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Schwarzenegger leaves Cali a mess…

Schwarzenegger leaves Cali a mess…

He was ushered in to the Governors chair as our savior, he took over for Gray Davis who was a miserable leader. Gray Davis was a tax and spend liberal with a fully liberal/Progressive controlled legislature. Californian’s thought Arnie would save us and rung their hands after the hand over of power.

Schwarzenegger leaves mixed legacy in California

SACRAMENTO, Calif. (AP) — Arnold Schwarzenegger
landed in the governor’s office after announcing his upstart bid on late night TV and railing against government spending during raucous campaign rallies — at one playing a spirited round of air guitar to the rock anthem “We’re Not Gonna Take It.”

Then the world’s best known action star, Schwarzenegger conveyed an image of invincibility, persuading Californians that anything was possible if only they had the right mindset.

“I know how to sell something,” he said then.

As he would come to learn, selling a political idea is one thing. Delivering on it is quite another.

In high Hollywood style, Schwarzenegger made bold commitments to cut through Sacramento’s dysfunctional political system and put the state on a path to prosperity. But his celebrity quickly ran aground on the shoals of bureaucracy, entrenched politics and something Schwarzenegger had never faced before — angry detractors who didn’t hesitate to attack him publicly.

After initially deriding nurses as “special interests” whose “butts” he was always kicking, he was brought down to earth by the nurses union, teachers and other public employee groups, which staged protests and helped derail his “year of reform” agenda during a special election in 2005.

His outsize personality wasn’t enough to see through many of his dreams and promises, especially once the recession hit in late 2007 and led to a steep decline in tax revenue.

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I was one of those that supported Arnie, he made great speeches, he spoke like a conservative and he had a plan. HOWEVER; We thought he could do this by himself evidently. He tried in vain to change things in this state, he fought for a lot of stuff early on that I agreed with, but he was roundly defeated in the legislature…. So Arnie tried to compromise, do you see where I’m going with this?

Arnold started the age old compromise tactics of give and take. He gave and gave and he got a few minor things that really didn’t help our states plight. But he did manage to COMPROMISE and make both sides of the aisle equally disappointed. And nothing got done to help the states issues.

So Arnie leaves the state at best No CHANGE, at worse- FAR WORSE than when he went in. His legacy is one of capitulation and inaction. He is not going to be known as the savior he will be the benchmark for Republican leadership in this state and it’s a very low bar. Arnie’s actions cost Meg Whitman her chance. The best political ad in the 2010 election here was one that showed all of Arnie’s speeches and Meg’s side by side, they were the same. Very powerful ad and it absolutely killed any chance of Meg being Governor.

As far as I’m concerned this state can fall off into the pacific or become part of Mexico, the state has been progressive to the point of abysmal failure already. In order to get this state to functioning democracy again, it will take a natural or man made disaster of galactic proportions.

Compromise is not good when you are dealing with the progressive mind.

So what has become of California under the leadership of Arnie and his COMPROMISING Demorats?…Let us look at the number one reason for California’s unemployment rate.

Everything revolves around unemployment. Jobs equal revenue, no jobs no revenue simple economics… Who will save this state? I’m not betting on Brown.

California under a “State of Emergency” due to Rain.

California under a “State of Emergency” due to Rain.

Something just strikes me as funny about this:

INLAND STORMS: Governor declares state of emergency, including Inland

Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger has declared a state of emergency because of the storms battering Southern California, his office announced this evening.

The governor proclaimed a state of emergency in Kern, Orange, Riverside, San Bernardino, San Luis Obispo and Tulare counties due to “extreme weather and storm conditions.”

The declaration speeds state emergency management resources to the area, and makes residents available for emergency programs.

Yep we are getting pounded by mother nature, it’s been raining since Friday and I’m not talking about drizzling rain, I’m talking about Forest Gump rain.

And yep, a lot of folks are flooded out (Including my yard, looks like a lake) but seriously, a state of emergency? CALIFORNIA has been in a state of emergency for years. It’s headed off a cliff because of liberal policies.

The real state of emergency is in Sacramento. The cap and trade, tax and spend, pay people not to work, allow illegal immigration to continue unfettered, give unions anything they want, pay state workers huge salaries and tax businesses to pay or it, happy meal banning, firearm stealing, liberpukes have destroyed what once was a promising state.

We are a disaster away from total collapse in this state. And it only gets worse as Jerry Brown takes over….This rain needs to continue for 40 days and 40 nights, California needs to be washed into the Pacific for the good of the nation.

To my friends on the titanic known as the State of California… Make your way east, take the high roads and feel free to use the idiots in the road as speed bumps!

Update on California’s special election

Update on California’s special election

It looks as if ALL the propositions are going to FAIL! (Except for 1f which says no raises unless the state is not running a deficit.)

Congratulations California, you just bitch slapped Arnie and his cronies for the years of over spending. Now perhaps they will take a hard look at the real reason California is broke!
Take a look at the illegal Immigration impact on the state, the over crowding of our schools and prisons, the added costs of doing business here because of the over regulation and enviroterrorists….Get serious about the real issues behind the demise of this state and we may pull out of this, if not say good bye to a once great state.

Arnie done it now!

Arnie done it now!

California Governor Slashes salaries to Minimum wage.

More than 10,000 part-time and seasonal workers lose their jobs and 200,000 could have their compensation slashed pending budget approval. Controller John Chiang vows not to implement the order.

SACRAMENTO — Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger, expressing frustration with lawmakers’ failure to approve a state budget, ordered his administration Thursday to lay off thousands of part-time employees and moved to temporarily slash the pay of most full-time staff.

The governor, a Republican, apologized to state employees, many of whom, he acknowledged, are already struggling in a difficult economy. But he said he had no choice in the absence of a budget one month into the fiscal year.

“Our state faces a looming cash crisis,” Schwarzenegger said.

Nearly 200,000 employees could have their pay cut to the federal minimum wage of $6.55 an hour, with full salary reimbursed once a budget is signed. More than 10,000 lost their jobs Thursday. Exceptions were made for those deemed too critical to let go for purposes of law enforcement, public health and safety or other crucial services

Schwarzenegger also limited overtime and imposed a hiring freeze.

Again there are a couple of different ways to look at this action by the GOVERNATOR!

1. He had to do something, the legislature is full of the most liberal of law makers, and getting them to come up with a budget agreement has not gone well. Arnie has basically said, “Look we need the money now, you guys have been blaming each other, finger pointing and passing bullshit bills so you can please your “lefty” backers, Time to pay the piper”.

This action by Arnie was a “Call your bluff” move and odds are no one will lose a dime over time, as soon as the legislature gets off their ass all money is retroactive and they all will get paid.

2. This is a typical “Republican” tactic, he is wielding a heavy hand and trying to scare folks.


I believe that Arnie has a real problem, and the problem is HIS fault. COMPROMISING with the most liberal idiots in state government has got us into this position. The law makers of California are a raise taxes crew, they are a “Tax” business, tax employees, tax goods group of douchebags. THERE Is the real problem, the TAX money is drying up with 5.00 gas. The GOOD jobs are leaving the state at a record pace and they take TAX MONEY with them. Those folks bought houses, Cars, Big TV’s and they carried huge tax bills that went right into the nanny state’s coffers.

The real problem is Arnold, the Arnold that is more left than right and he has got caught up in the liberal thinking of tax first and worry later… It’s LATER and guess who pays? Yep the little guy at the DMV, or City Employees the same folks the “Demorat’s” say they are speaking up for.


Does any one else see the Bullshit dripping out of Sacramento?

The Peoples Republic Of Kalifornia

The Peoples Republic Of Kalifornia

Schwarzenegger Terminates Trans Fat in Calif.


July 25, 2008 —

Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger has made it official: California will be the first trans-fat free state in the nation.

All-natural palm, rice and soybean oils will soon be king, and life in the Golden State will be forever altered.

The California legislature pushed the bill through last week, and Schwarzenegger signed it into law Friday, July 25.

The ban will require food providers to begin phasing out trans fat oils by July 1, 2009. Thereafter, noncompliance with the ban will result in fines of up to $1,000.

Trans unsaturated fatty acids are the partially hydrogenated oils that result from a chemical process producing solid fats with a longer shelf life.

These so-called “trans fats” were once thought to be healthier than butter, but research in the last decade has shown that they are much more harmful to health than had been believed. According to the American Heart Association, trans unsaturated fatty acids are medically proven to increase the risk of coronary heart disease by raising bad cholesterol (LDL) levels and reducing good cholesterol levels (HDL).

With more than half a million Americans dying each year from heart disease, the switch may be coming not a moment too soon.

This ban comes on the heels of the New York City’s prohibition on trans fats in restaurants, which took full effect on July 1. But the wheels began turning in California before the Big Apple’s eateries sought substitutes for their deep fryers.

Tiburon, a northern California town of about 8,700 people, has boasted trans fat-free restaurants since 2004. All 18 restaurants turned away, rather effortlessly and voluntarily, from partially hydrogenated oils at the urging of a lawyer, Steven Joseph, and his task force at bantransfats.com.

“The change has been very well received by our customers,” said Carl Peschlow, owner of Sweden House Bakery in Tiburon. “Those so-called bad fats do, however, give our croissants a little oomph.”

Peschlow said that while his bakery made the change relatively early, they still use a “tiny bit” of trans fat in their croissant recipe. Otherwise, Peschlow said, “the croissants just look like fat pancakes.”

When New York City turned its attention to trans fats, they looked to Joseph’s Project Tiburon for guidance. Joseph, a California transplant from Washington D.C., also led the fight against Kraft in 2003, asking the food giant to “cease and desist marketing and selling Oreo cookies to children in the State of California” until the popular chocolate sandwich cookie contained zero trans fats.

Kraft caved and has since become a leader in the industry, reducing or eliminating trans fats in 650 of its products. “Clearly that’s what people wanted and that’s what they care about,” said Susan Davison, Kraft’s director of corporate affairs.

Joseph and his team also prompted McDonalds to re-think its use of trans fats, and today Wendy’s has gone completely trans fat-free. (California staple In-N-Out Burger has never used trans fats since opening in 1948.)

The California Restaurant Association along with other organizations has led the charge against the ban, claiming that many restaurants are making the shift without the government’s help.

Chains including Taco Bell, Denny’s, Burger King, Olive Garden, El Pollo Loco and Red Lobster have voluntarily pledged to fully or partially eliminate trans fats in their kitchens.

Here we go again, cell phones, cigarettes, trans-fats what’s next? Might be Guns? hell they are already harder to get here for the “LAW Abiding citizens” than anywhere else in the country. BUT, to get one off the street is fairly simple, I could load my house with a variety of firearms in a matter of days because of the folks I know, NOT LEGALLY, but I could.

When we allow this intrusion, this type of nanny state politics we can’t take it back, there will not be a “Trans-fat” overturn or a cell phone overturn, and when they add stronger gun laws that have proven NOT to have decreased gun crimes, they have not overturned or decreased those laws in any way.

This is typical liberal idiocy IMO, we make the manufacturers or food chains put the information out there about their product, either on wrappers or menu’s the information about trans-fats is all over the place but in moderation like anything else it is acceptable and will not kill you, the key is “Moderation” and liberals seem to think they need to make that decision for you.

Funny liberals are the ones crying the loudest about lost liberties.

Mark my words folks, this is just the start of more laws, federal and state. YOU all will be dealing with the Nanny state mentality.

Arm and Ammo up.