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2016 election deja-vu…

Here we go again folks… This is the most disheartening post I’ve written in a long time. We conservatives have a real problem within our own group. We have various levels of conservatives who feel their level is the true … Continue reading

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Norway Shooting, Right Wing Terrorism…

Let me add a few more salient thoughts on the murder of 93+ people in Norway yesterday. The anti-gun zealots seem to be latching on to this incident as a reason to add more stringent gun control measures in the … Continue reading

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A Note to Conservatives in the USA…

WE conservatives better quit looking for perfection or we’ll be left in the desert for 40 years

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Conservative or Republican?

Evidently moving toward the 2012 election the distinction between Conservative and Republican will be at the forefront. Not to mention, Libertarian. These three political positions are going to be challenged. Now let me say first off that I consider myself … Continue reading

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GOP Presidential Field… Holy Crap.

Let me just say NO! No to Trump, No to Huckabee, No to Romney, No to any of the “USUAL SUSPECTS” We need a fresh, outside the established confines Conservative Candidate. I am not concerned with so-called electability. I am … Continue reading

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25 Conservatives Arrested.. Oops, They were “Progressives”

More media bias, in other news the sky is blue and water is wet… 25 arrested at California conservative meeting LA QUINTA, Calif. – Authorities in California say 25 protesters have been arrested for trespassing outside a strategy session of … Continue reading

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An Open letter to Democrats…

To Democrats of the United States of America; I thought I’d offer a fig leaf of sorts to you. I’d like to start this letter off by saying SORRY. I feel your pain. Your party has been hijacked for the … Continue reading

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Conservatives vs Republicans…

After looking around the interweb a bit and checking on some of the more “Moderate” writings of “Right leaning” authors I have come to a realization… I am a Far Right extremist. (look at the about A&P page) Me and … Continue reading

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