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Democrats throwing Tantrums…

I hope you folks are understanding what is going on in America today. I see the current events in a different light than most I guess… Ferguson, New York, Eric Garner, Mike Brown, Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, Torture report, Amnesty, … Continue reading

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Trayvon Martin’s family gets Paid

Nothing like settling under threat of riot… Travyon Martin’s parents settle wrongful death claim Trayvon Martin’s parents have settled a wrongful death claim for an amount believed to be more than $1 million against a Florida homeowners association where their … Continue reading

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CBC “Race Riots will happen”

Yeah because there’s no way George Zimmerman could have shot Trayvon Martin in self defense. No matter what a judge and jury decide their minds are made up. Even after the facts are out and all their media driven hype … Continue reading

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After action report of Glenn Beck’s Rally

Details are starting to trickle in from the Glenn Beck Restoring honor rally in DC. The latest update involved the Al Sharpton march: When the Sharpton rally reached the mall, most of the crowd from Beck’s rally had begun to … Continue reading

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America voted for socialism?

Good ol Race pimp Al $harpton actually said what we all knew. It’s true, America did vote for Obama, and those of you that did KNEW Obama was a socialist. IF you didn’t you were ignorant of your on accord. … Continue reading

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My one and only Tiger post.

I had to do it…. Al Sharpton Blasts Tiger Woods for Lack of Mistress Diversity The Rev. Al Sharpton held a press conference today to blast Tiger Woods for the lack of diversity among his mistresses. Sharpton claims that the … Continue reading

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