Stabbing-Slicing at Texas College

Stabbing-Slicing at Texas College

So I wake up today and hear that a razor knife went nuts on a college campus.

14 injured in knife attack on Lone Star College campus, suspect arrested

Over 12 people were stabbed Tuesday on the campus of Lone Star Community College campus in Cypress, Texas, after a male suspect reportedly used a small knife, ran from building to building and randomly attacked individuals along the way.

Harris Country Sheriff Adrian Garcia says the suspect, described as a young white male, has been taken into custody. No further information about the suspect or about the weapon has been released as the investigation is still active and ongoing.

President Obama has immediately reacted with an executive order that will require all students to have background checks before buying razor knives. There will be a 10 day waiting period before any razor knife leaves the hobby store. It’s all for the kids… oh wait, no he didn’t.

I find it funny that Razor knives have been responsible for more death in America than AR-15’s but our wonderful legislature is going to try and ban those…

Stabbings, car wrecks, drunk drivers and doctors mistakes are all more likely to kill you than an AR15 in the hands of some lunatic. BUT BAN THEM BECAUSE THEY’RE SCARY LOOKIN!!!

I’m so sick of the downward spiral our nation is headed in. And the leaders of this nation seem to think that’s “Forward”

Oh and Senator McCain and Graham. Fuck you both, you miserable rino’s.

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