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Iran will get Nukes…

By knowing recent history under the Obama/Clinton/Kerry/Jarrett foreign policy success’s.. Like, ISIS, Yemen, Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Egypt, Venezuela, Libya, North Korea, Russia, Ukraine, Crimea…There’s no way that Iran doesn’t get nukes. Matter of fact, Iran will likely get Iraq, one … Continue reading

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Egypt on fire… Again

Well who could have envisioned Egypt, under control of the Muslim Brotherhood would explode into Chaos? Morsi opponents, backers clash in widest violence yet CAIRO – Supporters and opponents of President Mohammed Morsi clashed Friday in the worst violence since … Continue reading

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Why is America so divided?

It’s a trust issue. I firmly believe it’s because the American people have lost trust in leadership. Not only lost it, but everyday become more cynical. This is dangerous, but expected. We trusted Reagan, and he really never lost that … Continue reading

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Wherever They Go…

Seems to me that everywhere our wonderful leader goes turmoil follows… Obama goes to Cairo, Clinton goes to Bahrain…. I think if I was in charge of a country those are the last folks I’d want to see. Just sayin.

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Clinton coming to save Obama?

Can you just imagine the liberpuke reaction if George Bush had to call on a former Republican POTUS to relay his message on an important issue? Seems like experience is pretty important in a POTUS… odd huh?

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RNC Protesters, More Media attention as expected.

I had a feeling the Media coverage of the RNC would be far less “Fair” than the DNC.

The SMART and RIGHT call to delay the convention until Gustav was done and the damage dealt with, was met with snide remarks, insults and protest coverage. Continue reading

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To be fair and balanced….

Tell me this aint the truth…. Our leadership, GOD HELP US!

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