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More on the Site issues.

More on the Site issues.

As you may have noticed.. The site (And the others on our shared host) has been buggy as hell the last couple weeks. Bluehost has been GREAT as far as trying to help, but the move from a lower cost to a higher cost has changed the problems rather than eliminate them.

For all you wordpress guru’s who may be asking if the problems are related to wordpress. NO. We don’t think so. It has to do with the domain name servers/server etc… Our sites are functioning fine, matter of fact better than ever WHEN THEY ARE VISIBLE.

As of now things are good. IF you happen to see something like this:

Please when the site comes back email me (Click mail box on sidebar) or drop a comment and let me know when it happened. This will help get to the bottom of the issue if its still a problem. As of right now: This is the first day that I didn’t see that screen on any of our sites. That’s a good sign.

It will back to normal and better in the near future. I promise.

If you are looking for a good hosting company I’d suggest you look into Bluehost. I’ve been with a couple of hosts and they are by far the best of the best.




Site Notice

Site Notice

Its been a very busy month or so for me so my postings have certainly been lacking. Sorry about that but preparing for the end of the world is hard work.

I’m not making any promises that I’ll be posting more often but I will be trying to.

The hosting service we are on (TexasFred BZ Brady and Cary) has been having some issues. It was a combination of growth, both ours and theirs. We’ve had to upgrade our service and do a few things to get us some room to grow and more flexibility. The migration is not totally complete yet but it should be final by this evening. I’ve got to say this though. Bluehost was fantastic on their end. While not exactly fast in the resolution of the issue, they were HONEST in their effort to save us money. They didn’t try to sell us something we didn’t need before doing everything possible on their end to keep us where we were.

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