Tag: Are Americans hoarding guns?

Question: What are American’s Doing?

Question: What are American’s Doing?

In 2008 thru 2010 gun and ammo sales went through the roof. American’s have always been fond of their firearms. But the election of a full majority Democrat ruling party in DC tweaked half of America. We were concerned that the elite Democrat view of America would include bans on our freedoms to bear arms.

Then in 2010, some form of sanity regained a foothold in America and the House turned from Democrat to Republican and that kind of put the fear on hold for the next couple years. But gun sales were still very strong for the next two years.

In 2012, with the re-election of Barack Obama gun sales picked up again from high to higher. Then after the Newtown tragedy and the typical kneejerk reaction by our child leader, Gun/ammo sales went from higher to through the roof… And as of right now, guns/ammo prices have skyrocketed, the availability of popular brands is way down.

America went from hoarding because the democrats might ban our firearms to preparing for war.

That’s the question I posed yesterday on several social media outlets.

Is America hoarding ammo and firepower to beat the ban or are we preparing for all out civil war?  

Personally, I’m preparing for war. That pretty much covers both of them. If its war then I’ll be as prepared as possible. If it’s to beat the ban, then I’ll do that at the same time.