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Lt Col. Allen West lays it out there!

Lt Col. Allen West lays it out there!

Finally. Someone stands up and tells the truth. How the Republicans can lose the message war over racism is beyond me. You know what they say: Teach a man to fish, he’ll feed himself and his family, give a man a fish and you’ve gained a democrat voter…

Please listen to Allen West speech.

Part 2

We’ve got a lot of talent in our midst. Rubio, West, Nome to name a few. But we need them at the top. We need these guys to be on the front lines this year. We’ll be swamped with racism charges from here till Nov 2nd. No matter what the facts are, the Obama Media is going to charge ANYONE who may not vote for Obama/Biden as racists, women hating, rednecks.. whatever. We know the truth and it shall set us free!


Allen West: “Get the hell out of America”

Allen West: “Get the hell out of America”

Allen West is one of my favorite political action figures. He’s done some good things since he’s been in office. He’s been good for his constituents and he’s stood up for what is right. He’s also made some errors in judgement. I’ll take his “Errors” in my view with a grain of salt and trust this man to put the country on his back and move it in the right direction.

It’s funny to me. We the “Right” seem to want every politician to be perfect and do what we think is right all the time. We expect them to be perfectly aligned with our views, however; WE can’t even agree on what our view is. Some of us are very hardcore. I fall into that category more often than not. Some are a little more “Soft” on some issues. How does anyone in office please us all? We expect our elected officials to be perfect even though we are supposed to be the party of GOD and KNOW PERFECTION IS NOT POSSIBLE.

Allen West in my view is as close as anyone to perfection in our party. I place Rubio, McClintock and West as well as a few others in that short list. We need MORE like them to represent us. And we need them not only in the house, but the senate as well.

We will  not be 100% behind any candidate for POTUS, and since the GOP seems to be shooting themselves in the foot. We better start looking for people who will stand up to Obama in congress. IF Allen West is chosen as VP for ANY candidate, he will propel the R to the WH in 2012. Unlike Sarah Palin who was chosen to shore up the republican base in 08. West is an eloquent speaker, a veteran, and a SOLID conservative with very little baggage to harp on. A Newt/West or a Santorum/West ticket would beat Obama hands down. A Romney/West ticket? Well, I think it is still a winner but the numbers would be a lot closer.

Allen West or Marco Rubio as a VP candidate can give us hope. Until then I’m just preparing for Obama’s second term. I don’t need to do much though, I live in CA which is pretty much a future view of the nation under Obama’s leadership (Or lack of).


Allen West vs Skank

Allen West vs Skank

Debbie Wazernameshmuck has responded to Allen West’s letter. She’s got her feathers ruffled and got a bunch of hens all riled up. Oh well, truth hurts bitch. IF Allen West apologizes he will lose all respect I have for him at this point. Allen West has consistently been DEAD NUTS on almost every issue. On this issue he nailed it.

Did you notice Wuzhernameshmuck played the sexist card? WOW, I think the DNC chair is a racist. She’s going after Allen West because he’s black. That’s the only reason for the issue. IF a white man had said what Allen West said it would have been overlooked. I’m sure of it.. Debbie Wuzhernamesmuck is a RACIST!

Allen West TownHall on Facebook-Twitter

Allen West TownHall on Facebook-Twitter

For all of you true Patriots out there. Lt Col. Allen West (R-Fla-22) Will be answering question at the Tea Party Cyber Tour. You can ask questions using Twitter (Hashtag #teacyber) or Facebook

Don’t miss the opportunity to ask questions of one of the BEST HOPES for our nations survival. Allen West needs to run for POTUS in 2012. IF he decides not to, then we will continue the slide downward into the abyss.

Allen West could unite the nation. He could at least pull a majority into the RIGHT MINDSET. We must continue the fight.


Lets build the perfect GOP 2012 Candidate.

Lets build the perfect GOP 2012 Candidate.

Since I’m seriously unhappy about the current field of the GOP Presidential race. I thought I’d take a shot and finding GOOD things about them and trying to mold a perfect candidate.

Let’s start with Mitt Romney: His best assets are he’s well known, his experience and his appearance.

Newt Gingrich: Um, well he’s very well known. He’s also got a lot of connections in the beltway.

Ron Paul: His fiscal discipline is pretty much unrivaled in his votes, his disgust for the fed.

Herman Cain: His business sense, his stance on Israel, his newness.

Tim Pawlenty: His experience, his record, his stance on Abortion.

Gary Johnson: Um… Well.. There’s….Um… Whew. Can’t find much positive there.

Tom Miller: Well he’s a career flight attendant, and he wants small government.

Rick Santorum: He’s a good speaker, seems to be pretty articulate and knows the issues.

For shits and giggles lets throw in some “Potential” candidates:

Michelle Bachman: A woman, a staunch conservative, fiscal hawk and pro Israel.

John Bolton: Experienced in REAL WORLD affairs, tough on anti-Israel opponents

Paul Ryan: Fiscally superior to ALL in the running right now. Smart and articulate.

Sarah Palin: Female, HOT, Very pro-military, very pro-Israel, pro-second Amendment, Pro Hunting.

Rick Perry: Pro 2nd Amendment, Good record running Texas, is a Texan.

Now lets build the perfect candidate:

The perfect candidate would have ALL the best parts of the above with NONE of the baggage or record of idiocy that some of these have.

The perfect candidate would be:

A very hot, well known, Jewish black woman gynecologist who ran her own business, sports  a gray mustache and perfect black hair, was a very articulate speaker, against abortion, was pro-second Amendment, was born in Texas, hunted big game, traveled the world,  and had several connections in DC…

Needless to say that is not going to happen so the best we can hope for is the one person I left off the list. Allen West.

One things for sure, if we wait for the perfect conservative candidate we’ll be always waiting. IF we don’t pick a decent one Obama will get 4 more years to destroy 200 years worth of progress…. 3rd world nation status is assured if Obama gets another term.



Allen West, Japan, Wisconsin and Moore….

Allen West, Japan, Wisconsin and Moore….

I figured since there was so much going on today I’d grace the net with my wisdom on a few items all at once. Lets get started.

Allen West is IMO the second coming of Reagan. He has his bearings right, he’s extremely bright and he is UNAFRAID to go head to head with the opposition while remaining civil unless called to be otherwise. I would support this man for any position of leadership that he so chooses.

Rep. Allen West slams military diversity report

The Military Leadership Diversity Commission’s (MLDC) conclusion this week that there are too many white men in senior positions in the military “is a slap in the face” to those minorities who have achieved seniority, according to retired Lt. Colonel and Florida Republican Rep. Allen West.


Find more photos like this on Lt. Col. Allen West for President 2012

Read that article if you don’t believe the man has integrity, honor and a sense of self that is unrivaled in today’s politicians. The only people that see color anymore are LEFTISTS/SOCIALISTS/COMMUNISTS and Progressives. All of which are ANTI-AMERICAN.

Japan Rocked by Quake and Tsunami:

This is a very bad situation for Japan, and it’s a very good learning possibility for those of us in the danger zone. Japan has been waiting for the “Big One” to hit and they have done about all they could to shore up their nation because of it. They have very strict building codes, and they have some of the worlds best architecture relating to earthquakes. This fact saved a lot of lives I’m sure.

Tsunami hits Japan after massive quake

A powerful tsunami has swept across a large area of northern Japan causing major damage, flooding towns and sweeping away buildings.

It was triggered by a 8.9-magnitude earthquakePolice say up to 300 bodies have been found in Sendai, the city that was worst-hit. Many more people are missingTsunami warnings were issued for virtually the entire Pacific region. The first waves have now reached the mainland of the United States along the Oregon coast. Earlier, tsunami waves about 1m high flooded several beaches on HawaiiRelatively minor waves also reached the Philippines, the Kuril Islands and Taiwan.

We have around 100k American Service men and women and their families. These folks need our prayers and support. They will be on the front lines of any recovery because that’s what GOOD FOLKS DO, and they are our best.

Wisconsin Governor KICKS BUTT!

Wis. governor officially cuts collective bargaining

MADISON, Wis. — Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker has officially taken away nearly all collective bargaining rights from the vast majority of the state’s public employees.Walker signed the bill to do so privately Friday morning. He planned an afternoon news conference in the Capitol.The Wisconsin law will take effect the day after it is published by the Secretary of State. The Secretary of State has 10 days from the signing, excluding signings, to publish it.

I linked to MSNBC because I want the ENEMY to see this. Scott Walker is the MAN! The progressive agenda took a smack in the mouth today and it was delivered by men in their own house. The UNION GOONS showed their true colors over the last week or two. The American people saw their actions, their tantrums and they saw WHO stood with the Unions in protest. Michael Moore, Je$$e Jackson and the SOCIALISTS/COMMUNIST movement all showed up in support of the UNIONS. I gotta ask WHAT WERE YOU THINKING?

HT to the creator of the above photoshop Serr Serr8d


The Tea Party was accused of being racist because there were more white than black (Actually it was pretty evident that most of the engaged people at tea party events were white) But there were very few black folks in the union protests too… SO are they racist? Must be using the same standard, but I guess it’s typical liberal speak. “Do as I say not as I do”

Note to Wisconsin Unions: good job guys, thanks. You did more damage to your cause in 2 weeks than Obama has done in 2 years. He tried hard but it’s real hard to compete with what you guys did. You guys were so stupid even the MSM couldn’t bury your actions, they tried, they gave it their all but even they realized you were acting stupidly.

I can’t wait for your next stunt. Popcorn is always ready.


Lt Col. Allen West (R-Ready to be POTUS)

Lt Col. Allen West (R-Ready to be POTUS)

If you haven’t seen his keynote speech it’s well worth a listen. Here’s the youtube links:
Allen West Keynote Speech at CPAC 2011 Part 1
Allen West Keynote Speech at CPAC 2011 Part 2
Allen West Keynote Speech at CPAC 2011 Part 3

This particular ten minutes tells you a lot more about the man than the speech did.

HT to “Be sure You’re Right Then Go Ahead

The only problem I had with those ten minutes is “HE RIDES A HONDA? WTF? Well, I can overlook that I guess… 🙄

You tell me, what freshman congressman has such a grasp on the issues? Just name one that can speak that well to the facts, no stuttering, no teleprompter and fielding questions that were NOT Staged?…. Yeah I’d follow that man through hell carrying a gas can and lay waste to any SOB that tried to silence him. Allen West for POTUS 2012.

HOPE is not lost. Allen West wins Primary.

HOPE is not lost. Allen West wins Primary.

Hope, the word has been tarnished by the actions of the few. Hope, the chant of the messiah Obama followers has become a “Four letter word.” HOPE has faded in our nation because after all of the wonderful speeches given with aid of teleprompters, ACTIONS have been disastrous. Obama’s actions, the actions of the most corrupt congress in recent memory, the actions of Obama’s cabinet members and the policies they have crafted have been less inspiring, and more troubling.

HOPE was restored in Florida’s district 22 last night.

Ron Klein and Allen West set for contentious general election battle

Voters in Broward and Palm Beach counties set the table for a vicious political food fight in November – the race between U.S. Rep. Ron Klein, D-Boca Raton, and challenger Allen West, R-Plantation.

Each candidate easily won his party’s nomination. Klein crushed Paul Francis Renneisen and West easily bested David Brady.

With half the precincts counted shortly before 10 p.m., Klein had 84 percent of the Democratic primary vote.

With half the precincts counted shortly befoare 10 p.m., West had 76 percent of the Republican primary vote.

The Democrat victor made this statement:

“I am very grateful for the tremendous support from the people across the congressional district,” Klein said in a victory statement. “This November voters have a clear choice. On one hand, my opponent is pushing an extreme agenda and follows the Sarah Palin model of divisive politics. On the other hand, I believe in bringing people together and turning their ideas into action.”

Sarah Palin’s model of divisive politics? So that will be the talking point? WOW. Divisive? I guess when something like Obamacare had more bipartisan OPPOSITION than it did PARTISAN, wouldn’t you say that was a divisive issue? The only true bipartisanship in that was in opposition….Think about it.

And I also think any democrat using that “Divisive” line should be drug tested. The Democrats were against EVERYTHING the republicans did in the first 4 years of GWB. Well except for Iraq, at which point they were for it before they were against it.

West’s statement: “This evening, after nearly 2 years of hard work, our campaign to restore honor, integrity and character to Washington reached an important milestone. With a vast majority of the precincts having reported their results, we will have defeated David Brady by a margin of nearly 4 to 1. With GOP turnout significantly higher than democratic turnout throughout District 22, our victory tonight is proof that South Floridians are sick and tired of the status-quo in Washington, and are looking for leaders instead of politicians.”

HONOR That is the key to victory for any candidate in any race from here until Americans forget what DISHONORABLE people have done to the nation over the last 20+ years.

This my friends is what’s known as a CONSERVATIVE. A man of honor right at this minute. I hope for all of our sakes he is propelled into leadership of this nation BEFORE DC has a chance to corrupt him. I HOPE for all of our sakes that Allen West, and those like him become the NORM in DC rather than viewed as extremists.

This man could be President one day, then America would have an AMERICAN for President….