Santa is alive and well

Santa is alive and well

I am really not in the Christmas spirit this year, Our country is in turmoil mostly because of fake ass Conservatives, We have a socialist Gun Grabbing Liberal taking control in a couple of weeks, Localy in California we are broke, and the invasion is going on unchecked, Oh and the majority of voters are being discounted. I am not really happy. So I’ll just post this from Ted Nugent.

Santa takes many forms
Loving, giving spirit as alive, real as ever

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Merry Christmas to all! The Nugents are doing fine, thank you. Enough about us.

This time of year always brings up the question from many youngsters to their parents asking if there really is a Santa Claus. The following is a little something I write for my grandchildren, but I hope it will help you explain to other kids, big and small, that Santa Claus is very real.

Santa Claus is an alive spirit — something you can’t necessarily see or touch — but rather a loving, selfless, giving spirit that rests within the hearts and souls of good people everywhere.

You can see Santa Claus if you pay attention and look closely.

Look inside a U.S. Marines Corps Toys for Tots truck and you’ll find piles of new toys on their way to kids who might not otherwise receive anything for Christmas. Santa Claus put them there. U.S. Marines will deliver them.

Look at the cart near the exit door at the grocery store that has a sign on it requesting a donation of food to the less fortunate. The cart will be full this time of year. The store will need to put out more carts as Christmas draws near. Santa Claus filled those carts with food.

Listen for the Salvation Army bell ringers who stand in front of stores ringing their bells. Watch people drop their hard-earned money into Salvation Army buckets and go about their business. What you are seeing is Santa Claus in action.

Local newspapers, television and radio stations have programs to collect donations to help the less fortunate in your community. If so, watch the tally grow and grow to thousands and thousands of dollars.

Santa Claus donated that money.

Acts of kindness

You will hear reports throughout the Christmas season on radio or read in newspapers about acts of kindness by strangers to help a neighbor in need. That stranger’s name is Santa Claus.

Thousands and thousands of nameless people donate money throughout the year to help defeat cancer and confront other health problems.

They also have a name: Santa Claus.

Tons of gifts and millions of Christmas cards are being sent by anonymous Americans to our courageous U.S. military heroes overseas. Santa Claus sent those gifts and cards to our brave men and women in uniform.

Companies all across America donate money and products to homeless shelters and other charities to help the less fortunate. Santa Claus is alive and well in those companies.

Those who have the spirit of Santa Claus deep in their hearts know that the true meaning of Christmas is about giving, not receiving.

As we prepare to celebrate Jesus’ birthday, remember that He commanded us to love our neighbors as ourselves. With that simple request the spirit of Santa Claus was born.

The Nugents, like so many American families, don’t necessarily wait for Christmas to give. But we do kick it up a notch or ten at this spiritual time of year.

Burning inside us all is the drive to do good and give. The Christmas spirit is alive and well. Santa Clause is coming to town. Merry Christmas, America, to one and all.

Ted Nugent is a Waco-based musician and television show host. Contact him directly at

Unfortunately, giving or charity from MY household this year (other than some time and effort for a few chosen folks that have exhibited the will to help themselves) is going to be very light. Let Obama and our LIBERAL, FEEL GOOD Douchebags hand out the charity, that’s all they seem to be doing right now anyway and I hate the “Double-Dip”. If you are going to take my money, to give it to YOUR folks, then you are going to tell me my VOTE is not important because of an AGENDA of politicians and activists, then you want me to GIVE more?, Screw you.

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8 Replies to “Santa is alive and well”

  1. I’m with ya buddy! This country is in deeper trouble right now that it was during The War Between the States and no one is doing a damn thing about it.

    We getting a royal screwing and we’re not even getting a courtesy ‘reach around’. :shootin:

  2. Fake Conservative… :rotflmao:

    They present a bigger problem to this nation than all the Obama supporters combined, you KNOW what to expect from a left wing moonbat libber, but a fake Conservative is a whole different matter…

    And *some* fake Conservatives aren’t even fakes, they are *progressive/libber/assholes* posing as Conservatives…

    Ho fucking Ho!! Merry Christmas…

  3. Basti, I know unfortunately the sorry SOB’s that think they are helping by “Compromising” conservative values to get somethings are KILLING our country.

    Fred, The FAKE conservatives, those that claim they are “Republicans” yet say NOTHING about this BAILOUT, this BULLSHIT INVASION that is still going on under the REPUBLICAN Admin, not to mention our CIC or MORON in Charge as we speak is letting Ramos and Campeon sit in jail for doing their job.

    I am disgusted.

  4. Merry Christmas Rob!

    As much as I was/am for giving, some idiots think that the government or rather the ObaMAO has the right to regulate HOW and WHAT we give.

    Anyway, God bless the troops and you!!

  5. Merry Christmas and Happy Chanukkah to all. Also Festivus, Diwali, et. al. to those that are not on Jihad against us.

    And a special thanks to the men and women of the Armed Forces, who make it possible for us to celeberate in freedom.

  6. Just stopping in to say hey, and a very Merry Christmas to you and the Mrs. and family.

    I agree with all you said, btw.

    Y’all have a Blessed New Year, and again, I just want to say Thank You ! :hole:

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