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Attention CALIFORNIA Voters

Attention CALIFORNIA Voters

As we get closer to electing a new Governor I ask you to think. We elected Arnold thinking he could save the state. I would like to point out the errors of our thinking. Arnold tried very hard to change the way California worked. He tried to undo YEARS of socialistic liberal governance prior to him giving in to the liberal legislative body. He was unable to effect change due to the ubber liberal state congressional body.

I would suggest that if you are not willing to change the whole make up of Sacramento, you may as well vote for Brown again. Meg Whitman is a good conservative candidate, she’s not the “Ideal” candidate. I plan on voting for Meg, and for NO incumbents at all. California politics needs new blood more than anything and I suggest we find WORTHY candidates to fill the spots.

California Politics vs Reality

California Politics vs Reality

Ever since I’ve lived here (23years) I’ve noticed a couple things that I always thought would ruin a great state.
1. An over abundance of Mexican Nationals. (OK I’ll wait for the gasp and the cries of Racist……Done yet?.. Ok lets move on)

The reason I say that is, when you get such a culture switch as California has endured over the past 30 years, you end up with an area that resembles what the immigrants left. Take a look at LA. Mayor Antonio Villiaragosa is as corrupt as any politician in Mexico. Look at the education system, the health care system of California is a clear cut case of a good idea entrapped by corruption. in 1986 Reagan granted Amnesty to the Illegal Immigrants that were here already with a promise to curb the flood of future illegals. That didn’t happen, so now we have the “Original Illegals” that have MULTIPLIED and destroyed what little infrastructure was left, including Education, and Health-Care. On top of that we have the next generation of illegal’s waiting for Obama to grant Amnesty,  so they can follow in the foot steps of their forefathers….Now; for the first time in my life I am very worried for our nation. I honestly believe we are headed down the road to ruin.

When the IOU’s quit being honored, possibly as soon as July 11th, there will be an explosion in California that will have consequences from coast to coast. Don’t get me wrong, there are plenty of nutjobs to go around in this state, and they are ALL NOT MEXICAN, but if you look at a few undeniable stats like “Welfare recipients” and “Prison racial breakdowns” as well as education statistics. Facts are facts. Look it up. Look at the hispanic UPTICK that corresponds with the state “Downturn”. Look at who raises the biggest stink when there is mention of school performance measures… They say it’s not fair, it’s because the classes are too big, or whatever….ITS THE EXPLOSION IN MEXICAN NATIONALS that has created that “Environment”…

I am not being racist because I notice the obvious, if you are offended it’s because you are in denial of the obvious.

So you ask how do you fix it? Let me tell you how easy it is. YOU QUIT MAKING IT EASY! Americans are people that overcome hardship, Americans are people that deal with things, find sollutions and get better, Americans USED to do that. NOW in California, if you don’t speak english, we make it easy for you, we make those that don’t speak spanish listen to a bi-lingual teacher re-read an assignment in spanish for you. We have signs in spanish we have everything for you so you really have no reason to learn english… Everyone suffers for that kindness. We have made an entire generation of immigrants into drooling zombies (Better known as Democrat voters) by allowing them the ability to remain MEXICANS first, rather than TRUE Americans, that believe in GOD, Family and Country. The new generation believes in “Gang, 40’s, and Ho’s” there is no “Patriotism” other than on Cinco De Mayo for the most part. Now there is one caveat.. ALL Mexican’s do not deserve this rant, if you are a hard working family, including your kids, you speak english, you don’t fly your Mexican flag and you consider yourself AMERICAN first… This rant is not about you or anyone like you. ITs about those that have sucked the life out of California by being what they left.

(/end rant)

2. Over Regulation. You look at the resources and possibility for employers to call California home, yet why do they leave? They leave because of Cal EPA, they leave because of Cal OSHA they leave because of the taxes levied on them they leave because of the HIGH cost of employing people. Our State Government is punishing the very folks it needs. They make really cute commercials showing how wonderful it is here…BUT they leave out the real reason we have the nations highest unemployment rate. REGULATIONS. The wonderful beaches, are HOMELESS encampments for the most part the mountains are great for “Green stuff” like Hiking and skiing but try to go hunting and fishing, or try to show your kids how to live off the land and see how much red tape you have to go through. Try to get a business license for something around here and you will see real quick why business are again EXITING STAGE RIGHT>

3. Crime rates, recividism, and the lack of public outrage when laws were passed regarding personal rights. When the Anti-Gun morons in California decided to pass these “Little” laws that didn’t really affect “ME” at the time were enacted, then there was a small outrage. It was the NRA that made their voces heard in Sacramento but they had little support in the form of public outrage. We simply kept working, kept enjoying the scenery and kept looking out for “Numero uno”….NOW we can’t buy much more than a pea shooter or we can buy it but only after CONSTITUTIONALLY ILLEGAL Government intrusion. We must submit to countless privacy invasion, now they are going to stamp ammo…any outrage yet?
So Sacramento has successfully restricted INNOCENT LAW ABIDING CALIFORNIA citizens in their right to self preservation, you then make laws and judgments that give the criminals advantages in courts. Oh and lets not forget their treatment behind bars, cable tv, weight rooms and “Networking Opportunities” that make the small time criminal come out stronger, more street smart and more well connected than when he went in. And then for shits and giggles lets take a few more cops off the streets when budgets need cutting….

4. When Arnie took office I HAD HOPE! That soon faded after I realized that he had NO HELP in the state house, he tried some good things and it was HAMMERED by the libtard elites, the very powerful unions and the ever present ACLU and LA-RAZA folks. they were able to stop a lot of plans Arnie had when he first took office that MAY have allowed CALIFORNIA to remain above this HISTORY MAKING DEBT! He had good ideas that would have stopped some of the illegal immigration SUCKING at the state teet. He had business friendly ideas he touted on his campaign to oust Davis, He had tried and true REAGAN type common sense sollutions to the problem of businesses leaving. WELL that didn’t last long, the Kennedy hand up his ass was obviously very strong and it took his nuts and turned them into small grapes…(Either that or steroids) So here we are— FUCT.

So for those of you not in California, stay tuned.. this will be interesting. Trust me, IF/When the shit does hit the fan, you will know I’m knee deep in the middle of it by the body count on roads headed South East.  First SOB tries to get in my way ends up on my bumper like a deer carcas….

Advice for Those behind enemy lines…

Advice for Those behind enemy lines…

That means ALL of us in California…. Time to stock up. Things in our state are about to go from bad to worse.

With the Cali-Courts upholding prop 8, the defeat of the “Tax the hell out of us” propositions.. California is about to take a leap into the abyss.

The voters have pissed off the LIBERAL LAW Makers, we are at odds with their beliefs (FINALLY) and they are going to make it painful for US.. Not the ILLEGAL Immigrant, those of us that still pay into the coffers…

State funding is being cut to the disabled, it is being cut from working Moms for childcare, and there are several areas of social programs to be cut or at least half funding. I think cutting state funding for those disabled is shitty but they will collect it from the fed . Anyway, the bottom line is folks are going to feed their families, so crime is going up… Oh and there is no money for extra police. So bottom line is be ready, and prepared. IF you live in a neighborhood get together with your neighbors and plan some “EYES ON” time, keep a look out because it’s coming.

Happy DAYS!!!

Happy DAYS!!!

Finally the California Court ruled like it should, with the PEOPLE! The ban on Gay marriage has been upheld. They did the usual libtard compromise and allowed those Married in the absence of common sense to remain married.

All I got to say is Way to Go Mrs California, and Perez “Flaming butt pirate” Hilton GFY!

What’s in it for US?

What’s in it for US?

What’s in it for us with all this “Stimulus” crap? I’ve been hearing about the housing help coming, the lenders and buyers going to work things out the the supposed tax cuts….yada yada.

My question is what the hell are those doing the right thing getting out of the “New Deal”? Those of us that didn’t over-extend, those that didn’t take all the equity out of our homes, those that made sacrifices to keep our jobs, those that don’t expect others to pay for OUR mistakes, those that obey the law and DON’T Work the system?

It seems to me those of us in California are getting the shaft, not only NOW but we will be on the hook come payback time too.

What I’ve seen in California is, we are getting gas taxes raised 12 cents, we are getting sales taxes, raised car tax, registration tax, and all kinds of good tax hikes. We are also going to accept money from the feds in the stimulus package. So what I see is Obama is giving me the working, law abiding, pay my bills on time, make good decisions so I don’t affect others lives a 13 dollar a paycheck raise. And Arnie is taking about 25 dollars a paycheck in taxes. so I am actually going to end up in the hole 12 bucks a paycheck now, and much more later, thanks but no thanks I woant out of this new deal.

All those that are in favor of this fucking stimulus bill need to ask yourself a question. IF GWB would have pushed this would you have supported it? and if so would you still support it after you found out NOBODY read it except Newt Gingrich the author? That is what we got, we got Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid crafting the bill and Obama signing it. NO ONE ELSE READ THE BILL, only now are we finding out what’s in it.

Here is a bit of common sense that might make you go HUMMMM….

This whole mess started with the housing bubble, the Democrat assertion is that “Bad lenders duped the Homebuyers” How does that happen? For starters it happens when YOU DON’T READ WHAT YOU ARE SIGNING! Ummmm What does Congress do? Votes for shit they don’t even read.

Here’s another Congress douchebagery original, Today they find out the Post Office CEO is making a TON of cash, they voted the position a pay raise “in order to get the best talent available in the market place” YET they are putting a cap on Bank and Car Company CEO’s pay? Ummm helllo Bueller?

The dumbing down of America is complete, thank liberals for the de-education of our nation. I have never wished for an all out civil war but right now I think one is needed, it might be the only way we get our country back.

YES on 8 No on OBAMA

YES on 8 No on OBAMA

On Tuesday, I am asking ALL Californians to not only VOTE YES on 8, but stand 100 feet from the polling place holding up signs saying YES on 8. I will be doing it on Tuesday Nov 4th. all throughout the day…

This is a very important vote, no matter who you want for president. YES on 8 protects marriage and defines it as ONE MAN AND ONE WOMAN in the state of California. The Teachers union opposes it for some reason, even though they say it’s not about teaching HOMOSEXUALITY in Schools? Odd huh?

Remember the most recent ruling from the courts in California regarding Home Schooling? That ruling set fourth a NO CHOICE stance California is taking. YOU’RE Kids will be subjected to Prince can marry Prince theology and YOU CAN’T object, and you can not remove your kids from school.

I’ll be holding a sign that says “YES on 8” on one side, and NOBAMA on the other.. 100ft from the polling location as is the law, I urge ALL Californians to do the same.

Obama, Biden Flip on Gay Marriage. Against Prop 8 NOW.

Obama, Biden Flip on Gay Marriage. Against Prop 8 NOW.

From the Obama, Pelosi and Reid media machine

Biden and Ellen

Democratic vice presidential hopeful Senator Joseph Biden has taped on an episode of Ellen to oppose California’s proposed constitutional gay marriage ban.

In the episode slated to air Monday, Biden entered to David Bowie’s Changes, DeGeneres quipped, welcoming the Democratic vice presidential candidate the same way his Republican counterpart did at the onset of their October 2 debate: “Can I call you Joe?”

Biden told DeGeneres, who recently married actress Portia de Rossi, that he opposed Proposition 8, an amendment on California’s November ballot which would amend the state constitution to define marriage as solely between one man and one woman.

“If I lived in California, I’d clearly vote against Prop 8,” Biden said.

DeGeneres is spending $100,000 of her own money to run a television commerical opposing Proposition 8.

In the VP debates the question was asked  “Do you support gay Marriage” Joe Biden answered “Neither me or Barack support gay marriage” then he was pressed on the definition Biden said “We define marriage as between one man and one woman”

Flash forward to NOW..

Biden appears with Ellen Degenerate, who has a very LEFT leaning audience and he is opposed to Gay Marriage. Now let me be perfectly clear, I have no problem with Joe Biden and Barack Hussein Obama being FOR Gay marriage.. Everyone has an opinion on it, and frankly I figured both were for it anyway, they are liberals after all. What I have a problem with is PANDERING, this is the most flagrant example of election year pandering so far. They were against it before they were for it.

I really don’t have a problem with Ellen, she is gay.. so what? What I have a problem with is GAYS making it seem like it’s normal, it is not normal it is ABNORMAL! “How can you say that Bushwack?” You might ask…Glad you asked.

IF it was NORMAL, WE wouldn’t EXIST! There would have been Adam and Steve in the garden living out there lives and that would have been IT.. It is not a birth defect, it is not a NATURAL urge… IT is an abnormality and it is purely sexual. YOU can show me all the Bullshit professor of Berkley data you can find, and I will redirect you to the oldest book in existence and a quick mechanical aptitude test: The male end goes into the female end, the plug goes into the receptacle, Two female ends do not connect to create anything (except good viewing material), and two male ends are just sick. It takes a MALE AND FEMALE to create life..There is no argument on this earth that can dispute that. All the arguments put fourth by Gays are inadequate at best.

AGAIN, I don’t give a damn if you make a choice to be gay… have at it, just don’t expect me to say “Awe isn’t that special he is taking it up the pooper” It is as wrong as having sex with animals or bigamy. Wrong is wrong, but if you decide that’s what you want, have at it.. just don’t tell me it is NORMAL or tell me I have to accept it. I do not and it is MY right to raise MY kids the way I see fit.

Prop 8 in California is designed to set Marriage definition as ONE MAN AND ONE WOMAN, since the Supreme Court of KALIFORNIA decided to reverse our last VOTE on this issue. We had 65% victory over the GAY Marriage advocates, but now we have to vote on it again, the GAYS are hoping we grow tired of having our votes tossed and quit voting.

IF Prop 8 is defeated it will only be a matter of time before someone takes legal action to marry more than one person, or marry an animal… Because once you remove the sanctity of Marriage from the eyes of GOD you have diminished what has been a holy state of being since before Christ.

IF prop 8 is defeated, the state of California could start mandating that CHURCHES marry same sex couples or face loss of tax exempt status, or other legal action. Marrying same sex couples is an abomination in the eyes of God and NO church other than those of the almighty dollar will comply with that edict. Religion in California will cease to exist in public and be forced underground.

What does that sound like to you?

McCain Speech, He did GOOD.

McCain Speech, He did GOOD.

McCain did what he had to do, he managed to get me a little pissed off at a couple of things he said; but overall he nailed his biggest speech ever. If half of his story is true, and half of his record as an elected official is true, this should be a landslide in McCain/Palin favor.

Unfortunately, the powers of the liberal belief structure has been in play for many years, such as removing religion from schools, frivolous law suits, removing words like honor, integrity, and responsibility from the vocabulary of our youth, and making excuses for the kids that misbehave. WE have successfully made the voters of today so stupid that Obama is actually being considered to lead the free world.

What worries me is this:
California has a “Maverick” so to speak in charge. A RINO by all measures. Arnold S. has tried to work across political lines to get things done in California, he has succumbed to certain laws, bills and other legislation or should I say compromised, and now HE needs some help from the very same Democrats he has been reaching out too… They are quickly stabbing him in the back for party and career sake, the whole time looking into the media’s camera and blaming the Republicans….

I am concerned that we are seeing a mini-DC preview in California.

Look at California Politics to see what happens when you have a RINO in charge, dealing with a Liberal Congress. Think McCain, Pelosi and Reid… ugh. There is one bright spot though, Arnold doesn’t have Sara Palin in his corner, Arnold has a super liberal LT Governor John Raymond Garamendi (idiot)

Some might say, well if they were both LIBERAL it would be better… Uh HUM.. Been there done that.

Gray Davis and Lt. Governor Cruz Bustamante. BOTH DEMS. Recalled because of poor performance (Just like every Governor in California faces a recall attempt by someone, Gray Davis was the only one unseated in Cali History and only the second one in US history)

So WHAT DO WE DO BUSHWACK?… I’m glad you asked:

The Solution is simple:

In this election we need to give McCain the tools he needs to accomplish, what he says he wants to accomplish, I have heard very little in his speeches that would lead me to believe that he would destroy our country, hell if Bush didn’t accomplish that, McCain sure the hell wont. I think McCain is RIGHT on in most instances and I am willing to give him the benefit of the doubt.

In order to do that, WE need to make sure he has a WORKABLE Congress.

Going into this election, the Democrats are at an advantage because most of the seats (22) are held by Republicans. Thus, they have fewer seats (12) to defend.

Eight of the 33 are first-term Senators; only one of these is a Democrat. One, Sen. Frank R. Lautenberg (D-NJ) was re-elected in 2002 after retiring in 2000.

There is one special election, in Wyoming (which will elect two Senators in November).

Five senators have announced retirement.

And 1-Tim Johnson (D-SD) is still recovering from brain surgery.

* Sen. Wayne Allard (R-CO, announced 1/15/2007)
* Sen. Larry Craig (R-ID, resignation announced then rescinded)
* Sen. Pete Domenici (R-NM, announced 10/3/2007)
* Sen. Chuck Hagel (R-NE, announced 9/10/2007)
* Sen. John Warner (R-VA, announced 8/31/2007)

Here are some seats up for election and We need to turn the D’s to R’s and Keep the R’s.


I believe we need experience and wisdom at the top, we have some real problems in the world and sitting around a camp fire chanting koom-by-ya is not going to fix them.

Under an Obama White House, I am absolutely 100% positive he will be a party first president, so what we would have is; in essence the same thing we have in California. The Republicans would then go on the offensive/defensive mode, and Obama has a very shady record as it pertains to reaching across the aisle, which would produce another DO NOTHING CONGRESS.

McCain has put HIS party on notice that he is willing to go against them to get things done. Obama has NOT done anything like that, even though HIS party has been in charge of BOTH House and Senate for the past 2 YEARS, AND DONE NOTHING!

I think we as VOTERS can vote change as in Obama, which in my humble opinion will be more like California politics, only on a much larger scale. OR we can give McCain a shot at fixing whats broke, and IMO after his ordeal, his sacrifice, and his experience I think we are in good hands with John McCain. (Sarah Palin will be there too and that makes me very comfortable,)