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Washington DC vs Moore OK

Washington DC vs Moore OK

Washington DC is a disaster now, it’s a disaster because of a leadership vacuum. It’s a disaster that affects not only the nation but the entire world. The true idiocy is that there are REPUBLICANS that think it’s only Obama’s leadership. NO. It’s the failure of REPUBLICANS as well. REPUBLICANS like Senators John McCain (R-INO#1) And Lindsey Graham (R-INO#2) It’s RINO’s who have gone to dinner with “Dear Leader” and for dessert took a chunk out of American’s back side with a steak knife.

A united front on CONSERVATIVE ISSUES would have stopped the disasters created by Obama and his piece of shit, scum of the earth, liberal douchebags. The only thing worse than Obama’s minions are RINO’s. RINO’s are supposedly American first, however; They only become “Conservative” at election time.

Washington DC’s disaster is self made. Moore Oklahoma tornado disaster is NATURAL.

Since the left has blamed the tornado on Global warming, Sequester, Republicans budget cuts, Christians, Boy Scouts, Guns and Racism… I have few of my own:

The tornado in Moore OK:

Barely left the area before Dianne Feinstein wrote a bill to ban all Tornado’s over category F-1.

Obama has issued a statement about the damage in Moore OK “Most tornado’s are peaceful hardworking tornado’s, we can’t judge all Tornado’s because of the actions of this one event”

Jay Carney was distraught after viewing the twister damage saying that he would be learning how to spin lies as fast as that twister was moving.

Truth be told the disaster in OK pales in comparison to the disaster in DC. Never in American history has the nation been so duped by a media/elites and a smooth talking con artist. It happened in Germany, USSR and a few other places, it didn’t work out well for any of them.

The IRS/BENGHAZI/DOJ/Fast and Furious are all the “latest scandals” but the worry should be, what have they got away with? You honestly believe these are it?



Obama gets a dose of Reality.

Obama gets a dose of Reality.

Well, I guess better late than never… Or Not.

Benghazi, IRS, AP are just the latest. Well, the latest that the media arm of the democrat party will admit. Forgive me if I don’t sympathize with the Associated Press reporters being investigated. Evidently, the reporters stepped out of line and went rogue. They must have questioned something that only FOX reporters or Bloggers can question.


Lets recap a little shall we: Since Obama has taken control of America, we the people have KNOWN there’s some underhanded power abuses happening. The executive orders based on ideology not facts. The Solyndra scandal and several others were pushed under the rug by the media elites.

Obamacare is another issue that WE the American people saw as a train wreck back when Pelosi was screaming that we must pass it to find out what’s in it. Now? IRS is going to administer that program. No problem huh?


Sequester was supposed to be the ruin of America instead its actually HELPED more than anything Obama has done.

If you remember the elite media buried all of Obama’s records including birth records. ANYONE who dared asked about them were put into an “Extremist/Racist” barrel by the very same media that is now asking questions…


I’m not a “Birther” but it begs for an answer that since everything we’ve said since 2008 is either being proven true now or its at least under scrutiny. Perhaps we should be investigating EVERYTHING…

And for the record, having the DOJ investigate the IRS for helping Obama is about as funny as having YOU investigate YOURSELF for any wrongdoing. I’m betting you won’t find anything.

Keep the pressure on Benghazi, IRS and everything to do with Obamacare.


Evil Which We Cannot Name

Evil Which We Cannot Name

I’ve been thinking about this “Thing called Benghazi” as Chris Mathews put it. And I’ve come to a revelation. The cover up is the biggest part of the story. But the reason for the cover up should shake every American to their core.


The facts of Benghazi are pretty clear. There was a cover up from top to bottom. But the reason they covered it up was two or three fold.


Fold #1: Obama’s base is far left, anti-Israel pro-Palestinian zealots. FACT. From Reverend Wright, to Farakan to Bill Ayers, to Code Pink and every major university from coast to coast fits that bill.

Now look at this:


These are the MUSLIM MURDERS committed on United States Soil since Obama took office. Now how many of these have you heard about nationally? I’ll tell you. TWO. And ONE was classified as a “Workplace violence Incident” 13 dead over 30 wounded in Ft Hood. The other was Boston. The rest? Yeah news huh?

Muslims can’t be accused of being still at war with America after Obama has apologized and all.

Benghazi screwed up the narrative that AQ was on the run. In order for Barack Obama to claim Muslims are peacefully trying to coexist and it was George Bush who provoked them. He was going to be different. Problem was Islam didn’t act different. IF that was the case then Obama had to show strength before the election. So he increased drone strikes on far away lands and announced them often. No verification other than the administrations statements about the target killed.


Fold #2: In order to cover something up this massive one entity or statement wouldn’t do it. It needed to be co-ordinated with media, interagency and congress lapdogs. It didn’t need to be a permanent cover up it just needed to be covered long enough to get Obama to a 2nd term. Hillary said she wasn’t going to run for POTUS remember? So Obama asking Hillary to follow the talking points wasn’t going to hurt her career if she’s retiring now.

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Benghazi a Job Well Done.

Benghazi a Job Well Done.

First off, lets give credit where it’s due. NEW MEDIA held on like a pit bull to this FAILURE OF LEADERSHIP story. Thank GOD for the internet, Fox News and Bloggers across the world. Well done.

Now lets talk about the failure of “Legacy Media” otherwise known as “Lapdog media” or “Alphabet networks” these are known by their call signs: CNN/CBS/NBC/ABC/MSNBC. They failed miserably OR did they succeed?


This BENGHAZI thing happened before the presidential election. There were MANY MANY QUESTIONS that should have been asked by the elite media reporters. But they weren’t, the story made headlines for a day or two but only to report that a video was causing an uproar… NOT ONCE did any of the legacy elite media ask the hard questions about Hillary or Obama’s lack of leadership. Their only story’s revolved around the video.


If you notice, I’m not ranting about Obama or Hillary, I’m more pissed that our media elites failed America than the liberals occupying space in DC.


This is the fact. Someone was going to be killed in that Benghazi attack. Maybe four Americans would have been killed even if help was sent. Maybe more Americans would have died. MAYBE NO AMERICANS would have been killed and a lot of enemy would have been killed… We will never know because of a failure to act. A political body felt the risk was to great to their career to act. Someone decided that saving the four Americans was too risky to their job security/legacy/future than to actually PROTECT AMERICANS.


The story is NOT only about those people who failed to act it’s about the failure of our media watchdogs to do what they are supposed to do. IF today’s media were around when our forefathers were fighting the redcoats, Our founders would have treated them as the enemy and hung them for treason.


Anyone who watches ANY OF THE ELITE MEDIA NEWS is complicit in their involvement of treason. There’s better ways to get news. Fox is not perfect but at least they’re reporting FACTS about the issues. Stay away from the opinion shows and FOX is heads and tails above any of the legacy media news.


The media, the news on the alphabet networks have lost all credibility. This will not be noticed until there’s a REPUBLICAN in the White House. At that minute, when a reporter for any of the “Obama media group” decides to ask a hard question of a Republican POTUS, the return question will be “Where were you when Obama stood here?” The only way credibility can return to legacy media would be to fire every one of the reporters after Obama is out of office. NO OTHER WAY.


Our founders would have hung “Traitor” signs at the offices of “Lapdog Media” and they would have hung the employees from the tallest tree.


FBI- Pictures of Wanted Benghazi Raiders

FBI- Pictures of Wanted Benghazi Raiders

If you look at this image very closely you may see that the suspects lack proper “Spontaneous uprising over a video” paraphernalia.

FBI posts pictures of suspects in Benghazi raid.



Now, I know what you’re thinking.. “What difference does it make?” (Hillary Clinton) I mean “It happened a long time ago” (Baghdad Jay Carney Press secretary for dear leader)

What we have here folks is a search for a fall guy or group of guys. The fact is it’s too late for us to concern ourselves with WHO DID IT. We should be more concerned with WHY DIDN’T HILLARY/OBAMA act when they KNEW IN REAL TIME WHAT WAS HAPPENING?

I believe both Hillary and Obama had a chance to mount a rescue/counter attack in Benghazi. I also know that a drone or bombing attack wouldn’t have been enough. A drone/Bomb attack is “Politically safe” No potential for dead US Soldiers being sent into harms way BY OBAMA in a land where he said NO BOOTS ON THE GROUND.

The fact is, Obama lacked the courage to defend our soil on another country. He had the ability, he had the tools and he had the power to save the lives of our people. He chose NOT TO SAVE ANYONE. And that is the problem.

Sleep well you embassy staff in foreign lands, knowing that your CIC will sacrifice you if it’s not politically viable for him.



Hillary had her day…

Hillary had her day…

Well, Hillary finally had her day in front of congress and the American people. My quick opinion on the entire Benghazi thing:

Hillary knew, Obama knew, the state dept knew, the CIA knew, the American people knew the dangers of operating an embassy in Libya. NOBODY took the actions needed to protect the occupants of the embassy in Benghazi. Hillary and Obama should be fired for their failures of leadership. But hey, what difference does it make?

Fact is America lost a chance to return to greatness with the election of Barack Obama in 2008. Had the media given Obama half the scrutiny over Barack Obama that they did with Hillary, Hillary would be our POTUS (Or at least for the 2008-2012 term) and IF she had been elected POTUS I truly believe our nation would be better off than it is now. I can’t STAND Hillary or Bill Clinton. But the HATE I have for this version of the democrat party is far and above more redlined than I had before Obama.

I have a real hard time putting my distrust/dislike of the Clinton’s on top of my ABSOLUTE DISGUST/DISTRUST AND HATRED of Obama and his minions.

Hillary gave her testimony, the GOP’s idiots on the panel caved and didn’t put her on notice as well as they should have. Hillary knew but she’s covered because of Bill and Obama’s media.

As our nation burns the media will report it with their special spin, guiding the sheep to the slaughter house.

Molon Labe.

Hillary Clinton Takes one for the Team

Hillary Clinton Takes one for the Team

Sorry for the visual that title might give you but basically that’s what she did.

Now at tonights debate, when Benghazi comes up Obama can call the issue settled. It is anything but settled in the minds of concerned Americans. Those sheep who worship at the Obama alter can say it is settled. It’s NOT.

First let me explain this for those of you who may be to the right of Obama but not quite centered. Hillary Clinton took responsibility for the security lapses. Kudos to her for finally coming clean. SHE IS RESPONSIBLE FOR THAT. Now, lets ask why it took so long for her to do it? And since she didn’t feel it necessary to take responsibility for it for over a month, why now? Could it be election play? of course not huh?  😥

Now, given all of that and the answers to those questions now ask this: IF Hillary is responsible for the security WHO is responsible for the cover up? And don’t forget to ask this: We KNOW that it was a terrorist attack, we KNOW Hillary is responsible for not providing enough security, we KNOW the Obama administration attempted to cover it up using the youtube video.. SO WHY IS THE PRODUCER OF THE YOUTUBE VIDEO STILL IN JAIL?

Remember all of this while watching the debate tonight and try not to throw up too much.