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Anti-Business Environment in USA Continues.

With the current POTUS blaming Karl Rove and the Chamber of Commerce for taking “Foreign Money” and using it towards campaign donations. I thought I’d chime in on the so-called controversy. First here’s the story: President Obama Says Chamber of … Continue reading

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Obamanomics and the road to ruin

So Mr Obama has decided to gamble with the lives of innocent people to please his far left base. I hope the recent release of Gitmo detainees to Bermuda makes Code Pink and the left side of the aisle happy. … Continue reading

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Happy DAYS!!!

Finally the California Court ruled like it should, with the PEOPLE! The ban on Gay marriage has been upheld. They did the usual libtard compromise and allowed those Married in the absence of common sense to remain married. All I … Continue reading

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Obama speak.

Yesterday we heard that the stimulus package saved 25 Police officers jobs. That’s great. BUT; The job losses since the stimulus package passed was about 600K. So in Obama speak we have saved/created jobs. Rush Limbaugh is the new GOP … Continue reading

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Obama’s promises. aka LIES From the TOP

Now that the election is over, lets take a look at some of the campaign promises made by Osama bin Obama, AKA Barack Hussein Obama: Taxes • Give a tax break to 95% of Americans. • Restore Clinton-era tax rates … Continue reading

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