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Schwarzenegger leaves Cali a mess…

He was ushered in to the Governors chair as our savior, he took over for Gray Davis who was a miserable leader. Gray Davis was a tax and spend liberal with a fully liberal/Progressive controlled legislature. Californian’s thought Arnie would … Continue reading

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California under a “State of Emergency” due to Rain.

Something just strikes me as funny about this: INLAND STORMS: Governor declares state of emergency, including Inland Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger has declared a state of emergency because of the storms battering Southern California, his office announced this evening. The governor … Continue reading

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Update on California’s special election

It looks as if ALL the propositions are going to FAIL! (Except for 1f which says no raises unless the state is not running a deficit.) Congratulations California, you just bitch slapped Arnie and his cronies for the years of … Continue reading

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Arnie done it now!

California Governor Slashes salaries to Minimum wage. More than 10,000 part-time and seasonal workers lose their jobs and 200,000 could have their compensation slashed pending budget approval. Controller John Chiang vows not to implement the order. SACRAMENTO — Gov. Arnold … Continue reading

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The Peoples Republic Of Kalifornia

Schwarzenegger Terminates Trans Fat in Calif. By MOLLY HUNTER July 25, 2008 — Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger has made it official: California will be the first trans-fat free state in the nation. All-natural palm, rice and soybean oils will soon be … Continue reading

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