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Obamanomics and the road to ruin

Obamanomics and the road to ruin

So Mr Obama has decided to gamble with the lives of innocent people to please his far left base. I hope the recent release of Gitmo detainees to Bermuda makes Code Pink and the left side of the aisle happy. Personally, I suggest we charge Obama with murder for any death related to any GITMO detainee released. So far we can attribute at least 1 count of attempted murder to a few that have been released, if not actual murder of American Soldiers. I would bet that Obama couldn’t really care less about American soldiers, he’s showed his cards when his fellow Muslim shot two of them on American soil.

Our President is so out of touch with reality it’s scary.

This brings me to another fine example of Obamanomics.

We have been responsible people, we have credit cards, and used them wisely, we have paid our bills on time, and our credit is excellent. We get a notice the other day that our BofA card is raising the rate to 21% on our existing balance…Mmmm sounds like typical punish the good folks to pay for the worthless fucks that are not paying….SO my solution is simple. I’m paying off the card post haste, and I’m pulling all of my accounts from them, there will be no more dealings with Bank of Obama. We have been with them for over 20 years, we have many accounts with them and we will be transfering everything to a credit union or local bank

Eventually America will wake and see this nightmare of Obama and when that happens, it will make Iranian elections seem tame by comparison!

Speaking of world issues:
Obama said he’d open a dialog with our enemies… How’s that working out for you there chief?

Obama apologized to  the world for our actions, and it was accepted and now there is peace on earth… Well unless you live on earth. Obama evidently lives in a parallel universe somewhere.

Iran is cleared to have nukes, North Korea is launching missiles at will, China owns us. Terrorists that have tried to kill Americans are basking in the sun in tropical islands, unemployment rates are the highest since the 20’s, and we are in so much debt that my great grand children will be born with a bill for 30k in their ass. ..

Needless to say Obama is doing exactly what we thought he would. Take us to a form of Government that Chicago is famous for, Corrupt from the top down.

While I realize the tendency is to say “The Repubs weren’t any better” and it is a fact, the Repubs are not in charge. I say remove them all!

Wake the fuck up America you are being taken for a ride and it’s not going to end well.

I’m NOT Sorry..

I’m NOT Sorry..

A quick post regarding the Obama Apology tour.

I’d like to let any Islamic jihadist’s, and Extremist Muslims out there know, I am not sorry about shit.. Obama doesn’t speak for me. I’d rather you were DEAD, and buried in a vat of pig guts.

Obama is speaking on behalf of about 35% of Americans. The rest think think the followers of Islam showed their true colors on Sept 11th and we do not forget….

Proposition 8 LOSERS! and Obama’s Presser…What a JOKE!

Proposition 8 LOSERS! and Obama’s Presser…What a JOKE!

The Obama presser was a joke, and if that’s the type of “Transparency” in Government that Obama will bring WE ARE SCREWED!

Obama: ‘We have to act swiftly’ on economy

(CNN) — In his first public remarks since delivering his victory speech three days ago, President-elect Barack Obama vowed Friday that restoring the nation’s economic equilibrium will be a priority of his administration.

“I do not underestimate the enormity of the task that lies ahead,” Obama told reporters at the Hilton Hotel in Chicago, Illinois. “We have taken some major action to date, and we will take further action.”

Obama said that passing a stimulus package will be his first move if the lame-duck Congress fails to do so before he takes office January 20.

“It’s not going to be easy for us to dig ourselves out of the hole that we’re in,” he said, flanked by Vice President-elect Joe Biden and members of his transition economic advisory board.

Journalists on all networks got called on to ask questions of the “ONE”- well, EXCEPT Fox News journalists who were not fainting at the sight of “THE ONE”.

Nedra Pickler (AP), Lee Cowan (NBC), Jake Tapper (ABC), Chip Reid (CBS), Karen Bohan (Reuters), John McCormick (Chicago Tribune), Lynn Sweet (Chicago Sun-Times), Candy Crowley (CNN), Jeff Zeleny (New York Times).

Which network didn’t get a question? Fox News.

At the “Presser” Obama fielded such tough questions as “What kind of dog will you get” WTF?

Obama insults the wife of one of our nations BEST presidents, then talks about his dog pick? I hope you idiots that voted for him are ready for the wool to be pulled over your eyes.

Here’s a quote from the “Messiah” that you will just love:

Obama said he would be reviewing a letter from Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, congratulating him on his election, and would “respond appropriately.”

I am guessing the “Appropriate” response will include a wet kiss on the cheek and quite possibly a concession and an apology for bad America. “SORRY we dared stand up for ourselves against Muzzie fanatics abroad” Not to mention a promise that he will get oil and gas prices up again.

Oh yeah glad we got a real LEADER now… :rollingeyes:

And then there is the local post election issues. PROP 8 Passed in California, so even though they got Obama, they are still not happy….

Protests Over Gay-Marriage Ban Escalate in California

Angry gay rights activists in California continue to protest the Election Day passage of Proposition 8, which amended the state constitution to restrict marriage to between a man and a woman.

A diverse coalition of social and religious conservatives campaigned to overrule a state Supreme Court judgment six months ago that legalized same-sex marriage and saw 18,000 gay and lesbian couples marry in the Golden State.

Ballot initiatives to illegalize gay marriage also passed in Florida and Arizona on Tuesday.

Supporters of same-sex marriage are aiming their wrath at the Mormon church, which raised $20 million of the overall $75 million that was spent to promote the California initiative.

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints also encouraged its members to volunteer their time for the campaign.

“The vote’s been passed and we’re happy with that result, obviously,” said Kui Gomez, a member of the Mormon church. “And you gotta remember it wasn’t just the Mormon church that donated money. Evangelicals, the Jewish synagogues, Catholic churches” also contributed, Gomez said.

A group of protestors plans to rally Friday in front of the headquarters of the Mormon church in Salt Lake City. Protestors demonstrated Thursday outside a Mormon temple in Los Angeles. About 1,000 gay-marriage supporters waved signs and brought afternoon traffic to a halt.

I got a little tip for you idiots.. The people of California have spoke AGAIN!

We said “Marriage is between one man and one woman” PERIOD!-AGAIN!! Just like we did a couple of years ago, and then YOUR liberal judges overturned the will of the PEOPLE.
There were no “Fraud” allegations, NO CHEATING in the votes.. it is OVER! QUIT YOUR FUCKING WHINING!

As your favorite GAY mayor of San Francisco like to say “LIKE IT OR NOT!” IT’S OVER!
IF you keep protesting and taking to the streets, you just might make some lawyer think he has a case, let me tell ALL of you PRO-GAY agenda idiots something:
IF this gets over turned in the courts, after over 3 million MORE Californians voted FOR Prop 8 than voted against it, your piss ant protest are going to pail in comparison to the insurrection that will occur. Our nation is on sitting on a powder keg right now, and the WRONG folks are holding the fuse. You know the ones, the folks that spend time shooting things for food rather than sitting in Starbucks talking about their trip to the spa.

Take a step back you gay and lesbian fucknozzles…LOOK at what has happened in this election

You got OBAMA, WE got Prop 8.. I tell you what, Get Obama to resign, and We’ll give you Prop 8! You would never go for that, YOU faggots want it all, eventually you will push to far and there will be some serious push back… And if you are thinking that last line is of a sexual nature YOU need help! :sadblinkingeye:

The sad part is: Biden and Obama both said they believe marriage is between a man and a woman, yet they are all happy about Obama winning.. Next time faggots, get Mr/Mrs Newsome to run for POTUS!

This is a stand that the NATION is paying attention too. Now that Pelosi, Reid and Obama are running things WE NEEDED THIS VICTORY! We needed a line in the sand that we held…


Obama speaks or “Great Leader allows us to listen”

Obama speaks or “Great Leader allows us to listen”

Barack Hussein Obama took his message of Ebonomics and “CHANGE”to the major networks. He bought air-time for prime-time, at a cost of 4 million dollars. Obama is leading in most major polls, he is projected as the winner by at least 3 of the networks he bought time on.

Barack Hussein Obama’s (Dis)Infomercial was preaching to the choir on a grand scale. I didn’t watch it, I had very important things to do, my dogs needed de-worming… :rollingeyes:

I did check a few of his “Plans” to see if there was any new stuff: What caught my eye was this little diddy…

We cannot continue to rely only on our military in order to achieve the national security objectives that we’ve set,” he said Wednesday. “We’ve got to have a civilian national security force that’s just as powerful, just as strong, just as well funded.”

The Department of Defense’s current base budget is close to $500 billion. So if he meant that promise, he plans on a total defense budget of about a trillion dollars???

Now, I can just imagine what that “Security force” will look like, it has been seen before, it was all the rage in Kenya and it has been done for Louis Faranutbag and the nation of Islam.

Ok besides that little outright lie, the dis-infomercial was very short on substance from what I read, and it was a SMOKE ENEMA for the lemmings that will vote for him. People are voting for him based on his promises of FREE Health Care, and money from those that worked for it, given to those that don’t. WEALTH DISTRIBUTION IS THE CORNERSTONE OF HIS PLAN.

I am so pissed off at the possibility of Barack Hussein Obama being our president 8 years after 9-11-2001. Radical Islam attacked our country and killed 3000 AMERICANS, and we are about to send a RADICAL Element with a HUGE question mark about his religion, his associates and his Plans… BASED ON HIS LIES!


There is another couple of questions that I have to ask:

McCain did not have the cash to counter the LIES and false promises of the Obamamessiah, so in the interest of “FAIRNESS” that the Liberal’s like to cry, what about some wealth sharing? I mean considering that most of that money probably came from Palestine, Iran, Syria, and Saudi Arabia, why not share a little with your opponent? You LIED about your intentions, YOU CHEATED, and YOU have ACORN.. what’s the problem?

Why is there NO media attention being focused on the lack of debates.. Meaning why not have another debate rather than have a “SOLO” show that no questions can be asked or no challenges can be fielded? The reason IMO is “Great Leader” is getting ready to silence all critiques. Look at what happened to Joe the plumber… There will be no questions of Joe Biden, there is no one to bring up the facts about Obama’s past because if you do YOU ARE A RACIST! I am watching an election be stolen I am watching the end of our nation because of the color of a candidates skin and the lack of nuts to challenge him.

Why purchase time on the networks you are getting the best possible coverage on, I can see FOX News, but the rest are solidly in the Obama tank…WHY? It’s a dry run.

Gawfer brought up a valid point, CHANGE is what you do when something or someone is defective, worthless or ineffective TOTALLY! While the U.S.A. has it’s flaws it does have it’s GOOD PARTS, and Barack Hussein Obama fails to ever mention ANY of those things.
IMPROVEMENT is what you do when you want to make it better. OBAMA is running on CHANGE which seems to me means REMOVE Everything and start over.. That will require bloodshed.

Be scared be very scared of what can happen when a politician weilds that much power. Look to Kenya for the answer.

Obama’s Newest Currency?

Obama’s Newest Currency?

Obama Bucks

Once all you bleeding heart, liberals get over your “Rage against the Rightwing Racist” I’ll tell you a secret….









Ok here it is….


This picture was created by a DEMOCRAT from Minnesota…SURPRISE….

Obama Bucks’ creator shuts down Web site

he identity of the “Obama Bucks” creator has been revealed, and he’s quite unlike the California Republican woman who sparked a firestorm of controversy for including the portrayal of the candidate on a fake food stamp in her Inland group’s newsletter.

Tim Kastelein is a 31-year-old Minnesota Democrat with a penchant for sophomoric, often-grotesque humor and an acid tongue that derides everyone from overweight women to the local real estate agent who delivers advertising mailers.

Diane Fedele, the Upland woman who sent out his inflammatory creation, is a 66-year-old Republican who publishes a political newsletter for 200 people that includes solicitations for donations of children’s storybooks and dictionaries.

Kastelein created the phony food stamp featuring Barack Obama’s face on a donkey’s body surrounded by fried chicken, ribs, watermelon and Kool-Aid.

Kastelein, who received a low-level organizing position within the Democratic Party in Minnesota earlier this year, said he meant the cartoon as a satirical look at “right-wingers.”

He said he created the image to lampoon Republicans who are afraid of government welfare programs and fearful of a Democratic president. He said that “there’s some people that are never going to get it.”

Funny thing about satire…It cuts both ways.

IF you are going to laugh or get angry about it, you should be fair in your “RAGE” otherwise you are just a hypocrite and a pathetic one at that.

Barack HUSSEIN Obama TV, debut on Oct 29th

Barack HUSSEIN Obama TV, debut on Oct 29th

The Messiah, the chosen one, and our great leader will speak to us on October 29th in prime time. He will grace us with his all knowing, all seeing and all controlling wonderfulness in order to bring about our change, and allow us to worship him at the alter of the media’s stage.

I fully expect our great leader to float down from heaven on a cloud on this day and proclaim for all to hear that HE is the true master of the universe, and we who have been critical of him will be forgiven for our transgression if we repent… (/sarcasm)

Barack Hussein Obama, who has been running the most divisive election ever in the history of our nation, wishes to talk to us, Barack Hussein Obama has been a member and leader of the bash Bush crowd no matter WHO it hurts, including Military members on the ground in harms way. It is different when pundits, or bloggers voice their displeasure over the president, but leaders in elected office should refrain from the vocal tirades he and his cohorts have performed over the past eight years, especially in the company of our enemies.

I suggest ALL of the ‘Right-minded” individuals boycott all stations that will be showing great leader speak. We are not in China YET, but it will be soon….

I will be doing ANYTHING but watching “The one” on that day…How about you?