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B. Hussein Obama.. 1000 Sunday’s

This will explain a lot if you open your eyes and remove the “Messiah Glasses” Rev Wright’s world view in a nut shell: 1) The US Government created Aids to kill black people. 2) The US Government was involved in/caused … Continue reading

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B. Hussein Obama and his ACORN Nuts

Since the RINO on stage last night refused to discuss the ACORN issue directly I will. I am not running for office so I don’t have to be polite, or PC. Let me start by saying Barrack Hussien Obama is … Continue reading

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John McCain and Tom Metzger.. Who knew?

A recent story was leaked that John McCain attended several functions over the past 10 years funded by Tom Metzger, John McCain denies these charges but there is photographic evidence showing John McCain and Tom Metzger sharing drinks, laughing and … Continue reading

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