Serious Question:

Serious Question:

If Romney is “Almost Obama” and Santorum is “Too Christian”.. Why isn’t NEWT pulling ahead? Newt is the complete OPPOSITE of Obama in almost every way. He’s made some mistakes in his earlier positions but he’s also got a federal government record of GOOD things. Why is Newt struggling to be the NOT-ROMNEY? Don’t get it at all.

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  1. Newt does have some serious baggage, plus the fact that the Establishment candidate can outspend him and cover him in negative ads….

    Of course once Mittens gets the nod- all his skeletons will come out in the MSM lead blocking squad,,AND he’ll be the one buried under Democrat sh1t.

    1. If “Conservatives” can’t deal with Romney and Santorum was IN GWB’s Pocket during the crash…. Newt should be the front runner by far. But We evidently are concerned more about a guy sitting in a couch with the enemy and apologizing than a guys compass when it comes to the national direction. Newt would pick GREAT JUDGES. Santorum will pick good ones. Romney? Well that’s a toss up.

        1. Yep Kurt I saw that but what’s missing is their rulings in a few key areas after they were placed. Yes I agree his picks were less than stellar and that’s what worries me. Also he was working with a VERY LIBERAL legislature. So if we don’t get the senate this year we are FUBAR no matter what. I harken back to Harriet Meyers who was stopped by the senate. And look at Soto and Keagan where not. We have to take the senate and house or the POTUS spot won’t matter at all.

          1. “So if we don’t get the senate this year we are FUBAR no matter what.”
            EXACTLY! We need a good POTUS, true enough. Newt is my choice, beyond doubt. Santorum ain’t all that bad if we can’t have Newt. He’ll do. Whichever one it is, I’ll hold my nose to vote ABO.

  2. I don’t get it either. I’m a Newt guy and I just don’t get it. The Romney money must be keeping Newt down. I’m so tired of the Bob Doles, John McCains, and the Mitt Romneys of the establishment Republican Party. We need someone who stands for something and NOT a reach across the aisle guy.

    The one word that describes Mittens = “Vanilla”

      1. Romney has been out spending all other candidates by at least 2.5/1 and at most 6/1 . This allows him to “misrepresent” or outright lie about other candidates records. He breaking Reagans “11th Commandment”. Some of the Romney commercials I’ve heard sound like they were done by the DNC. They don’t give reasons to vote for Romney, just reasons why everyone else sucks.

        1. Agreed NObama, however; we’re going to be stuck with him I think. We have very few choices. The fact, is this. We have to remove Obama AND HIS SUPPORT STAFF as in Holder/hillary/etc etc. The top of the ticket is the least of our worries. The SCOTUS picks, the Fed judges, the sec/def the economic head, those are the real targets now Romney’s or ANY of them’s picks will be at the very least BETTER than them.

  3. Robert, i like your website because it’s clear that you’re a disenfranchised republican -like me- wondering WTF is happening to the party and more so the nation. And you want a turnaround. You want it to get back on track. If I’m right so far then please don’t dismiss the following comments out of hand. The problem with Newt is he is a phony politician. Right-leaning to be sure, but unprincipled. He is not quite but almost as much a flip-flopper as Romney. Worse, his character is deplorable. Look at his personal life. It’s a crucial indicator of his values. He doesn’t have the moral compass that the leader of our nation should have. He can’t be held to a higher standard. In sum, he can’t be trusted. We need a guy that will vote and veto the way he says he will before he is elected. That isn’t Newt, Santorum, Obama or Romney.

    1. sean, yeah I’ve heard that a lot. And I have my fears about Newt too. But he’s the only one who has actually came out and apologized for his errors as speaker. (In some instances) He’s been in charge of 400+ votes deciding the nations direction. He did some stupid shit. No doubt. My support for Newt is not undying, it’s based one important thing above all else. Check out Romney’s judges. The judges he put in Mass. IF this election is all about SCOTUS appointments then Newt is the one I want picking them. Also I look at the head to head debate match ups in a state run media forum. Romney is going to get skewered and Newt would win. Theres other reasons I like Newt over Mitt. But that’s just me. Newt aint gonna be the nominee anymore than Paul.

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