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Baby Steps of Gun Control…

Baby Steps of Gun Control…

California used to have the worst gun laws in the nation. New York has taken the top spot now. But it’s early.

In California, 30 round mags are illegal, so are certain firearms. These mags and firearms are readily available in neighboring Arizona. A piece of land in AZ is pretty cheap in the desert and having a piece of land in AZ means I can claim residence in AZ. This will allow me to do some very important things around state laws.

In New York, they are making 7 round magazines the max capacity. So we went from high cap to 10 rounds to 7 rounds. What will California do now since they have a democrat Super Majority? Let me guess:

They will go to 5 round mag capacity, they will also add another one or two “Assault weapon” indicators and ban the sale/manufacture/transportation of said firearms. Baby steps.

California will be the top anti-gun state in the nation. Now if you pay attention, you will also notice that the gang members and murderers as well as the criminals will not abide by those laws… I will not be abiding by ANY state or federal law that infringes on my right to bear arms. FACT.

Any LAW ENFORCEMENT OFFICER either federal or state who follows and abides by any law that infringes on the 2nd amendment rights is an enemy of the people. Any liberal gun grabber is an enemy of the American people. It’s very important that the line be clear. The 2nd amendment is NOT DEBATABLE. IF you are of the mind that “Some bans of firearms is okay” and you believe the current laws banning machine guns and several other arms is not enough. YOU ARE THE ENEMY. IF you are willing to vote for additional bans and you fill a seat in government, you are the enemy. IF you are a member of my family and believe we need more gun laws, you are the enemy.

If the shooting starts you need to know where you stand. I know where I stand.

I stand with this prayer:

Dear GOD, since we are too stupid to prevent the disaster that is coming, please allow the fight to come soon so that I am still young enough to fight. Let the disaster occur now while I can be effective in defense and offense rather than leaving it for my kids and grandkids. Amen.