Sarah Palin, Lover her, or Hate her…

Sarah Palin, Lover her, or Hate her…

You have got to admit she’s at least interesting. Now I’m not a huge Palin fan. I absolutely LOVE her stance on Gun rights, Hunting/Trapping/Fishing and her environmental conservation views. Those are UNDENIABLY Conservative views. I agree with her on her small government statements (Although I’m not sure she’d actually be able to undo the damage done) I also agree with her on her family values statements.

The problem Sarah Palin has is her messaging, her lack of communication skills. IF the only thing people knew about Sarah Palin was her written views. And you didn’t put a name beside it. You just put out her views, they would have WIDE SPREAD ACCOLADES from 95% of Conservatives, Republicans and Independents, she may even win over a few moderate Democrats. However; what we have is Sarah Palin saying Paul Revere warned the British…. We have so many “You betcha’s” and “By Golly’s” and way too much media slant and ire by the left run MSM. Watch this video from this morning. I submit Sarah Palin could be a major player in the run up to 2012. She SHOULD NOT RUN FOR POTUS. She should continue to PUSH those in the race RIGHT, she should continue to call out the idiocy of those running. Keep right on being a thorn in the side of the left and a railroad spike in the side of the RIGHT.

I do understand some folks hate this lady with a passion. The folks that HATE her that much are usually on the left. Far left folks HATE everything she stands for. The hate that comes from the right has more to do with her mannerisms, her walking away from a job she was elected to do and basically because they don’t think she’s smart enough to bake cookies without burning herself. I fall somewhere in the middle. I’ll never be a Palin backer. If she was the nominee in 2012, I’d probably vote for her, not because I think she’d be the best in our nation as POTUS, more because I think she’d do WAY better than Obama. Unfortunately that’s the bottom line. We are not going to get a chance to elect the BEST person to the job. The BEST person probably won’t be running. We are going to have to pick between two, WHO would be the best for our nation out of two. Obama? Um no.

Palin, Romney, Pawlenty, Newt, Cain.. Whoever…. I’ll have to weigh the 3rd party against them… But I’m thinking a NEW POTUS is the best course of action. If you think another 4 years of Obama would be the best then I suggest you vote that way.

For me, I’ll be waiting to bash Palin until she actually becomes a player in the running. Right now I’m saying KEEP IT UP SARAH PALIN, she’s drawing fire from the Left, She’s drawing fire from the Right, She’s plain Target fodder right now. And She’s handling it better than most.

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6 Replies to “Sarah Palin, Lover her, or Hate her…”

  1. So basically she’s a better commentator on who’s running than she’d be as a runner herself? That’s too bad, I absolutely love her views but I gotta agree if she ran it’d be a bit of a laughing stock considering her mannerisms. I thinks she’s endearing but then again that’s because I have tons of relatives who are just like her.

    1. Well Meaghan, Yeah I guess that’s exactly what I’m saying. She’s a mover. She’s moving the candidates in the RIGHT direction because they REALLY REALLY want her endorsement. IF Sarah Palin, Michelle Bachman and Allen West ENDORSE the same person for POTUS, they will be a shoe in to win the primaries.

  2. I don’t hate her; far from it. But she’s not showing me that she’s applied herself to a more global positioning, a learning, an ability to see the more immediate. If she wants to be POTUS, our problems don’t stop at our borders. They frequently just BEGIN there.


  3. I do love Sarah Palin. I agree with her views on just about everything. But, like you Robert, her delivery needs work. I, too, would vote for her if she were the nominee but I hope it doesn’t come down to that. She has developed quite a skill as a “king maker” and should stick with that. No matter how hard she tries, she will never be able to convince about 50% of the people that she is a viable candidate. That’s not a winning number.

    I do agree that she would be a better president than obama, but sadly, that’s not saying much. My St. Bernard is dumber than a bag of hammers and would be a better president than obama…

  4. I love the way Sarah sends the Left into convulsions, but probably wouldn’t vote for her if she got in.

    She is smart, but every time she talks- people see her through the Tina Fey glasses.
    …which was good branding for the Left, I guess… “I can see Russia from my house!”

    Next time she says something the Left jumps on about how far out it is, and stupid- ask Google and you’ll find she’s probably right.

    Her best position would be to back the best candidate for the job. It’s just too bad they won’t be on the ticket…

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