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Florida “Stand Your Ground” law under Attack.

I have stayed away from this story for a little while until the facts are out. Gotta love the picture… Smiling victim good kid, scowling murderer of innocent black kids world wide, right next to him. Fair trial indeed… ‘Stand … Continue reading

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California debating Death Penalty

Here we go again… My question is why have it if you can’t/WON’T use it? California Debates Whether to Abolish Nation’s Most Populous Death Row Opponents of California’s death penalty are working on a bill to abolish capital punishment in … Continue reading

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Concealed Carry in Wisconsin?

Well all that’s left is for Governor Walker to sign it into law. Good for you Wisconsin. Good first step in regaining your rights. BUT.. You knew there would be a but didn’t ya? Wisconsin much like California is a … Continue reading

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Knife Attacks… Why no crys to ban knives?

A quick Google search on “Knife attacks” and “Assaults with Knives” returns many hits. Here’s a small sampling: Trucker sentenced to life in prison after pleading guilty in knife attacks on 2 Pa. women I remember blood running down neck,’ … Continue reading

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Chalk one up for the Good guys…Bank Robber DEAD!

One for the good guys, Cary N.C bank robber/hostage taker leaves earth with a little less brain matter than he came in with… Good shootin Officer. I wonder how many bank robberies we’d see if this was the usual outcome? … Continue reading

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