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Florida “Stand Your Ground” law under Attack.

Florida “Stand Your Ground” law under Attack.

I have stayed away from this story for a little while until the facts are out.

Gotta love the picture… Smiling victim good kid, scowling murderer of innocent black kids world wide, right next to him. Fair trial indeed…

‘Stand Your Ground Law’ at center of unarmed Florida teen shooting

MIAMI – Florida is among 21 U.S. states with a “Stand Your Ground Law,” which gives people wide latitude to use deadly force rather than retreat during a fight. The self-defense law helps explain why a neighborhood watch captain has not been arrested in the shooting death of an unarmed black teenager — a case that has caused widespread outrage.

First off, lets take a look at the media’s responsibility in this entire issue. They reported the shooter as a “WHITE Neighborhood watch captain” who shot an innocent black kid just going to the store… Now the story is Mr Zimmerman is of hispanic descent.

The race baiters are out in force for a perceived injustice because no arrest had been made right away. Well, lets see. IF it were a black shooter who shot a black kid would they be so quick to jump on the “Injustice” cry? They’d be waiting for the facts to come out I believe.

Do we know how many times this kid has used that way to go to the store in the past? Has that area been hit by crime recently? Was this Zimmerman a victim of that crime? Is there a chance this kid was casing? Just because his cell phone conversation with a girl didn’t mention he was casing or doing anything illegal means NOTHING. Very few folks during a crime would announce that’s what they were doing to their loved ones.

Now I’m not about to claim Zimmerman was innocent. He by all accounts didn’t follow standard neighborhood watch procedures. And he will face the judge and jury over it I’m sure. But my issue is with the “Stand your ground” law.

Zimmerman instigated the confrontation by all accounts. I don’t think this incident is encompassed by the stand your ground law so why is it even in play? The stand your ground law is for the stalked not the stalkee. Zimmerman should have made sure the kid was white so he had a chance at a fair trail. Now it’s over for him and if we allow this to drag a good law into the dirt it’s on us.

It won’t be long that the “Castle Doctrine” will come under fire for this incident. Even though it doesn’t apply either. We can defend those laws without defending the shooter in this case. And we damn sure better.


California debating Death Penalty

California debating Death Penalty

Here we go again… My question is why have it if you can’t/WON’T use it?

California Debates Whether to Abolish Nation’s Most Populous Death Row

Opponents of California’s death penalty are working on a bill to abolish capital punishment in the state, which if signed into law and approved by voters next year could help California save millions of dollars by taking hundreds of prisoners off Death Row.

The bill from state Democratic Sen. Loni Hancock of Berkeley would amend state law to require life in prison without parole for those convicted of what are now capital crimes, including people currently facing execution. If passed by the Legislature, the question would be put before voters on the November 2012 ballot.

The push comes as California continues to grapple with multi-billion dollar budget deficits that has led to deep spending cuts, a lower credit rating and the prospect of higher taxes.

Only 13 inmates have been executed since the death penalty was restored in the Golden State in 1978, but supporters of the death penalty say commuting the sentence of 714 condemned inmates to life in prison without parole would be a travesty of justice.

They argue that rather than abolish it, fix the capital punishment system so condemned prisoners don’t spend as much time on death row and cost taxpayers as much money.

I want you to look at these images… This is California’s version of the death Penalty.

Rather humane huh? Personally I think we could save the state MILLIONS by actually using the Death Penalty. And using it often. Sell all of this humane crap and get back to old sparky. OR better yet..

I will be happy to build the gallows. I’d even foot the bill for the ropes and wood. Matter of fact, I’ll volunteer to pull the lever. I’d be happy to do it on a volunteer basis. Just allow me to work as fast as I can and provide me an assistant to drive the dump truck that will be positioned under the platform.

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Concealed Carry in Wisconsin?

Concealed Carry in Wisconsin?

Well all that’s left is for Governor Walker to sign it into law. Good for you Wisconsin. Good first step in regaining your rights. BUT.. You knew there would be a but didn’t ya?

Wisconsin much like California is a liberal bastion. Wisconsin is trying to move to the right. We’ve seen it in the streets of Madison. We are seeing the lengths and lies the left will go to, to Keep their freedom from being realized.

California is technically a concealed carry state with permission. Wisconsin is going to go about the same route. There are parameters placed on concealed carry much like many other states. California is a “May Issue” state. Texas is a “Shall Issue” state. That is a huge difference. Not sure where Wisconsin will fall in these categories.

By contrast AZ is a FREEDOM loving state. You can carry open or concealed, you can carry in most places. You do not need government approval to carry protection for your well being. This is where EVERY STATE should be. AZ is setting a good example for us all.

I congratulate Wisconsin on their move in the right direction but the fight is not over. We are in a war against lies. We are in a war against insanity. We are in a war between slavery and freedom. We are in a war between those that want control over us and us having control over ourselves. We the People have rights and one of those rights is the right to self preservation. You remove a woman’s right to carry a firearm, you have taken the choice from her and made her a potential victim of our failures as a society.

Think about that for a minute. We continue to let thugs out of prison, predators out of prison. We can’t punish bad behavior in society any more, we have seen nothing but increases in gang violence, robbery, murder, rape and assaults. Yet we continue to be denied our GOD given right to protect ourselves by our elected officials. Who have ARMED security guards by their side paid for by US… WOW… Gotta love the irony huh?

Fight to stupidity. Fight the ignorant anti-gun morons that want YOU to be a victim rather than stand up for what’s right. Fight the progressive agenda of capitulation and surrender. Fight for your FULL RIGHTS at all times.

Knife Attacks… Why no crys to ban knives?

Knife Attacks… Why no crys to ban knives?

A quick Google search on “Knife attacks” and “Assaults with Knives” returns many hits.

Here’s a small sampling:

Trucker sentenced to life in prison after pleading guilty in knife attacks on 2 Pa. women

I remember blood running down neck,’ says knife-attack victim as he struggles to recall fight

Hero Left To Die After Stopping Knife Attack

And the latest one:

Brooklyn son goes on ‘stabbing and carjacking rampage’

So the question is WHEN WILL BE BANNING KNIVES? These murders and attacks are surely the result of knives being in the wrong hands, should we have to register steak knives? Should we only be allowed to buy 2 knives a month?

The bigger question is WHY wasn’t anyone in the area carrying a gun? Oh that’s right most of the knife attacks are occurring in very ANTI-GUN places like New York. I haven’t got the time to check but my gut tells me Texas and AZ don’t have the same issue with deadly knives….Just sayin.

When will people wake the hell up? When will they see more guns in the responsible public’s hands can/will and has SAVED lives. Or is that really not the issue? Life saving is really not high on the leftist agenda unless it’s the life of criminals and illegals…

Any thoughts?

The Gun Grabbers manifesto…

The Gun Grabbers manifesto…

Well, the Gun killed the people in Tuscon, the gun walked in and fired randomly and so it must be stopped from doing it again.

Why just today, my SKS came out of the safe and walked around the livingroom, I was feered for my life for a second…. SARCASM OFF!

Some folks have started the “Okay what’s the answer as far as guns go?” meme. I’m all about solutions so here it goes.

Arizona is on the right track as far as guns go. They ALLOW the 2nd amendment right to be exercised. IF you are not a felon and you are a citizen of these united states, YOU HAVE THE RIGHT TO BEAR ARMS. PERIOD.

I’m tired of all the “Control” aspects of guns. I’m tired of the B.S regulations. What is needed is PUNISHMENT for the crimes involving guns.

As a nation we give excuses to the criminals, we allow murderers to “Blame” society for their actions, we give them the “Insanity” defense, we give them “Rights” and discount the VICTIMS rights to not be murdered. We call it justice when we lock them up for life and then let them out for good behavior in Prison. We give them LIFE in prison, which grants them food, healthcare and shelter, as well as family visits and sometimes even “Intercourse” with loved ones..

Did the murdered get a chance to have those options? Of course not. So why do we allow it for the criminal? Because our nation is more concerned with “Feeling good” about how we handled the criminal, than the message is sends to others.

Let me run the “Crime and Punishment” aspect of our society.

Lets take just the latest case that is the cause of the liberal’s “Gun grabbing attempts” The shooting in AZ.

The guy was caught RED HANDED, there were numerous witnesses, he was found with the gun, caught at the scene and the guilt of Jared Loughner is not in doubt. There would be no lengthy trial, no appeals, no mentality probes… He would go to court offer a plea, if his plea is not guilty, then the prosecutor will present evidence, his defense would present their side. After it’s over, if the jury finds him guilty, he gets one appeal to the Gov. to spare his life. IF that is denied… The Murderer shall be walked out to a local park and hung. But not just Hung,  hung with a rope that’s too long. Let him hit the deck once, maybe twice while we get the rope length right. Let the people see the consequences of the action.
The answer my friends is simple, make the deterrent as horrific as the crime.

Unless you are willing to ban the vehicle or regulate it’s speed because people die in car wrecks, leave my only line of defense against those wishing to do me harm alone.

Crime Dropped? How could that be….

Crime Dropped? How could that be….

Crime rates have dropped, Murder is down 10%….WOW what else do we know? GUN sales were through the roof prior to and since Obama took office…Any coincidence there?…I guess future victims, when they are armed turn into NOT VICTIMS, funny how that works huh?

Inmates riot in Texas, SURPRISE Illegal’s involved.

Inmates riot in Texas, SURPRISE Illegal’s involved.

Inmates Take Hostages, Start Riot in Texas Prison

PECOS, Texas —  Inmates at a privately run prison in West Texas took two hostages after starting a riot and setting at least one fire Friday, authorities said.

One of the hostages was released late Friday. Both prison employees are recreation specialists at the Reeves County Detention Center.

The inmates include immigration detainees. They were asking for better medical treatment, Texas Department of Public Safety Trooper John Barton told the Pecos Enterprise Friday night.

Barton said the riot started after noon, when the body of an inmate who died of natural causes was removed from the prison.

Well this is a shock, “The inmates include immigration detainees” odd is isn’t it? They are asking for “better medical treatment”? WTF? Perhaps they should have stayed in their own flea infested country and “Asked for better medical treatment” Perhaps they should have kept their ass out of JAIL? You know this shit burns me up.

Why is it so hard to understand? Folks come here illegaly, we coddle to them, we “Press 1 for English” we educate them, we cover their medical expenses, WE the TAX PAYER, the WORKER the LEGAL IMMIGRANTS, get taken hostage. NOT just in prison, but in AMERICA!

Let me provide a quick solution to this problem: Any armed person or GROUP of people walking, running, riding or flying into this country should be SHOT DEAD ON SIGHT, their heads stuffed and placed on a pike at the borders to let the rest know, the free ride is OVER!

Any UNARMED Illegal INVADER should be shot too, because in order to see IF they are armed or not, you would have to get too close, so I suggest we SHOOT THEM TOO, maybe just wound them until a determination of intent can be made, and then send them back home for the treatment of the wound. See if that makes a difference in our budget crisis.

I will vote for NO Politician Rep or Dem that does not take our national security and our border security issue seriously, NO amnesty, NO FREE HEALTH CARE, NO FREE EDUCATION. AND NO PRISON CELL for ILLEGALS, they should be moved to the front of the line for capitol offenses, and executed. AND their bodies sent home and a bill sent to their families for the current and shipping costs. There should be NO Illegal Immigrant in our country that can or did cause the death of someone who FOLLOWED THE RULES to be here.

IF Illegal Immigrants are in prison for felonies involving NO HARM, NO INJURY to LEGAL Americans, they should be put in Sheriff Arpaio’s custody. until their debt is paid, then DEPORTED IMMEDIATELY.

Every LEGAL AMERICAN IMMIGRANT should be afforded the right to the AMERICAN DREAM without the ILLEGAL IMMIGRANT deciding the merit of their dream.

I am absolutely sick over the STUPIDITY of our elected officials, their “Feel good” policies are destroying our nation from the inside out. Welfare, Illegal Immigration, BAILOUTS, the end of competitions to make everyone “feel good” … WHERE IS THE AMERICA THAT PRODUCED WW2 HEROES? WHERE IS OUR FREE NATION? We are no longer a STRONG LEADER of the world we are a laughing stock.

Before anyone says it, let me say it YEP GWB is MOSTLY to blame for it.