

I’m also sick of hearing about “WHY” criminals are criminals. We’ve been told from the top down that you are equal in every way, you can compete with anyone for anything. Except when you get caught stealing/raping/murdering then it’s Oh well he was a good boy but he had a bad child hood. He couldn’t find a job, he couldn’t afford those Air Jordan’s so he stole them… BULLSHIT.

Our society is so screwed up now that there’s no way we can reverse this trend. We took accountability from ourselves. We throw these moron criminals in jail for a short period of time where they actually do LEARN. They learn to be stronger and better criminals. But they didn’t have the ability to learn in school? Funny aint it…

Right now our society is geared to protecting the victims UNLESS the criminal is made to be a victim too, in which case the REAL victim of the crime is granted less rights than the criminal.

How do we fix this? We fix it by electing SHERIFFS who are more like Joe Arpaio, we fix it locally by electing strong 2nd amendment supporting DA’s and judges. We fix it by electing strong CONSERVATIVE Governors and it’s high time to fight this “Regressive” type of judicial rule. We fix it by standing up and showing up in every meeting/townhall/council meeting in your area and busting their chops about the issues locally.

We’re so focused on the entire nation (Which is totally FUBAR right now) that we are missing the point that all politics are local and that’s where we have to start.

Criminals are not the victims. I don’t care if they are from a broken home or because they were abused… I don’t give a damn about that part my concern is with the victims of their crimes, they didn’t abuse the criminal or cause them a broken home… Why are they being held responsible for it?

Rant over.

Vigilante’s vs Neighborhood Security…

Vigilante’s vs Neighborhood Security…

My wife calls me “Her Redneck Vigilante”.. A term of endearment. I am very active in the neighborhood watch program, and I am also one that takes NO CRAP from the hood dwellers that think they own MY neighborhood. I can get pretty confrontational about things like graffiti, vandalism, robbery’s, car thefts and pretty much ANYTHING to do with the gangbanging POS’s that seem to be cropping up around here.

Let me first layout some definitions:

1) A vigilante is a private individual who illegally punishes an alleged lawbreaker, or participates in a group which metes out extralegal punishment to an alleged lawbreaker

2) Members of neighborhood watch programs and others who use legal means of bringing people to justice are not considered vigilantes.

While I have NO problem confronting ANY tagger (s) when I catch them, and I have no problem holding them until the PD arrive, nor do I have any problem doing recon and investigations and relaying my findings on to some good folks in LE. I do not engage in any vigilante type actions.(I do however retain the right to my self defense and I take that part very serious)

As I have heard in several interviews of people by the media, the term “VIGILANTE” is usually used by media types. Either to pin the label on the good guy, or to allow them to deny it. It usually occurs after an incident involving self defense, home defense or an interdiction into a crime by a citizen that results in the demise or injury of a criminal.

A person that goes out LOOKING for nefarious actions in and around his/her domicile and calls the cops if/when it is noticed, IS NOT a vigilante. That would be called a helpful eye on the area and will result in a very good relationship with local law enforcement IF it is done correctly. (Not calling the cops for every little petty thing or bugging them for stupid stuff)

A person that goes out looking for nefarious actions and takes action in physical form against those he/she spots without alerting police will result in poor relationship with PD and possibly law suits.

I take my neighborhood watch responsibility very serious. I am an able body man, with a fairly large skill set. I can do things the cops don’t have the manpower to do. I can be involved without being physical and I can affect a POSITIVE change for my neighborhood.

I am not alone either. There are several of us that have our eyes open. We in California are in a rock and a hard spot. We live here, we pay taxes here, we the right to be safe here and we have the right to NOT be vandalized, robbed, or threatened… We hold the key.

Now all that being said, I would gladly accept the role of INTERROGATOR if my local PD would care to drop one of the morons they catch that won’t talk at my house.. I’ll make em talk, I guarantee….

I bring this topic up because of this interview of a man that shot and killed a home invader.

I can’t embed the video so here’s the link to “Front Sight” that has both the video and the DA’s video.

If you notice in that interview the man had to defend against the accusation of “Vigilante” although he was in his own house. WTF? This is the age of media we are in.

Personally I think with all the budget cuts to our PD’s across the nation, and the revolving doors on our prison system perhaps a few vigilante’s are what’s needed. We may have to get Charles Bronson out of retirement soon if the idiots in government keep taking cops off the street to pay for slugs and drug addicts…

Anyway, wish us luck around here. The economy is starting to show it’s demise of society. People around here are becoming desperate and crime stats are going up accordingly. Our Officers in blue are doing what they can but they are far outnumbered….

New laws for the Nanny State of California…

New laws for the Nanny State of California…

The worst law that goes in effect on 2-1-11 is this one:

New California state laws change Hand guns and Ammo

Thumbprints, ID required for the sale of ammunition: Actually passed during 2009, Assembly Bill 962, the “Anti-Gang Neighborhood Protection Act of 2009,” takes effect February 1, 2011.  The new law requires handgun ammunition sellers to record a buyer’s thumbprint along with other valid identification and make the records available to law enforcement for five years.

I love the way it’s worded “Anti-Gang Neighborhood Protection Act of 2009” This is a bullshit law from start to finish, the law abiding public will still obey the laws, the gang members and slugs of our society WON’T. PERIOD.

Just like most of the gun laws in NANNY STATES, they hurt law abiding citizens more than the criminals. The criminals still have outlawed guns and ammo. It will not help Law enforcement in California solve gang murders any more than the “Assault weapon” ban has stopped gang murders.

This particular law is only going to increase my gas usage, so liberals I hope you understand that MANY of us California residents will not buy ammo here because of this law. We will hop in our gas guzzling SUV’s and trucks and DRIVE to AZ where we will purchase Ammunition that will help Arizona’s economy. I plan on making at least 6 trips to AZ this coming year. As far as handguns, or rifles that I desire I will be buying them through friends and family in other states.

See us “Law abiding” citizens are still going to follow the laws of the land, we are smart enough to know when a law has gone too far.

This particular law is just another step toward eliminating our 2nd amendment rights here in California. The “Nanny State” seems to think they can legislate stupidity out of society. The way you do that is NOT by making more laws that hurt the law abiding, the way you do it is by making it so painful for the stupid that it’s not worth the consequences.

You keep gang murders down by PUNISHING Gang Members in a very BRUTAL manner. You USE the death penalty OFTEN, and you create laws that PUNISH THOSE IN GANGS.

I say let the gang members kill each other, hell if they need ammo holler I’ll provide all I can!

Support your local PD.

Support your local PD.

I was driving to work yesterday and on the corner of Wells and VB there was a sign on an electrical box. it said “DON’T SHOOT TO KILL” in big black letters on white paper.

This sign is in regards to a recent police shooting that happened in the area.

RIVERSIDE – Dozens of relatives and friends of Fernando Luis Sanchez, who was shot to death in Arlanza by a Riverside police officer the evening of Sept. 11, protested the shooting Saturday.

The protesters started in Bryant Park and moved to the corner of Wells Avenue and Van Buren Boulevard where they held up signs that read “Stop the killing” and chanted “don’t shoot to kill.”

Sanchez’s family called for police to use less-than-lethal methods of subduing suspects.

“With so many things they can do today, they don’t have to kill them,” said Sanchez’s mother, Ida Sanchez, 61, citing Tasers and beanbag guns.

Fernando Sanchez was the second Riverside resident police shot to death this month. A pair of officers shot Carlos David Quinonez, 48, in La Sierra on Sept. 1 when he pointed a shotgun at them.

John DeLaRosa, assistant chief of the Riverside police, said he would not comment during the department’s internal investigation into the shooting.

An officer chased down Sanchez, 30, after Sanchez ran from a gas station convenience store when the officer tried to speak to him, police have said.

The officer, whose name hasn’t been released, struggled with Sanchez and the officer felt a gun in Sanchez’s pocket, according to police.

Sanchez wouldn’t take his hands out of his pocket and the officer, fearing for his safety, shot Sanchez several times, police said.

Sanchez had no outstanding warrants, police said. Police said in a news release that a handgun was found on Sanchez.

The family buried him Friday. He left behind three daughters, ages 11, 6 and 4, as well as his mother and father, a sister and three brothers.

Ida Sanchez said her son’s most defining characteristic was a sense of humor that cheered everyone up.

“He was like a jokester,” she said. “He saw you down, you wouldn’t be down any longer.”

Ida Sanchez said it’s not the first officer-involved death in her family. Riverside police also shot and killed one of her nephews, Paul Carrion Jr., 20 years ago when he was 16.

Her daughter and Fernando Sanchez’s sister, Phyllis Carranza, 42, said police are never held accountable when they kill someone.

“It’s ridiculous,” Carranza said. “There’s too many senseless deaths.”

So “Don’t shoot to kill”???????????

Does anyone really care about the whole story? Obviously NOT:

Here is the WHOLE STORY:

The real story as I hear it from several people including ONE relative of his. Nano or Nono or whatever the fuck his nickname was, just returned from an attempted DRIVE BY SHOOTING, and there was a B.O.L.O out for the vehicle he was in. He and his partner pulled up to get gas, and there was a PD Unit next door at the 7-11, the cop recognized the vehicle, just as Fernandez stepped out of the gas station, The cop called for him to come over, and Fernandez took off running down Wells, the cop gave chase, A scuffle ensued and the cop felt a gun in Fernandez waist band, the cop then broke contact pulled his weapon and called to Fernandez to raise his hands, and drop to his knees. Fernandez reached for his weapon… As my friend Fred likes to say “ADIOS MOTHER FUCKER”!

The drive by shooting this guy was involved in was not his first, he was a known gangbanger, and he had an arrest record including robbery, and assault. IMO Fernandez deserved to be shot, he deserved to be pissed on after he was shot…

As soon as I get time I am sending a gift basket to the officer and the entire West End PD for ridding our area of another menace.