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New Year Starts…

Well, the busy keeps on coming… I worked more the last 3 weeks of the year than I have in a long time. It was a lot easier when I was younger… sigh. (Okay, Pity party over) Good news: ¬†CAROLINA … Continue reading

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Tea Party Assault caught on video!

Oh wait, it’s a leftist being violent again…Move along, nothing to see here.. HT Big Government I’m waiting for the cries of extremists, racist and hate monger from the MSM… Now I know one person who is very involved in … Continue reading

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Arizona Law Challenged by DOJ

I find this pretty amusing, in a bizarre idiotic sort of way. The Department of Justice has filed a suit against the Arizona Anti-Illegal Immigration law (1070) YET, allows white people to be intimidated by the New black panther party … Continue reading

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