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Obama’s the BEST!

Since taking over the nation from the worst president ever, Obama has in his first 18 months in office became the worst president EVER! Obama and the Democrats came to power mostly on “BLAME”. Every campaign from 2004 till NOW … Continue reading

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Obama’s Greatest achievment.. IRAQ?

So, Biden say’s Obama’s greatest achievement is Iraq? It’s very typical of the liberal mindset to “Write History as they want it” rather than be true to it. The truth however is very different from their version of “history”… Joe … Continue reading

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Obamanomics and the road to ruin

So Mr Obama has decided to gamble with the lives of innocent people to please his far left base. I hope the recent release of Gitmo detainees to Bermuda makes Code Pink and the left side of the aisle happy. … Continue reading

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Post Debate post, prior to the Debate.

Ok, I predict B. Hussein Obama said “Bush’s failed policies” 20 times, McCain said “My friends” at least as many times, and I don’t trust neither of them to cut my grass. HOWEVER; One candidate did do something I admire, … Continue reading

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Do the facts really matter?

This was posted in it’s entirety because it was too good to break it up. Do Facts Matter? By Thomas Sowell Abraham Lincoln said, “You can fool all the people some of the time and some of the people all … Continue reading

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