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Debt Debate Deadline

Debt Debate Deadline

Does anyone see something developing today? I do, here’s what I see…

Politics above nation.
Harry Reid had a bill on his desk that would have stopped all of this discussion and allowed our nation to move forward with a BALANCE of our checkbook. Harry and Dem’s said NO. WHY? Well because it was a REPUBLICAN IDEA.. Can’t have that.

Now the deadline approaches and Harry is coming up with a plan to put fourth in an “Emergency” and if the Republicans in the house block it, OH MY GOD They want us to default…. Note to GOP leaders and Congress Critters. IF YOU SIGN, OKAY, AGREE, COMPROMISE, OR FOLD on anything you’ve fought for so far, YOU ARE DONE. You will not see a majority in any house of congress or the WH in the foreseeable future. You have the high ground America sees it. You cave YOU RESIGN. PERIOD.

So what has this accomplished?

So what has this accomplished?

Liberal lies and deceit on this latest act of INDIVIDUAL violence.

What have we learned?

1. We learned that any violence against anyone with a D in front of their name is immediately the fault of the tea party, Sarah Palin, Glenn Beck, Michelle Bachman, Sean Hannity, Bill O’Riley, Rush Limbaugh and US.

2. We learned that even after there is undeniable PROOF that the assailant was NOT among the supporters of ANY of the above, the narrative still sticks and there is no apology forthcoming. (See Ft Hood Shooter, Census worker suicide, Florida School board shooter for examples)

3. We learned that when we fight back against the false allegations leveled upon us, we then become hatemongers and we are continuing the rhetoric that started the murderer(s) on his spree in the first place which then makes the next one automatically our fault again.

4. We learned that a funeral/memorial is a great place for the POTUS to continue the lies started by his lapdogs in the media that was found to be false…

5. We learned that our country is so divided, that a civil war could break out if one more act of violence comes our way (Well unless it’s committed by a Muslim, then we must remain calm and not blame anyone)

6. We learned that the time it takes for law makers to go from tragedy to gun control legislation is measured in light speed.

7. We learned that despite Arizona having the BEST damn gun laws in the nation, at the Safeway in Tuscon on Saturday, far too many didn’t take advantage of that fact.

8. We learned that there are SOME pretty good folks on Both side of the aisle when it comes to respecting the dead, blaming the criminal and not making matters worse by using the tragedy as a (false) political talking point.

9. We learned that no matter where you are or who you are you can be killed by a madman.

10. We learned that a Democrat who was by all measure a MODERATE suffered a life changing gun shot wound to the head. And the killer got off over 20 rounds before he was stopped.

11. We learned that no matter what happened to the OTHERS in the shooting, the media cared about the congresswoman far more than they did for the 9yr old, until after the facts killed their “Tea Party” connection.

12. We learned that the minute the gun goes off, the gun grabbers follow. The very same people that have ARMED guards for themselves and family, are ready to tell you YOU don’t need guns.

13. We learned a crisis will never go to waste as long as we have liberal/Progressives in power, and as long as we have NY and CA we will have them in the worst possible position of power.

We learned a lot, but we have learned it before. We have been through this since Obama was elected. Any dissension is HATE SPEECH, any incident of violence is the Tea Party’s fault. We fight the same battles every time, we win the same battles every time, we will do it again at some time.

I pray that there is NO ATTEMPT on any congress critter or POTUS or Potential POTUS. IF there is one thing we on BOTH sides of the aisle know is: The enemy watches our news.

If there were an attack on our leaders again it could very well shatter our republic. And that is something we would not like.

Obama’s the BEST!

Obama’s the BEST!

Since taking over the nation from the worst president ever, Obama has in his first 18 months in office became the worst president EVER!

Obama and the Democrats came to power mostly on “BLAME”. Every campaign from 2004 till NOW has been about blaming the former President and his policies. Barrack Hussein Obama  never missed an opportunity to point fingers at GWB or the Republicans in office while he was campaigning or since he’s been POTUS. I could lump in the hag in the house and the shithead in the senate in this rant but I’ll leave them off for now.

Lets focus on Barrack Hussein Obama now. What exactly did he campaign on? Oh yeah Hope and Change, transparency, ending the wars, sharing the wealth, fixing our economy….How’s that working out?

Barrack Obama has spent the first year of his presidency largely on ONE thing. MOST of his “Legacy” will be the Obamacare package that he and his cohorts managed to bribe, arm twist and buy their way through congress…The single biggest debacle in the history of this nation took place behind close doors, and required numerous shady deals to get it rammed through. That’s IT! He passed Obamacare….

What else has he done? Lets see:

Cap and tax (Not going to work) Job losses (Except for Government workers) Deficit INCREASES (Triple GWB’s 8 years in 1 year of Obama) Economy (States are going bankrupt, NO businesses hiring, tax revenue falling, borrowed more money from China, economy still in the tank with no signs of climbing out any time soon) Illegal Immigration (Said he doesn’t support Illegal Immigration, yet doesn’t want us to enforce the law, no secured border, no worker visa, no path to citizenship, no action at all) Sestack, and the guy from Colorado (ILLEGALLY tried to bribe them to withdraw from their respective races) Gave BP a safety award, Didn’t close GITMO (Railed about it on the campaign trail) Didn’t withdraw from Iraq (Railed about it on the campaign trail) Didn’t stop the patriot act (Actually extended it) Van Jones (Nuff said) Beer summit (After calling the cops stupid) Opened up off shore drilling but canceled easier accessed drilling locations. Increased taxes on the rich (And by rich meaning anyone not in a UNION or making 50k or more a year) Responded to the deep water horizon 42 days after it occurred (But still managed to blame GWB) Oil still leaking in gulf (Obama still Golfing and making appearances for his buddies in the Democratic party) Stopped the investigation of the Black Panthers voter intimidation (Yeah not a racial thing though). Bowed to Saudi Arabia sheik (after his base threw a tantrum over GWB kissing the ring of the raghead) Apologized to the world for America (This is by far the WORST thing he could have done and we are now seeing why) Met with Hugo Chavez and kissed his ass (Well, we should expect it, his teacher and all) Ditched the Memorial day wreath laying at Arlington (Sitting POTUS should pay respects, but he doesn’t respect our soldiers sacrifice since America is the bad guy)

All that just off the top of my head…

There are several issues with this president and IMO the one that sticks out the most is the events in the Gulf of Mexico. This is not just a “Accident” that is horrible. It is a “Leadership” problem. This catastrophe in the gulf showed the world exactly who is running this country. NOBODY!

The other thing it showed AMERICANS is the lengths this president will go to further his far left agenda. This oil spill could have been contained WAY before it hit shores. In the amount of time we had, we could have built and damn island between the shore and the rig…BUT no effort was made to do anything, WHY? Simple, if there is not enough pain associated with this accident, he can’t get his “Green” agenda passed, he can’t “demonize” those republicans in congress that are trying to balance the needs of the nation with environmental requirements, without OVER REGULATION that causes these types of problems. This has to be a catastrophe because a disaster just wont do..

How’s that hope and change working out for you liberpukes now?…Assholes.

Does anyone notice anything?

Does anyone notice anything?

This is a FACTUAL graph indicating deficits:

Remember this too, 2007 was the first full year that Nancy Pelosi held the chair of the house…What exactly do you mean Mr Bushwack? Why I’m glad you asked….Congress controls the purse strings, that’s why “CHANGE” was necessary, and since Pelosi has been at the helm under two different Presidents, look where our deficits have gone…Now look at what state she hails from…..ANY connection made? Unless you are brain dead or you were interviewed in the post below, you can not deny those plain and simple truths.

So what do  we do now?