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Attention CALIFORNIA Voters

As we get closer to electing a new Governor I ask you to think. We elected Arnold thinking he could save the state. I would like to point out the errors of our thinking. Arnold tried very hard to change … Continue reading

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California Politics vs Reality

Ever since I’ve lived here (23years) I’ve noticed a couple things that I always thought would ruin a great state. 1. An over abundance of Mexican Nationals. (OK I’ll wait for the gasp and the cries of Racist……Done yet?.. Ok … Continue reading

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Advice for Those behind enemy lines…

That means ALL of us in California…. Time to stock up. Things in our state are about to go from bad to worse. With the Cali-Courts upholding prop 8, the defeat of the “Tax the hell out of us” propositions.. … Continue reading

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Happy DAYS!!!

Finally the California Court ruled like it should, with the PEOPLE! The ban on Gay marriage has been upheld. They did the usual libtard compromise and allowed those Married in the absence of common sense to remain married. All I … Continue reading

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What’s in it for US?

What’s in it for us with all this “Stimulus” crap? I’ve been hearing about the housing help coming, the lenders and buyers going to work things out the the supposed tax cuts….yada yada. My question is what the hell are … Continue reading

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YES on 8 No on OBAMA

On Tuesday, I am asking ALL Californians to not only VOTE YES on 8, but stand 100 feet from the polling place holding up signs saying YES on 8 Continue reading

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Obama, Biden Flip on Gay Marriage. Against Prop 8 NOW.

From the Obama, Pelosi and Reid media machine Democratic vice presidential hopeful Senator Joseph Biden has taped on an episode of Ellen to oppose California’s proposed constitutional gay marriage ban. In the episode slated to air Monday, Biden entered to … Continue reading

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McCain Speech, He did GOOD.

McCain did what he had to do, he managed to get me a little pissed off at a couple of things he said; but overall he nailed his biggest speech ever. If half of his story is true, and half … Continue reading

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