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Debt Debate Deadline

Does anyone see something developing today? I do, here’s what I see… Politics above nation. Harry Reid had a bill on his desk that would have stopped all of this discussion and allowed our nation to move forward with a … Continue reading

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So what has this accomplished?

Liberal lies and deceit on this latest act of INDIVIDUAL violence. What have we learned? 1. We learned that any violence against anyone with a D in front of their name is immediately the fault of the tea party, Sarah … Continue reading

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Obama’s the BEST!

Since taking over the nation from the worst president ever, Obama has in his first 18 months in office became the worst president EVER! Obama and the Democrats came to power mostly on “BLAME”. Every campaign from 2004 till NOW … Continue reading

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Does anyone notice anything?

This is a FACTUAL graph indicating deficits: Remember this too, 2007 was the first full year that Nancy Pelosi held the chair of the house…What exactly do you mean Mr Bushwack? Why I’m glad you asked….Congress controls the purse strings, … Continue reading

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