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No New Taxes!

No New Taxes!

Remember those words? Now we have the Grover Norquist anti-tax pledge that MANY republicans signed to prove they were of the right mind. Well, now we have a few of them signaling they’re willing to break that pledge…. sigh.

You sign the pledge to prove you are for less government spending and then you are willing to give the government more money? How do you square that with your pledge? You can’t. Let me be perfectly clear. IF ANY REPUBLICAN votes for a tax increase in any form, that republican will lose money and possibly his job in the next election.

Every time these “tax hike” debates come up it’s the “Republicans” who must compromise. Not this time. John Boehner the house speaker did this to himself and the Republicans. HE allowed Obama to play him last negotiations. We got the “Sequester” because “Nobody would allow such draconian cuts to happen” well, here we are. IF you compromise with democrats who will not cut spending, what is in it for us? If you say “We’ll avoid the fiscal cliff” shoot yourself in the head.

The fiscal cliff is a cliff that needs to be jumped. If you don’t have the balls to play chicken to win, don’t get in the car. Hold the line or give it ALL away. No more half measures. IF you are going to give it all away. Give Obama EVERYTHING he wants ALL of it. Don’t negotiate, just say “Here ya go” and then put out the reason as follows:

“We republicans have decided that since Obama was re-elected, the majority of the people in this nation can’t see where we are headed. In that light we are going to provide a show and tell. We are abstaining from any and all budget proposals or votes on them. They will be all the democrats wishes in one nice package”

Otherwise stand up for free market principles and stand up for NO NEW TAXES ALL THE WAY! No more half measures.

California politics has infested DC. 55 house members are from CA. The senate is occupied by idiots on both side of the aisle. But what’s happening now is exactly what has crushed California. The only policies that get done here are done in crisis mode. A crisis based decision is seldom a good one and it’s always a short term solution.

Fiscal cliff? Lets jump, Bring it on. And let me tell you this. It will cost me about 5k the minute we go off of it. I’ll pay it rather than my kids having to pay it.