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Gun Shows PACKED!

Gun Shows PACKED!

The crossroads of the west gun show in Ontario CA yesterday was PACKED!¬† ūüėÄ

Ontario gun show draws THOUSANDS

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With supply low and demand high, gun owners flocked to the Ontario Convention Center this weekend to stock up on ammunition at the state’s first gun show since a mass shooting at a Newtown, Conn., elementary school reignited the dormant gun control debate and increased sensitivity across the nation to firearms.

Some 6,000 people had filled the center by Saturday afternoon, and more than double that figure is expected to attend the event, which is open to the public and ends Sunday. The massive turnout is something even the Crossroads of the West Gun Show promoter didn’t expect.


California, the land of fruits and nuts according to most people in America. The state of California has that reputation and it has been earned through many ridiculous laws. The State of California has one of the most stringent gun laws in the nation and ranks near the top in gun related deaths. Not surprisingly it also ranks among the top in GANG VIOLENCE.

I didn’t notice anywhere in the story where the guns jumped up and killed a bunch of people. Nor did I see where a mentally ill murderer came in and opened fire.. I may have missed it though.. nope, didn’t happen. Why? Might be because that wouldn’t be too easy to pull off. Even a Gun Show in a state where YOU CAN’T CARRY YOUR LOADED FIREARM is safer than a school? Why? It really is simple.

If you leave five dollars on bench in the park and turn your back, it will be gone. If you put 5 dollars on a bench in a park and don’t turn your back it will be safe. Thieves don’t like challenges any more that murderers like to be murdered. If you are mentally ill and want to kill a lot of people, even though you’re mentally ill you may not be stupid. You’re not going to try and kill a lot of folks if you might get shot before you do it. I just don’t get the argument against that logic.

I’m absolutely happy as shit that many Californian’s are exercising their rights to bear arms. We may need that right before any others in the nation. Remember the “What happens in California happens to the nation” It’s not a joke, it’s not a lie either. MANY of the laws being put forth for the feds are already law here. FIGHT IT!