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This seems to be making the rounds, so I’ll help! I plan on doing just this:

I’m An AMERICAN! – Pass It On!

From Mark Krikorian at NRO’s “The Corner!”

Sending a Message with the Census   [Mark Krikorian]

John: I haven’t gotten my letter from the Census Bureau yet asking me to make sure I fill out the questionnaire. But when I do fill it out, I’ll use it to send a message.

Fully one-quarter of the space on this year’s form is taken up with questions of race and ethnicity, which are clearly illegitimate and none of the government’s business (despite the New York Times‘ assurances to the contrary on today’s editorial page). So until we succeed in building the needed wall of separation between race and state, I have a proposal. Question 9 on the census form asks “What is Person 1’s race?” (and so on, for other members of the household). My initial impulse was simply to misidentify my race so as to throw a monkey wrench into the statistics; I had fun doing this on the personal-information form my college required every semester, where I was a Puerto Rican Muslim one semester, and a Samoan Buddhist the next. But lying in this constitutionally mandated process is wrong. Really — don’t do it.

Instead, we should answer Question 9 by checking the last option — “Some other race” — and writing in “American.” It’s a truthful answer but at the same time is a way for ordinary citizens to express their rejection of unconstitutional racial classification schemes. In fact, “American” was the plurality ancestry selection for respondents to the 2000 census in four states and several hundred counties.

So remember: Question 9 — “Some other race” — “American”. Pass it on.

I don’t know about you, but I’m listing my race as “American” and to hell with anyone if they don’t like it.  As Krikorian said, “Pass it on.”

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Yep sounds good to me…

Post Debate post, prior to the Debate.

Post Debate post, prior to the Debate.

Ok, I predict B. Hussein Obama said “Bush’s failed policies” 20 times, McCain said “My friends” at least as many times, and I don’t trust neither of them to cut my grass.

HOWEVER; One candidate did do something I admire, HE has done somethings that takes GUTS and Character, he has actually put his country and brothers in arms FIRST. IF someone can point me to a time which B. Hussein Obama has put his Country first, has put his fellow AMERICANS first, and HAS actually stood his ground against the flow in an unpopular CAREER limiting move, as in going against the grain of his political party… Anyone???? Didn’t think so.

Obama's Friend

I posted about a month ago that the economy would become the hot button issue, the sky is falling and only Obama can save it according to the Obamatrons. BUT I think this is a cycle and the economy will return after Nov 4th, you will be amazed at the quick turn if Obama wins, almost like a light switch, things will be better, the butterflies will fly and flowers will bloom… BULLSHIT!

if you can’t vote for McCain based on one issue, YOU can’t vote for Obama based on one issue. Walking away and not voting is NOT an option. IMO.

Who is better for the country? McCain by a landslide, and if folks are too damn stupid to see it then they deserve what they get. I have placed McCain/Palin signs everywhere, I am doing everything within my power to bring the media brainwashed crowd to see the truth. There are NO Obama lemmings here that can handle the truth, all they know is the mantra of “CHANGE”. They have not read the Obama plan, they do not know about his past relationships, and once those things come to light, and coupled with the knowledge of McCain’s character they are moving their votes toward McCain/Palin.

Lies of Obama

Especially the Hispanics;The very folks Obama is counting on in this state are flocking off the Obama wagon, the reason is ECONOMICS, when informed of Obama’s tax and spend plans, his liberal leanings on abotion and his lack of experience, Hispanics here say “No Mas Obama”. Moct Hispanics are Catholic and Abortion is a NO-NO… So I think this election is going to be interesting but McCain still has a chance as long as the medias love for Obama is countered with truth.

The economy is tied to the Republicans because the MEDIA refuses to shine the light on the DEMOCRAT controlled congress. IF there were a DEMOCRAT in the Whitehouse and a REPUBLICAN controlled congress, the light would be on Congress….Media bias is so rampant that even they can’t deny it anymore.

The economy tanked because a robust economy HELPS the Democrats PERIOD, and the Media helps fuel the “Despair” that Democrats live in.

The Sky is falling the Sky is falling, we are doomed, surrender now, run away, hide…Those are all DEMORAT opinions, and I for one am damn sick of the whining bastards.

You are going to love this :rotflmao:

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