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What would a real leader do?

What would a real leader do?

Some friends and I were discussing leadership today, we are all leaders in some form or another and it occurred to me that there are traits which leaders have, that others do not.

I think back to 9-11-2001; Islamic Terrorists hijacked planes and killed 3000 people in three different places. Everyone knows the story.

George W Bush showed true leadership during the first couple of years, and looking back that’s what the country needed. But I do have a bit of criticism for ALL of the “Leaders” of that time. WHY were the buildings not immediately rebuilt? I think a strong leader would have came out and said “We will rebuild these buildings one story higher and the top floors on each building will be memorials to those that died here”… And then DO IT! That shows the islamic world that we are strong, we are not deterred and we will not allow this to stand.

Right now there is a hole where the towers stood, and little more than a stick in the ground. Right now Islam is planning to poke the eyes of the victims with a bigger stick. HAD there been true strength, at that time this discussion we are having now would have been rendered moot.

I think back to Obama’s Speech the other night where Obama danced around responsibility for dividing the nation in war time. A real leader admits when a mistake was made by himself or his underlings. A real leader garners respect from those he leads by showing he’s human, a real leader has the courage and the mentality for humility that is higher than your average person. A real leader comes out and tells the truth.

We wonder why our country is divided, our country is divided because we no longer trust our leadership. We no longer believe they are working in our best interest. We are divided because after 8 years of media bias, liberal smears, lies and misrepresentation of facts, the politicians have decided to play that way. We do not trust ANYONE in Government anymore. It’s a shame but it is what it is…I think the only way out is simple:


A true leader that has earned respect and is willing to do what it takes to keep it. Our current POTUS has done nothing to earn respect from the American People, he has done a lot to earn respect from our nations enemies and he’s getting slapped for it. Our current leadership has been tarnished beyond repair. Corruption, lies, deceit, and bribes have all caused the population to lose respect for those in office. This is why we are divided. The only ones still believing these assclowns are party before country type people and they are worthless anyway. We need a leader, we have a pretender. We need leaders in Congress, we have career politicians that are more concerned with their jobs, than the country. They will do whatever it takes to stay in power and that’s a recipe for destruction.

We are currently on a ship headed out to sea without a captain. IF we don’t find one soon we will be finding the ice berg.