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Allen West Tells the Story!

Allen West Tells the Story!

Seems liberals and progressives alike are jumping on Lt Col. Allen West for his conduct during operations in Iraq. Talking about the “Abusive” way he conducted his leadership duties.

 Tell me something. IF you were in combat, or had family members in combat who would you want to lead them? Would you want someone like this guy:


OR would you want someone like Eric Holder, or for that matter Wesley Clark. Anyone who is not willing to do all they can to save the lives of their soldiers is not worth the air they breath. This includes our current POTUS and his advisors, that have laid out piss poor ROE’s that do nothing but endanger the lives our best and brightest.

I for one would Put Lt Col Allen West on the fast track to the WH. No one else in the running has shown this much care and concern about our nation and our citizens…