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Democrats throwing Tantrums…

Democrats throwing Tantrums…

I hope you folks are understanding what is going on in America today. I see the current events in a different light than most I guess…

Ferguson, New York, Eric Garner, Mike Brown, Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, Torture report, Amnesty, Funding bills… etc.. All these issues AFTER November 4th election… Sound odd?


Not if you understand today’s democrats and their vindictive nature. If you have been paying attention to time lines and understand the hatred Democrats have for American values.

Ferguson, could have been handled well before Nov 4th. It wasn’t because Democrats knew that the outrage wouldn’t turn into votes for them, it would turn into HUGE numbers against them. Amnesty, same thing.

Ferguson is the temper tantrum for losses in Nov. Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson along with Obama and Holder pushed the reaction. The facts however have given America a winning hand agains the agitators. This has provided America with more ammunition in 2016 than we ever had before.

Move on to Amnesty, that is another one that will make a democrat POTUS in 2016 a severe long shot. (But if the GOP puts another RINO up the odds even up)

The latest in the temper tantrum is the Torture Report, Gun Grabber Extreme, Diane Feinstein, who by the way was INVESTIGATED/SNOOPED on by the CIA releases a report on enhanced interrogation. Why would democrats do it? Because they can’t be tied to it in any way.. Well, they are tied to it, but they’re denying it. (If you have read my blog for any time, you know I’m good with any torture performed on any islamic prick at any time)


But here’s the kicker on this torture report temper tantrum: Obama says “We need to be open and honest and apologize when we do bad things” Anyone notice that? So, if its not him involved, he’s quick to apologize. He’s been real quiet about Benghazi, Fast and Furious which involved DEAD AMERICANS, he’s silent about IRS abuse, he’s silent about breaking the laws he swore to uphold. But he’s okay apologizing for what another POTUS did after Americans were killed.


Basically what we have is a democrat temper tantrum, stompyfooters running around upset because they see their Obama led utopia collapsing because the results don’t match the rhetoric.

Its going to get real interesting the next 2 yrs. Arm up, prep up and be ready for anything. Nothing is out of bounds for these democrats.

Trayvon Martin’s family gets Paid

Trayvon Martin’s family gets Paid

Nothing like settling under threat of riot…

Travyon Martin’s parents settle wrongful death claim

Tracy Martin, Jahvaris Futlton, Sybrina Fulton, Benjamin Crump

Trayvon Martin’s parents have settled a wrongful death claim for an amount believed to be more than $1 million against a Florida homeowners association where their teen son was killed, Fox News confirms.
Trayvon was shot and killed by Neighborhood Watch volunteer George Zimmerman in Sanford, Fla., on Feb. 26, 2012.

75% of the American people know that Trayvon was nothing more than a thug. Although only 30% will openly say it. the rest know it but are afraid to be thought of as traitors.

He was put down because he attacked a man who exercised his right to self protection. He was KILLED in self defense, NOT MURDERED. The difference is great.

So why settle and give the race baiters 1 million? Well, if they didn’t settle then the king race hustlers Al and Jesse surely would protest… So pay up sucka’s.

This was just another extortion in the age of racists. The biggest racist in the world now are the black legions under Al and Jesse’s umbrella. Good thing they have Eric Holder and Barack Obama to help them in extorting money. Oh and lets not forget a willing media who fails to ask the questions before leading gullible citizens to conclusions of racism.

I wonder, if true justice prevails and George Zimmerman is found INNOCENT of all charges will the homeowners association get their money back? Yeah probably not.

CBC “Race Riots will happen”

CBC “Race Riots will happen”

Yeah because there’s no way George Zimmerman could have shot Trayvon Martin in self defense. No matter what a judge and jury decide their minds are made up. Even after the facts are out and all their media driven hype has been blown out of the water.

CBC: Zimmerman Acquittal could spark race riots

Race riots could ensue if George Zimmerman — the shooter in the Trayvon Martin case — is found not guilty of second-degree murder by a Florida jury, the Congressional Black Caucus’ executive director allowed yesterday.

“I think a ‘not guilty’ verdict is extremely problematic in 2012,” said Angela Rye, the Executive Director and General Counsel for the Congressional Black Caucus. She said, “I don’t know,” when asked what would happen in the event of an acquittal. “I know that folks have talked about race riots — I don’t know that. I think that we live in a day and age where people are educated enough not to do that. I know that his mother and his father have asked for peace, peaceful solutions, not repaying evil for evil, so I’m not sure. I think it would set us back . . . there’s no value to racial violence or any other kind of violence.”

Now let’s look at the previous race riots that have ensued. Watts in the 60’s LA in the 90’s Detroit etc.. Which race was involved? With the exception of Reginald Denny in the Rodney King (c-c-can’t we all g-g-get along) riots white’s weren’t involved. But the Black community lost a lot.

It’s funny, the CBC who are SERVING in Congress, elected by the people are the ones most using the “Race card” Our POTUS is Black. There’s SCOTUS appointees who are Black… At what point does “We shall overcome” turn to “Okay we overcame” NEVER in the eyes of racist bottom feeders like these clowns in the CBC. The only one in the whole group with a clue is Allen West and he’s scorned because HE’S OFF THE PLANTATION!

Oh and since the CBC is concerned that means it’s an open door to invite the race hustler Al Sharpton and the New Black Panthers to make that prediction come true. All I can say is…

If it comes to my door, I’ll adress the situation in the most violent and unapologetic way imaginable. I don’t care what your paint job is. Take it for what its worth. Don’t come half ass’d bring the entire way because I will.


After action report of Glenn Beck’s Rally

After action report of Glenn Beck’s Rally

Details are starting to trickle in from the Glenn Beck Restoring honor rally in DC. The latest update involved the Al Sharpton march:

When the Sharpton rally reached the mall, most of the crowd from Beck’s rally had begun to disperse. Those remaining, mostly smiled politely. . . .
“Glen Beck, we’re going to show you. We ain’t going to let Glenn Beck turn us around,” one man shouted into a megaphone. . . . “We need to be shouting ‘we are America,’” said one woman in Sharpton’s rally. “See all those tea baggers.”

So as usual those wonderful leftists went looking for a confrontation and they were met with smiles.. Why do you think that is? I am guessing because there were over 300 thousand AMERICANS assembled to restore American Honor, and there were about 2 thousand folks marching to continue to destroy it.

The question must be asked: What are you against if you are against Beck’s rally? The rally was to restore honor, so you are against Honor? The rally was an effort to get people to look to GOD, so you are against GOD? the rally was to get people to focus on their family, so you are against families? The rally was to regain Hope, so you are now against hope? the rally was to push people toward charity, so you are against charity?…..

You can tell how strong your position is by the attendees of the opposing rallies.

Becks rally had MLK’s niece, several pastors, preachers, rabbi’s, veterans, leaders of all walks of life and 300 thousand AMERICANS.

Al Sharpton’s rally had SEIU, Code Pink, ANSWER and the Socialist Workers.

So, exactly what was Al Sharpton’s rally supposed to achieve?

Al Sharpton went on a media blitz after Beck picked the day of August 28th for his rally exclaiming that to be a holy day. Al Sharpton went on a spree calling Beck a hijacker of a day that is reserved for blacks…I find that odd.

Beck picked the day on a calendar, not on purpose (I truly believe that) and in no way tried to take the honor from MLK. But the question needs to be asked:
Why was that day if it’s such an important day to Al and Jesse, available to Glenn Beck? The Lincoln Memorial should have already been reserved by Al and Jesse right? Well unless it’s only an important day if someone else picks it…

America voted for socialism?

America voted for socialism?

Good ol Race pimp Al $harpton actually said what we all knew.

It’s true, America did vote for Obama, and those of you that did KNEW Obama was a socialist. IF you didn’t you were ignorant of your on accord. The info was out there. The question is what are you going to do to fix your fk up?

My one and only Tiger post.

My one and only Tiger post.

I had to do it….

Al Sharpton Blasts Tiger Woods for Lack of Mistress Diversity
The Rev. Al Sharpton held a press conference today to blast Tiger Woods for the lack of diversity among his mistresses. Sharpton claims that the lack of African-American women among Woods’ harem will have a negative effect on the black community, specifically young black girls.

“Why is it that a man who calls himself black can’t bring himself to cheat on his wife with a black woman?” said Sharpton, speaking to a group of supporters in Harlem . “What does it say to young black girls everywhere when you pass them over? Shame on you, Tiger Woods. What would your daddy say?”

Sharpton, who has long championed taking black women as mistresses, said that today’s black athletes need to stop neglecting black women when it comes to extramarital affairs, and should follow the examples of positive black role models such as Jesse Jackson and Martin Luther King, Jr., both of whom cheated on their wives with black women. Sharpton also stressed that cheating with African-American women would help the black community financially by giving black girls the chance to sell their stories to tabloids and gossip magazines.

Added Sharpton, “I’m not asking you to not cheat on your wives, I’m just asking you to give back to your own community.”

:rotflmao: :rotflmao:

I’m really at a loss for words here….