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New Year Starts…

New Year Starts…

Well, the busy keeps on coming… I worked more the last 3 weeks of the year than I have in a long time. It was a lot easier when I was younger… sigh. (Okay, Pity party over)


Good news:  CAROLINA PANTHERS made the playoff’s by beating the hell out of the Atlanta Falcons, then proved it wasn’t a fluke by beating the hell out of the Arizona Cardinals in the Wild Card Playoff game. Go PANTHERS!!!

Bad News: Dallas won their Wild Card game against Donkey Kong Suh and the Lions. Jerry Jones and Roger Goodell obviously had some influence, maybe a hefty check was written to Ray Rice’s wife or Adrian Peterson’s son if the refs picked up a flag on a crucial drive for the lions… or not.. But damn.. Something was going on there.


In other news, Barack Obama came back from vacation and the stock market took a hit. Coincidence I’m sure.


Then a bunch of black folks invaded brunch and chanted they “can’t breathe” or “heads up our ass’s” to protest the shooting of thugs and strangling of idiots or something. Just once I hope to be in a dining establishment when these racist slugs come in to stompyfoot and throw their tantrum…. Hilarity will ensue, trust me “World Star”

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2015 should be an awesome year, Boehner is facing a challenge from good folks, Obama is setting up the stage for blaming white people for something else. I just can’t wait for the media fawning to go to the next level.



If all goes well, we’ll survive until Obama is out of office and adults take over. If it doesn’t well, it was a good run… Arm up, prepare for worst, hope for the best.

Tea Party Assault caught on video!

Tea Party Assault caught on video!

Oh wait, it’s a leftist being violent again…Move along, nothing to see here..

HT Big Government

I’m waiting for the cries of extremists, racist and hate monger from the MSM…

Now I know one person who is very involved in putting together a forum for politicians to meet and greet their constituents. This video seems to be a similar function. If the public is invited why no video allowed? IF you are concerned that you will slip up and say something wrong and it will end up on youtube, I understand BUT; IF you tell the truth, if you stick to your beliefs and if you have confidence in your position then it shouldn’t be a problem.

I notice the guy that sat down next to the camera man’s name tag said “Black” something or other…Ummm, strange huh? The party of tolerance and equality must put their race on their name tag?…When will America wake up and see this for what it is… Pure racism and a communist take over of our nation.

Arizona Law Challenged by DOJ

Arizona Law Challenged by DOJ

I find this pretty amusing, in a bizarre idiotic sort of way. The Department of Justice has filed a suit against the Arizona Anti-Illegal Immigration law (1070) YET, allows white people to be intimidated by the New black panther party during the 2008 elections.

Feds sue to block Arizona illegal immigrant law
PHOENIX – The U.S. Justice Department on Tuesday filed a lawsuit challenging the constitutionality of Arizona’s new law targeting illegal immigrants, setting the stage for a clash between the federal government and the state over the nation’s toughest immigration crackdown.

The lawsuit filed in U.S. District Court in Phoenix argues that Arizona’s law requiring state and local police to question and possibly arrest illegal immigrants during the enforcement of other laws such as traffic violations usurps federal authority.

“In our constitutional system, the federal government has pre-eminent authority to regulate immigration matters,” the lawsuit says. “This authority derives from the United States Constitution and numerous acts of Congress. The nation’s immigration laws reflect a careful and considered balance of national law enforcement, foreign relations, and humanitarian interests.”

So the Obama administration is fine with challenging “Laws” when the “Supposed” victim is a “Minority” however, when the victim is “White”..

Ex-Official Accuses Justice Department of Racial Bias in Black Panther Case

In emotional and personal testimony, an ex-Justice official who quit over the handling of a voter intimidation case against the New Black Panther Party accused his former employer of instructing attorneys in the civil rights division to ignore cases that involve black defendants and white victims.

J. Christian Adams, testifying Tuesday before the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights, said that “over and over and over again,” the department showed “hostility” toward those cases. He described the Black Panther case as one example of that — he defended the legitimacy of the suit and said his “blood boiled” when he heard a Justice official claim the case wasn’t solid.

I’m hoping AZ wins the law suit but I’m not real optimistic. There is a lot of corruption in the courts and a lot of folks with aspirations of higher office don’t want their names attached to a ruling that would offend the lemmings of the liberpuke party.

However the lack of prosecution of the New Black Panther case is not all bad, it means that during the next election White folks can adorn Klan Robes and carry weapons in front of polling locations. White folks will now be able to intimidate voters freely without threat of legal challenges. I guess it also means white people can start gathering up dead voters and the multiple voters like the Democrats do..