Saved by Boehner

Saved by Boehner

Evidently I missed something in school. I was misled I guess.

In today’s America ONE DOLLAR of tax revenue for every 41 dollars of spending is a balanced way to reduce the debt. I know what you’re thinking, that math doesn’t work. Let me tell you that YES IT DOES. In today’s world, that 1 dollar of tax revenue will magically increase in value the minute it gets to Washington, it will turn into super dollar and multiply within itself to tackle the debt, I hear congress will give that dollar an Obama phone too!  But wait there’s more.

According to Obama “Increasing taxes in a down economy is bad” “The Bush Tax cuts need to expire” “Taxing only the rich like me, will help us solve our debt problem” “Millionaires and Billionaires need to pay their fair share” And this is what he’s done… Well, except the millionaires are now just 400k’rs and taxes go up for everyone who pays taxes…ooops.

Now lets look at the bill OUR ELECTED OFFICIALS voted for. 77% of Americans will see over a 2% increase in their taxes. I am wondering is that 77% of the 47% who actually PAY TAXES? What exactly is the fair share of those who don’t pay taxes? Mmm. But that ONE DOLLAR WILL SAVE THE DAY!

Okay, seriously we have ONE positive that came of all of this: Here it is:

Obama has masterfully pulled the curtain back on the Republicans. He gave them a test of their convictions. THEY FAILED THAT TEST. At least we do know exactly WHO FAILED and we can remove them. NO REPUBLICAN WHO VOTED FOR THIS “DEAL” SHOULD BE RE-ELECTED. Which is precisely what Obama wants.. Or thinks he does.

I’ve stated before that the nation is being governed exactly like the state of CA is. And for the last 30 years CA has been in decline. There’s NO UPSIDE in CA. There’s no “Light at the end of the tunnel” here. But the democrats don’t see it.. Their Agenda is like a blinder.

What is needed now is a PURGE. What should have been done on this so-called “Deal” is rather than vote for it, Republicans should have abstained from the vote all together. They should have allowed the passage of the bill totally on the democrat side. That would make them own it. Instead, now we have a dual partnership in the collapse. In CA democrats can’t govern without an enemy. The excuse is “IF the republicans would get out of the way, we could fix it” We know it’s bullshit. But we keep fighting. It’s over. Let them have it. Let them “Govern” without blame. Let them OWN this debacle. But we didn’t.

What we need to do know is simple. The American Conservative needs to BE ABSENT in 2014. Stay home. Let the RINO’s/Libercrats have the entire thing. This will hasten the collapse and we’ll stop the bleeding when the patient is empty. I’m done with the GOP.

For the Record Ken Calvert (R-Riverside) Voted FOR this shit sandwich and I will not be voting for him again. I will actively push others in my circle to vote against him.

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