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Lt Col. Allen West lays it out there!

Finally. Someone stands up and tells the truth. How the Republicans can lose the message war over racism is beyond me. You know what they say: Teach a man to fish, he’ll feed himself and his family, give a man … Continue reading

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Allen West: “Get the hell out of America”

Allen West is one of my favorite political action figures. He’s done some good things since he’s been in office. He’s been good for his constituents and he’s stood up for what is right. He’s also made some errors in … Continue reading

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Allen West vs Skank

Debbie Wazernameshmuck has responded to Allen West’s letter. She’s got her feathers ruffled and got a bunch of hens all riled up. Oh well, truth hurts bitch. IF Allen West apologizes he will lose all respect I have for him … Continue reading

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Allen West TownHall on Facebook-Twitter

For all of you true Patriots out there. Lt Col. Allen West (R-Fla-22) Will be answering question at the Tea Party Cyber Tour. You can ask questions using Twitter (Hashtag #teacyber) or Facebook Don’t miss the opportunity to ask questions … Continue reading

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Lets build the perfect GOP 2012 Candidate.

Since I’m seriously unhappy about the current field of the GOP Presidential race. I thought I’d take a shot and finding GOOD things about them and trying to mold a perfect candidate. Let’s start with Mitt Romney: His best assets … Continue reading

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