San Bernadino is Terrorism…

San Bernadino is Terrorism…

Now after 10 minutes most normal thinking Americans knew what was happening in San Bernadino CA. It only took 3 days for Barack Obama to figure it out… Well, sort of.


I’m not linking to a bunch of stories or biased bullshit, you if you are here know about it already. But maybe you might have missed a few things. Let me see if I can hit on something you didn’t think of…


  1. There were supposed to be THREE people according to witnesses who shot up the place. Only 2 found, both DEAD.
  2. A “Person” supposedly sold/gave/lent the firearms to the Islamic Terrorists, checked himself into a mental health hospital the next day, (Several CA Laws broke)
  3. There were roughly 70 shots fired in that building. In CA the maximum magazine capacity is 10 rounds. (each shooter must have reloaded 3x a piece. Not including the shots fired during the chase. (Another CA law broke)
  4. After the Paris Attack, France closed its borders, rounded up hundreds of radical islamic idiots and shut down several mosque’s. After San Bernadino, Obama has blamed the NRA, Republicans, the 2nd amendment.
  5. On the eve of the attacks on Pearl Harbor’s anniversary, Barack Obama saw fit to attack the constitution and our rights. He saw fit to blame everyone who disagrees with him and used his bully pulpit to attack 65% of Americans.
  6. In Obama’s speech, he called Ft Hood, The Naval Shipyard and San Bernadino shootings TERRORIST attacks. However, for the last several years, two of them were “Workplace Violence”.. So he admitted he lied, Hillary lied and nobody is calling him on it.


Just a few things I noticed… You have any more?

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