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Unions, Socialists and Marxist… Hand in hand.

Unions, Socialists and Marxist… Hand in hand.

All you union folks that are supporting the “Union uprising” in various states. Do you know your friends? Richard Trumka and his cronies do, Hitler did too…Obama does…

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I’ll give this guy credit, he speaks his mind and tells the truth as he sees it:

So do you know your friends? Look who is standing with you. Look at your supporters and look back in history to see how it turns out. IF nobody stops your “Temper tantrum” your demands are met, what do you think the nations future is? You believe all will be terrific? Everyone will live in peaceful bliss? History tells a much different story and that’s why YOUR SIDE IS LOSING BIG TIME!

Soviet Union ring a bell?

So as you are carrying your signs about Walker being Hitler, realize you are much closer to ushering another Hitler than Walker is. Realize YOUR CAUSE is closer aligned with every mass murdering government in the history of the world than the governor of Wisconsin is…. Just sayin.

Jerry Brown to take Reigns of California today.

Jerry Brown to take Reigns of California today.

So the wonderful morons of the state I reside in saw fit to RE-ELECT this P.O.S.

Brown’s success could depend on his first 100 days

As Jerry Brown takes the oath of office Monday for his third term as California governor, he will begin a 100-day sprint that could determine the future success of his administration.

The first 100 days for a governor — often described as the honeymoon period — can set the tone for his entire tenure. It will be particularly true for Brown, who has been clear that he wants to leverage the political capital he has as a relatively new governor — he first served from 1975 to 1983 — into decisive action on the state’s fiscal crisis.

Brown’s predecessor, Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger, who came into office with a mandate for radical change, made some early missteps that haunted his administration. He agreed to a plan to paper over the deficit with borrowing to get through the first year. Critics say he squandered a huge opportunity to push sweeping budget remedies through the Legislature. When he was ready to take bolder action the following year, the mandate was gone and his proposals were rejected by voters.

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Jerry Brown came into office (Again) by proclaiming “Tough Times” are coming. My bet is the companies, the wealthy, the business owners and the hard working NON UNION people of California will have those tough times. His buddies in the Teachers, State and Nurses unions will be just fine..

Jerry Brown has “Carte-Blanche” just like Obama had for the last two years. There are very few CONSERVATIVE representatives in the state legislature to strike reason into the liberal mind that has destroyed this state. There is NO checks and balances in the law makers chambers.

My prediction for Jerry Browns first 100 days..

1. He’ll be raising taxes, he’ll be pushing through some very sweeping taxes that will be tied into the liberal mantra:

“Without these taxes our states children will die in the streets, the fires in the summer will consume Los Angeles, the crime rates will go up by 200% and our kids will lose their education”

This is the same thing we hear from the liberal/Progressives/Socialists in the state of California every year. And every year it gets worse. Businesses leave, unemployment goes UP and welfare slugs (Democrat voters) increase their numbers.

2. We will not hear anything about stopping the flood of parasites from south of the border, we will not hear of any cuts to services for the welfare is better than work crowd, and we certainly will not hear of any cuts to prison population by deportation or by actually USING the death penalty…

3. Jerry Brown is going to have a couple of years to turn this state into the North Korea of the west.

And I’m betting he succeeds.

Obama weighs attacking the Tea Party

Obama weighs attacking the Tea Party

Evidently what they have been doing up to now was complimenting the Tea Party with cries of RACIST, Extremist, Bigots, ect….

Obama Aides Weigh Bid to Tie the G.O.P. to the Tea Party

WASHINGTON — President Obama’s political advisers, looking for ways to help Democrats and alter the course of the midterm elections in the final weeks, are considering a range of ideas, including national advertisements, to cast the Republican Party as all but taken over by Tea Party extremists, people involved in the discussion said.

Good plan there nutjobs. We are extremists. We are about Constitutional rule, freedom and limited Government intervention. We believe you have the right to eat what you wish, keep and bear arms, worship as you choose or not at all. We believe YOU should choose the course in your life, We believe you have the right to speak out against whatever you feel is unfair, we believe your rights shall not be infringed…EXTREMIST BASTARDS WE ARE!

Here’s an extremist: The JUDGE gets it!

HT Gotta Get Drunk First

What the idiots on the left don’t understand is the entire tea party movement is based on FREEDOM! We want to keep it. PERIOD.

And as the left cries about the tea party, the tea party keeps building. Ask yourself WHY?

The reason is simple: Since Obama, Pelosi and Reid have taken over, taken over in large part by blaming the Bush administration for taking our rights. They have been chipping away at our rights more than Bush ever dreamed of. Look at the way the FLOTUS is trying to outlaw foods, the way Obama is targeting American Citizens for assassination, the lack of Miranda rights for American Citizens. Look at the way Obama campaigned on transparency, yet his first executive order was to seal ALL of his records.

Look at the Health Care issue, it was passed behind closed doors with bribes and arm twisting, and NOW, NO DEMOCRAT IS USING THAT AS A PLUS in their election. Obama is the extremist, he’s the Hugo Chavez of America. The fact is liberals, YOUR GUY blew it. Your guy had a chance, he’s shown the nation in 20 months what it took GWB to show us in 8 years. The direction he is steering this nation is WRONG, DEAD WRONG. IT is not AMERICA anymore it’s FRANCE LITE! And we don’t like it.

Please continue to paint us as extremists, it’s a boon for the the recruitment process. Even a brain dead liberal from Berkeley will see the irony in attacking hardworking Americans for being involved…Bring it on.