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Here we go.

Here we go.

Guess home many times we will hear these phrases from the NEW president:

I could not do what I had wanted to because of the previous administration.

I did (INSERT CONSERVATIVE ACTION HERE) because of the previous administration.

I will be doing (Insert LIBERAL ACTION HERE) as soon as I remove the problems created by the previous administration.

Guess right and you get…. Well I can’t afford anything I fully expect to be broke by this time next year.

Some things Bush did well (Not that anyone gives a shit)

Bush had the most DIVERSE cabinet EVER (Look what it got him)

BUSH kept our country safe from terrorism for 7+ years. (Not that anyone notices)

BUSH’s time in office saw more home ownership and more MILLIONAIRES Created than anytime in history. (Not that all of them are STILL Rich and look how that helped him in the media)

BUSH Nominated a couple of GOOD SCOTUS Judges (Not that he gets much credit)

Other than those things I draw a blank.. and I am sure the list of BAD things will be huge but I think the guy truly did what he thought was best. I for one thank GWB for his service to his country even though I didn’t agree with everything he did. HE SERVED.

I don’t expect to see any of the bad shit he did posted in the comments, or discussion of whether he did everything right.. HE is OUT OF OFFICE in 75 days or so.. Time to move on.

Today we enter the Obama era, and the market tanked (again) today. The Muslim Brotherhood is happy, Iran is happy, Saudi Arabia is happy, Al Jazeera is happy, the American media is happy, and the world is rejoicing… GOOD.

I am not in a rejoicing mood. I am in a kill something mood but at least prop 8 passed.

I hope the Obama supporters are not disappointed..Though I am sure they will be.

Personally I am in the “Class” that Obama says he is going to help.. so I will wait at the corner with my hand out just like everyone else I guess.

My friends can look forward to some changes on American and Proud.

First I will probably change the header image to something like “America held Hostage” with a date count.

Second, I will be posting less around here, one or two posts a day max, but most of my time will be spent harassing the obamabots. I plan on showing them what we have been putting up with for 8 years.

Let me start now:


Well that is just not how “RIGHT THINKERS” do it.. but you get my point.

Remember that movie line “Wait till they get a load of me” Oh yeah revenge is mine sayeth the lord but I plan on being a pain in the ass to folks like meathead and his ilk.

BTW… Meatbrain.. :finger:

Before YOU vote, ASK Yourself a couple of Questions.

Before YOU vote, ASK Yourself a couple of Questions.

A couple of things you should ask yourself before you vote for the President of the United States:

1. How much do you KNOW about John McCain? Do you know about his youth, his careers, his associates? Do you know about his mistakes? Do you know about his voting record? Do you know about his beliefs?

2. How much do you know about Barack Obama? Do you KNOW about his Youth, Careers, his associates? Do you know about his mistakes? Do you know about his voting record? Do you know about his beliefs?

The media has dissected John McCain, they have Inspected/dissected and invented things to stir Sarah Palin to anger and she didn’t budge.

The media has given powder puff questions to Barack Obama, they have basically been hands off when it comes to questions about his YOUTH, His Mistakes, and HIS Associates. There are MORE questions than answers and that is cause for concern. WHAT is HE HIDING?

The excuse the Obamatrons are using now is “They are behind and they are throwing up character issues to see if it sticks” basically saying that McCain needs to slam his character to win the race. Well McCain is not asking about it. I am. And so are a LOT of Americans right now on both sides of the aisle.

The questions can be answered, or at least they could have been a while ago, this late in the game it would sound hollow. McCain has run a campaign cleanly, trying to be the better man and it will more than likely cost him the election. AND I think McCain will be ok with that. I am NOT Ok with it.
Obama lied about his “Campaign funding” Obama has lied about more than he has told the truth.

Let me let you in on a little secret:

Obama is the best SPEAKER in the race, hell if I needed a lawyer I’d hire HIM, if I needed a used car and he was a salesmen, I would probably drive off the lot with a YUGO and think I bought a Camaro. BUT I don’t need either right now, I need a President I can trust. I can, and DO trust John McCain to put this country first. While we may disagree what that is exactly, I believe he would make this country STRONGER not weaker, and he would not be pushed around. I believe he is smarter than GWB, and I believe he will learn the lessons of GWB’s DIFFICULT Presidency.

I don’t really like McCain as a President, I am not happy with the selection the RNC gave me. I have a choice between Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton and that is a REAL PROBLEM for MOST of us “RIGHT THINKING” individuals.

I look at who is voting for who. I look at WHO is sending money to WHO, I look at WHO the Media is PUSHING, and I look at WHO is hiding the most.

You can tell a lot about a candidate by who is supporting them, LOOK CLOSE. You can tell a lot about a candidate by the money flowing to them. Remember this: EVERY PENNY McCAIN GOT for his campaign is noted, and from where it came. Obama had a credit card error? You can tell a lot about a candidate by the Hollywood elite, the MSM, they have a vested interest in the moral compass dropping. Their business picks up when standards are lowered. And you can tell a lot about a candidate by how much YOU DON’T KNOW!

I picked who I will be voting for, based on what I don’t know in this election. I do not know Barack Hussein Obama, I do not TRUST Barack Hussein Obama.

I trust John McCain because his CHARACTER was tested in battle, it was tested in Congress, and it was tested in life. HE HAS PASSED the test, and if WE reward people because they DO things honorable, then John McCains should be 40 points ahead. IF we reward people for “Talking about what they will do” or telling people what is wrong with those people that ARE DOING things, then by all means vote Obama.

Barack HUSSEIN Obama and Raila Odinga Ties that bind.

Barack HUSSEIN Obama and Raila Odinga Ties that bind.

YOU HAVE GOT TO SEE THIS. The whole thing is about ten minutes and it can happen here too. IT Is already starting in the urban cities, and those that are stating “If Obama looses it’s because of Racism” are helping to fan the flames of violence here.

IF McCain is George Bush, I would say Barack Hussein Obama is Raila Odinga. He supported him 100% of the time and HE is related to him. Did you see the riot scenes? Picture Los Angeles, Picture New York, Picture SEVERAL Inner city’s exploding into violence and picture Barack Hussein Obama fanning the flames….. His family has been doing it for years.

Barack HUSSEIN Obama might be a RACIST?

Barack HUSSEIN Obama might be a RACIST?

Obama's gang

let’s play Count the white people…. Well damn, I am coming up ZERO. BUT I guess I am racist for pointing it out… The idiocy of the liberal mind is troubling.

IS Barack Hussien Obama racist? Oh hell yeah I firmly believe Obama is a racist son of a Bitch. Just look at his supporters, his spiritual advisers, his friends, and his life. HE is a racist, he is BLACK when it suits him, and he is WHITE when it’s a benefit.. SO is he a racist?

How about the volatility in the markets these days? I have been noticing a few things:
1. Every time a politician speaks the Dow goes down

2. When Obama talks about the economy and his plan to increase taxes on BUSINESS and 60% of people of the population. (The other 40% doesn’t pay taxes, they will get checks from thin air) the market FALLS rapidly.

3. When markets see job creation as a indicator to the economic welfare of the country, and hear about BUSINESS taxes being raised, the MARKET knows that it really means that there will be LESS jobs available because TAXES will cause a DECREASE in JOBS…. funny how that works huh?

4. When the polls see Obama in the lead by more and more the market goes down.

5. When the market falls it benefits Obama…WTF?

Point is folks and mark my words on this.. IF McCain somehow pulls out a victory in Nov. the DOW will climb like rocket. IF Obama gets elected the DOW will CRASH I am talking about 1920’s CRASH.

You say “That’s fear mongering” I say “NO it isn’t” It is basic fact.

IF you want to create jobs, you need to help businesses be successful, YOU don’t raise taxes on companies that are trying to KEEP their employees NOW, Companies are struggling with Health care costs, a slow economy and they are trying to keep employees. THAT will stop if you put more pressure on the bottom line of a corporation or small business.

I work for a BIG corporation, WE are a solid company but we are hurting too, ANY company that provides a service by manufacturing something or selling something, are HURTING.

Small Businesses, Large Companies and Corporations are trying to retain their employees, as soon as taxes are increased on the them, retention of employees ceases to be a “Workable Goal”, the bottom line and the shareholders will keep their money flowing, that leaves the American people under the 250k mark out of a JOB…Oh but here is the best part…

40% of Americans that doesn’t pay taxes becomes 50% and without another 10% revenue to state and federal coffers the deficit increases, the spending is not going to be curtailed, it is going to be expanded in an Obama presidency….WTF? How does that really work? It is NOT going to work. It is going to be like the Carter days… Exactly like the Carter days, we are going to have to deal with NUCLEAR enemy’s in 2012 because of WHO we elect NOW.

The MARKET is an indication of stockholders perception of where we are headed, Stockholders are BAILING before the Democrats get their hands on their wallet. A lot of the stockholders see the coming Democrat/Socialism as a grab at their proffits and it will cause a ripple effect. The effect of Obama’s plans will be a BIG CHANGE, and THE CHANGE Barak Hussein Obama is bringing is NOT the CHANGE our business leaders, our job markets and our ECONOMIC POWERS want. WHO pays the price? We do, those of us that pay taxes, work for a living for someone else are in a real problem now, and for everyone that is still employed when YOU aren’t next year, thank the BLACK community, THANK the Media, THANK the Messiah for his “Spread the wealth” attack on America.

Obama, Biden Flip on Gay Marriage. Against Prop 8 NOW.

Obama, Biden Flip on Gay Marriage. Against Prop 8 NOW.

From the Obama, Pelosi and Reid media machine

Biden and Ellen

Democratic vice presidential hopeful Senator Joseph Biden has taped on an episode of Ellen to oppose California’s proposed constitutional gay marriage ban.

In the episode slated to air Monday, Biden entered to David Bowie’s Changes, DeGeneres quipped, welcoming the Democratic vice presidential candidate the same way his Republican counterpart did at the onset of their October 2 debate: “Can I call you Joe?”

Biden told DeGeneres, who recently married actress Portia de Rossi, that he opposed Proposition 8, an amendment on California’s November ballot which would amend the state constitution to define marriage as solely between one man and one woman.

“If I lived in California, I’d clearly vote against Prop 8,” Biden said.

DeGeneres is spending $100,000 of her own money to run a television commerical opposing Proposition 8.

In the VP debates the question was asked  “Do you support gay Marriage” Joe Biden answered “Neither me or Barack support gay marriage” then he was pressed on the definition Biden said “We define marriage as between one man and one woman”

Flash forward to NOW..

Biden appears with Ellen Degenerate, who has a very LEFT leaning audience and he is opposed to Gay Marriage. Now let me be perfectly clear, I have no problem with Joe Biden and Barack Hussein Obama being FOR Gay marriage.. Everyone has an opinion on it, and frankly I figured both were for it anyway, they are liberals after all. What I have a problem with is PANDERING, this is the most flagrant example of election year pandering so far. They were against it before they were for it.

I really don’t have a problem with Ellen, she is gay.. so what? What I have a problem with is GAYS making it seem like it’s normal, it is not normal it is ABNORMAL! “How can you say that Bushwack?” You might ask…Glad you asked.

IF it was NORMAL, WE wouldn’t EXIST! There would have been Adam and Steve in the garden living out there lives and that would have been IT.. It is not a birth defect, it is not a NATURAL urge… IT is an abnormality and it is purely sexual. YOU can show me all the Bullshit professor of Berkley data you can find, and I will redirect you to the oldest book in existence and a quick mechanical aptitude test: The male end goes into the female end, the plug goes into the receptacle, Two female ends do not connect to create anything (except good viewing material), and two male ends are just sick. It takes a MALE AND FEMALE to create life..There is no argument on this earth that can dispute that. All the arguments put fourth by Gays are inadequate at best.

AGAIN, I don’t give a damn if you make a choice to be gay… have at it, just don’t expect me to say “Awe isn’t that special he is taking it up the pooper” It is as wrong as having sex with animals or bigamy. Wrong is wrong, but if you decide that’s what you want, have at it.. just don’t tell me it is NORMAL or tell me I have to accept it. I do not and it is MY right to raise MY kids the way I see fit.

Prop 8 in California is designed to set Marriage definition as ONE MAN AND ONE WOMAN, since the Supreme Court of KALIFORNIA decided to reverse our last VOTE on this issue. We had 65% victory over the GAY Marriage advocates, but now we have to vote on it again, the GAYS are hoping we grow tired of having our votes tossed and quit voting.

IF Prop 8 is defeated it will only be a matter of time before someone takes legal action to marry more than one person, or marry an animal… Because once you remove the sanctity of Marriage from the eyes of GOD you have diminished what has been a holy state of being since before Christ.

IF prop 8 is defeated, the state of California could start mandating that CHURCHES marry same sex couples or face loss of tax exempt status, or other legal action. Marrying same sex couples is an abomination in the eyes of God and NO church other than those of the almighty dollar will comply with that edict. Religion in California will cease to exist in public and be forced underground.

What does that sound like to you?

This man is against Obama for all the right reaons.

This man is against Obama for all the right reaons.

It’s a 10 minute clip of a man with more guts than most of us have. Found it over at PA Conservative Women

The reason I say he has guts, is not because his opinions are extreme, it’s because of his race. The majority of black voters are voting for Barack Hussein Obama, by as much as 95%. BUT if you are NOT black and Don’t vote for “The Messiah” YOU are racist. This man understands the real reason Barack Hussein Obama shouldn’t be President and he doesn’t mind telling others how he feels. Kudos to you and to ALL of the Black, White and Brown “Free thinkers”

Be careful Obamatrons! When you count on Race to win the race you might get a race that will cost you the Race…. My White Friends were split on the candidates, until I showed them the racial breakdowns, and they went searching for themselves.. NOW there are a few more McCain supporters because of the “Racist” strategy Obama and his minions are implementing.

Truthfully I don’t give a damn WHY you don’t vote for Obama, I don’t care if you think he is a terrorist, a Muslim, the Anti-Christ or just a gun grabbing N-Word… I Don’t give a damn just like the Obama camp doesn’t care if the only reason folks are voting for him is his color.

John McCain and Barack HUSSEIN Obama and the ISSUES

John McCain and Barack HUSSEIN Obama and the ISSUES

Townhall did all the research, and a lot of us don’t go there very often so I thought I’d bring it to you here:

A look at where Democrat Barack Obama and Republican John McCain stand on a selection of issues:


McCain: Opposes abortion rights. Has voted for abortion restrictions permissible under Roe v. Wade, and now says he would seek to overturn that guarantee of abortion rights. Would not seek constitutional amendment to ban abortion.

Obama: Favors abortion rights.


McCain: Favors unspecified boost in U.S. forces.

Obama: Would add about 7,000 troops to the U.S. force of 36,000, bringing the reinforcements from Iraq. Has threatened unilateral attack on high-value terrorist targets in Pakistan as they become exposed, “if Pakistan cannot or will not act” against them.

(I believe telegraphing what and where and who you are sending is a piss poor way to lead a military, and it’s NO CHANGE from what’s been going on in the Bush admin. and if you are unwilling to fight in Iraq, you better not start a war in Pakistan.)


McCain: The co-author of McCain-Feingold campaign finance law is running his general campaign with public money and within its spending limits. He urged Obama to do the same. He applied for federal matching funds for primaries but later turned them down so he could spend more than the limits. The Federal Election Commission belatedly approved his decision to bypass the primary funds, but rejected McCain’s claim that he needed no such approval. He raised more than $160 million before having to stop to accept the $84 million in public money for the fall. McCain accepted primary campaign contributions from lobbyists.

Obama: The presidential campaign’s fundraising champion has brought in more than $450 million. He is raising private money for his general election, despite his proposal last year to accept public financing and its spending limits if the Republican nominee does, too. Obama refuses to accept money from federal lobbyists and has instructed the Democratic National Committee to do the same for its joint victory fund, an account that would benefit the nominee. Obama does accept money from state lobbyists and from family members of federal lobbyists.


McCain: Ease restrictions on Cuba once U.S. is “confident that the transition to a free and open democracy is being made.”

Obama: Ease restrictions on family-related travel and on money Cuban-Americans want to send to their families in Cuba. Open to meeting new Cuban leader Raul Castro without preconditions. Ease trade embargo if Havana “begins opening Cuba to meaningful democratic change.”


McCain: Has supported expansion of the federal death penalty and limits on appeals.

Obama: Supports death penalty for crimes for which the “community is justified in expressing the full measure of its outrage.” As Illinois lawmaker, wrote bill mandating videotaping of interrogations and confessions in capital cases and sought other changes in system that had produced wrongful convictions.

(Don’t disagree with either of them here, well other than the time it takes to actually kill an offender, the time should be measured in minutes rather than years. IF there were video tapes and confessions, does that mean we can eliminate the 500 appeals???)


McCain: He is not proposing a federal voucher program that would provide public money for private school tuition, in contrast to his proposed $5 billion voucher plan in 2000. Only proposes expansion of District of Columbia’s voucher program. Sees No Child Left Behind law as vehicle for increasing opportunities for parents to choose schools. Proposes more money for community college education.

Obama: An $18 billion plan that would encourage, but not mandate, universal pre-kindergarten. Teacher pay raises tied to, although not based solely on, test scores. An overhaul of No Child Left Behind law to better measure student progress, make room for non-core subjects like music and art and be less punitive toward failing schools. A tax credit to pay up to $4,000 of college costs for students who perform 100 hours of community service a year. Obama would pay for part of his plan by ending corporate tax deductions for CEO pay. Has backed away from his proposal to save money by delaying NASA’s moon and Mars missions.

(No disagreement here either)


McCain: Favors increased offshore drilling and building 45 nuclear power reactors by 2030. Crystal Benton, speaking for McCain, said he proposes no federal spending to help in construction of the plants. McCain believes the goal can be achieved with loan guarantees in existing law, with resolution of the impasse over waste disposal and with financial advantages the industry would have as a zero-emissions power source under his cap and trade program, she said. McCain opposes drilling in Alaska’s Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. Proposed suspending the 18-cent a gallon federal gasoline tax but idea got no traction. Global warming plan would increase energy costs.

(BUT I bet Sarah will change his mind)

Obama: Now would consider limited increase in offshore drilling. Opposes drilling in Arctic reserve. Proposes windfall-profits tax on largest oil companies to pay for energy rebate of up to $1,000. Opposed suspension of the gas tax. Proposed releasing 70 million barrels of oil from Strategic Petroleum Reserve to boost supplies. Global warming plan would increase energy costs.


McCain: Opposes constitutional amendment to ban it. Says same-sex couples should be allowed to enter into legal agreements for insurance and similar benefits, and states should decide about marriage. Supports the federal Defense of Marriage Act, which denies federal recognition of same-sex marriages and gives states the right to refuse to recognize such marriages.

Obama: Opposes constitutional amendment to ban it. Supports civil unions, says states should decide about marriage. Switched positions in 2004 and now supports repeal of Defense of Marriage Act, which denies federal recognition of same-sex marriages and gives states the right to refuse to recognize such marriages.


McCain: Broke with President Bush on global warming. Led Senate effort to cap greenhouse gas emissions. Favors plan that would see greenhouse gas emissions cut by 66 percent by 2050.

Obama: Ten-year, $150 billion program to produce “climate friendly” energy supplies that he’d pay for with a carbon auction requiring businesses to bid competitively for the right to pollute and aimed at cutting greenhouse gas emissions 80 percent by 2050. Joined McCain in sponsoring earlier legislation that would set mandatory caps on greenhouse gas emissions. Increase federal fuel economy requirements beyond 35 mpg.


McCain: Voted against ban on assault-type weapons but in favor of requiring background checks at gun shows. Voted to shield gun-makers and dealers from civil suits. “I believe the Second Amendment ought to be preserved _ which means no gun control.”

Obama: Voted to leave gun-makers and dealers open to suit. Also, as Illinois state lawmaker, supported ban on all forms of semiautomatic weapons and tighter state restrictions generally on firearms.


McCain: $2,500 refundable tax credit for individuals, $5,000 for families, to make health insurance more affordable. No mandate for universal coverage. In gaining the tax credit, workers could not deduct the portion of their workplace health insurance paid by their employers.

Obama: Mandatory coverage for children, no mandate for adults. Aim for universal coverage by requiring employers to share costs of insuring workers and by offering coverage similar to that in plan for federal employees. Says package would cost up to $65 billion a year after unspecified savings from making system more efficient. Raise taxes on wealthier families to pay the cost.


McCain: Open to helping homeowners facing foreclosure if they are “legitimate borrowers” and not speculators.

Obama: Tax credit covering 10 percent of annual mortgage-interest payments for “struggling homeowners,” scoring system for consumers to compare mortgages, a fund for mortgage-fraud victims, new penalties for mortgage fraud, aid to state and local governments stung by housing crisis, in $20 billion plan geared to “responsible homeowners.”


McCain: Sponsored 2006 bill that would have allowed illegal immigrants to stay in the U.S., work and apply to become legal residents after learning English, paying fines and back taxes and clearing a background check. Now says he would secure the border first. Supports border fence.

Obama: Voted for 2006 bill offering legal status to illegal immigrants subject to conditions, including English proficiency and payment of back taxes and fines. Voted for border fence.


McCain: Favors tougher sanctions, opposes direct high-level talks with President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.

Obama: Initially said he would meet Ahmadinejad without preconditions, now says he’s not sure “Ahmadinejad is the right person to meet with right now.” But says direct diplomacy with Iranian leaders would give U.S. more credibility to press for tougher international sanctions. Says he would intensify diplomatic pressure on Tehran before Israel feels the need to take unilateral military action against Iranian nuclear facilities.


McCain: Opposes scheduling a troop withdrawal, saying latest strategy is succeeding. Supported decision to go to war, but was early critic of the manner in which administration prosecuted it. Was key backer of the troop increase. Willing to have permanent U.S. peacekeeping forces in Iraq.

(I dont like it, but it is a real possibility)

Obama: Spoke against war at start, opposed troop increase. Voted against one major military spending bill in May 2007; otherwise voted in favor of money to support the war. Says his plan would complete withdrawal of combat troops in 16 months. Initially had said a timetable for completing withdrawal would be irresponsible without knowing what facts he’d face in office.


McCain: “Nothing’s off the table” when it comes to saving Social Security.

Obama: Would raise payroll tax on wealthiest by applying it to portion of income over $250,000. Now, payroll tax is applied to income up to $102,000. Rules out raising the retirement age for benefits.


McCain: Supports relaxing federal restrictions on financing of embryonic stem cell research.

Obama: Supports relaxing federal restrictions on financing of embryonic stem cell research.


McCain: Pledged not to raise taxes, then equivocated, saying nothing can be ruled out in negotiating compromises to keep Social Security solvent. Twice opposed Bush’s tax cuts, at first because he said they were tilted to the wealthiest and again because of the unknown costs of Iraq war. Now says those tax cuts, expiring in 2010, should be permanent. Proposes cutting corporate tax rate to 25 percent. Promises balance budget in first term, says that is unlikely in his first year.

Obama: Raise income taxes on wealthiest (250k) and their capital gains and dividends taxes. Raise corporate taxes. $80 billion in tax breaks mainly for poor workers and elderly, including tripling Earned Income Tax Credit for minimum-wage workers and higher credit for larger families. Eliminate tax-filing requirement for older workers making under $50,000. A mortgage-interest credit could be used by lower-income homeowners who do not take the mortgage-interest deduction because they do not itemize their taxes.

(This is good for talking points but it is not practical, those 80 billion in tax breaks for the poor, 40% of Americans don’t pay taxes, so where do they get the 95% tax break? they get a check which is called WELFARE and coupled with his child tax credits, we get WELFARE Babies in the hood getting pregnant for the cash.)


McCain: Free trade advocate.

Obama: Seek to reopen North American Free Trade Agreement to strengthen enforcement of labor and environmental standards. In 2004 Senate campaign, called for “enforcing existing trade agreements,” not amending them.

ALL the BOLD areas are areas I DISAGREE WITH THE CANDIDATE and the RED Highlights are my reasons). As I said before the differences are only in a couple of areas, HOWEVER; those areas are HUGE to me.. Abortion, Gun Control, Taxes and Possible SCOTUS appointments… But the fact is there is not THAT MUCH DIFFERENCE between the two, and as my friend TexasFred says.. If this is the best we had to offer against Barack HUSSEIN Obama we deserve to have Obama as President….*HEAVY SIGH*

Barack Hussein Obama should carry Ohio’s state flag wherever he goes..

Do you think Ohio might go to Obama in the election?

Barack Hussein Obama MIGHT win.

Barack Hussein Obama MIGHT win.

On November 4th 2008, Barack Hussein Obama MIGHT be named the president elect of the United States of America. The world will not end… Trust me.

What will end is this:
Hope that abortion as a birth control method will end. Barack Hussein Obama openly supports abortion and the extreme version of abortion surviving babies not granted medical care. HE supports the “Leave them in a closet to die” bill of Ill.

Our right to keep and bear arms will be changed by the future SCOTUS appointments, I don’t believe John McCain is worse on this issue than Barack Hussein Obama. I honestly believe a Sarah Palin in the cabinet does nothing but strengthen our stance on this issue as conservative Americans. BUT, in an Obama cabinet, our RIGHTS as gun owners will be CHANGED. The reason I am confident is saying that is: Obama, Biden, Pelosi, and Reid are far more against the gun owner than McCain, Palin, Pelosi, and Reid. At lest with the latter we have a voice. ONE voice granted but a voice just the same.

Barack Hussein Obama has stated he will increase the taxes on those making 250k a year. No one is really thinking about this part.. Most folks DO not make 250k a year so for them it’s no big deal. Students, the working class, Military, and a host of others don’t make that kind of money.. Who does?
Well Doctors do, what does that do to private practice Doctors? Well it increases their care costs, so who pays that tax? WE do, the patients, our co-pay goes up and the insurance goes up….So what does that tax really do? Cost US more.
But Barack Hussein Obama says FREE health care for all?? Exactly how does that work if there is less revenue going into the governments coffers. Look at California for an example of when the coffers run dry.

Businessmen: Some make 250k a year, those that own small businesses, they make a lot of money if they offer a good service, lets look at the car repair guy that owns a garage, he’s had a good business he works hard he earns 270k a year and he has 4 employees… His tax goes up, so what happens to his prices? They go up…who pays? We do.

How about Plumbers, Carpenter’s, Independent Truckers, What happens to them? they have to cut back, or jack up prices or CLOSE shop. It Forces only the large corporations to be able to weather the storm of tax increases.
Large Corporations: CEO’s some higher management, I am all for them paying more taxes and me paying less… BUT what really happens? The truth is, they will cut cost to keep their bottom line. That means increasing co-pay’s for health care, decreasing staffing, increasing product pricing, so who pays for the increase in taxes? We do.

Basically: The tax proposals of Barack Hussein Obama are “GREAT” during lip service to the masses, but the truth of the matter is WE are going to experience a LARGE tax increase under Obama. We being the folks making LESS than 250k..

I really DON’T think the world will end if Barack Hussein Obama gets elected but what will happen is CHANGE, and the CHANGE we will get is not necessarily the CHANGE we will want. The CHANGE Obama is bringing has been tried before, it was Jimmy Carter and we got Reagan from that debacle. So there is a bright side.

IF Obama wins, ON Nov 5th. The drive to find a CONSERVATIVE President starts.
IF McCain wins, the drive to find a conservative president can wait a week.

I will still vote for John McCain, based on the alternative.
I know a few folks that I truly respect will be voting for someone else, or staying home or writing in, oh well your call, but I can’t do that in good conscience. I can’t think of a worse leadership crew than Barack Hussein Obama, Joe Biden and Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid in a term that 3 SCOTUS appointments will come up…

One bit of advice:
Do not tell me I am “Not a conservative” because I am voting for McCain… That dog don’t hunt here.

HERE are my votes for the Nov 4 2008 General California Election:
Mccain/Palin  (Obviously)
Anyone other than Ken Calvert for Rep.
NO on 1
No on 2
Yes on 3
Yes on 4
No on 5
YES on 6 (Police and L.E. funding)
NO on 7
YES ON 8 (a yes vote protects Marriage, a no vote supports same sex marriage)
YES on 9 (Victims rights)
Split on 10 but leaning YES
YES on 11
Yes on 12
Those of you in California please let me know if you agree with the propositions, and if not tell me why, I might be swayed (other than Prop 8, 6 and 9)