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Evil Which We Cannot Name

Evil Which We Cannot Name

I’ve been thinking about this “Thing called Benghazi” as Chris Mathews put it. And I’ve come to a revelation. The cover up is the biggest part of the story. But the reason for the cover up should shake every American to their core.


The facts of Benghazi are pretty clear. There was a cover up from top to bottom. But the reason they covered it up was two or three fold.


Fold #1: Obama’s base is far left, anti-Israel pro-Palestinian zealots. FACT. From Reverend Wright, to Farakan to Bill Ayers, to Code Pink and every major university from coast to coast fits that bill.

Now look at this:


These are the MUSLIM MURDERS committed on United States Soil since Obama took office. Now how many of these have you heard about nationally? I’ll tell you. TWO. And ONE was classified as a “Workplace violence Incident” 13 dead over 30 wounded in Ft Hood. The other was Boston. The rest? Yeah news huh?

Muslims can’t be accused of being still at war with America after Obama has apologized and all.

Benghazi screwed up the narrative that AQ was on the run. In order for Barack Obama to claim Muslims are peacefully trying to coexist and it was George Bush who provoked them. He was going to be different. Problem was Islam didn’t act different. IF that was the case then Obama had to show strength before the election. So he increased drone strikes on far away lands and announced them often. No verification other than the administrations statements about the target killed.


Fold #2: In order to cover something up this massive one entity or statement wouldn’t do it. It needed to be co-ordinated with media, interagency and congress lapdogs. It didn’t need to be a permanent cover up it just needed to be covered long enough to get Obama to a 2nd term. Hillary said she wasn’t going to run for POTUS remember? So Obama asking Hillary to follow the talking points wasn’t going to hurt her career if she’s retiring now.

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Egypt sends Rocket to Israel.

Egypt sends Rocket to Israel.

Is it a warning or a friendly reminder?

Rocket fired from Egypt hits Israeli city of Eilat

A Grad rocket has landed in the southern Israeli city of Eilat, but has caused no damage or injuries, Israeli security officials said.

District police chief Ron Gertner told Israeli radio the rocket had been fired from Egypt’s Sinai peninsula.

He said it struck a construction site close to a residential area shortly after midnight (21:00 GMT).

The blast took place as thousands congregated in the resort town for the Jewish holiday of Passover.

Rocket attacks from Egyptian soil are uncommon. Attacks on Eilat and the nearby Jordanian town of Aqaba in 2010 killed one person and injured another four.

Well, lets just for a minute take a look at the arab spring who was supported by our dear leader.. The Arab Spring was an uprising against a tyrant right? A tyrant who did support Israel’s right to exist. Many of us, including people like John Bolton and Allen West sent many warnings about what the potential was in Egypt.

This was only one rocket so far. But what if? What if MORE start coming in? Will Egypt be the catalyst for the great war to come? And what about our strong leadership who supports Israel right? Election year issue? How about this, the Islamists in the Middle east see Obama as POSSIBLY losing in 2012. They know they will have to deal with someone who WILL support Israel with deeds and words. They will lose an ALLY in the White House and they see that timeline shrinking.

This could be testing the waters, it could be a trial run and give them time to adjust the trajectory of their launchers. Heads up folks.

Another Tyrant DEAD! Libya Celebrates.

Another Tyrant DEAD! Libya Celebrates.

Well I’m not real sad that Kadaffy is dead. I couldn’t really care less. But (You know there would be a BUT didn’t you?)

Libya is a lot like Egypt and Tunisia. The “Arab Spring” is all good now right? Lets do something that leftists have a hard time doing, look forward a bit.

Libya, Egypt and Tunisia were all ruled by dictators and were deemed “Tyrants” by their populace. However; The very same “rulers” kept their dangerous elements within their borders at bay. So now what?

Egypt is already falling into the same “Radical Islamification” as Iran, Syria, Somalia and the like. in 5 years (if we’re lucky it will take that long) we are going to see a lot of chaos over in that part of the world. More than normal and there’s a better than 60% chance that it will be a major war involving Israel.

Syria is a HUGE gain for the Muslim Brotherhood. And now that Kadaffy is gone, the new enemy is going to be… You got it, Israel.

Islamic radicals and our own LEFTISTS need an enemy at all time. Now that the revolution is over and governing must ensue, how do you keep the population happy when you have no structure to rule from? Well, they will take a page from Obama’s book.. BLAME SOMEONE! Israel is always the fall back…

Just wait. 5 years tops. Israel will be in a fight for her very existence. IF we don’t remove Obama from office, Israel stands alone and will be tested like never before.