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Acorn: Vote early, Vote often, Dead folks count too…

Lets see, VOTER FRAUD, from ACORN AGAIN! Now if Barack Hussein Obama is elected to be President, what does he owe ACORN? ACORN is the terrorist activity Barry should be investigated over. Continue reading

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Nancy Pelosi and the President.

George Bush is the WORST president since the peanut farmer, but his approval rating has been higher than congress, over the last couple of days I can see why. George Bush called for a bailout, and that’s fine as far … Continue reading

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We Deserve BETTER! Way BETTER!

Proudly stolen from Ol Broad. And even this video doesn’t address my concerns with Obama’s favorite Pastors, his anti-semitic, anti-American wife or his socialistic weath distrbution plans….But it will do. Hows that Melissa? do you like it? :rotflmao:

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What if’s about 9-11

I was again searching the interwebs for some articles and opinions on various things and I came across this one, and it made my blood boil. This was written by some nutbasket named Peter Dyer What if we had never … Continue reading

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Obama the Warrior.

Now if you don’t laugh at this you are dead already. Snatched from Jenn at Screw Liberals

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