RIP Chris Kyle US Navy Seal.

RIP Chris Kyle US Navy Seal.

First let me offer my sincere condolences to Chris Kyle’s family and friends. He was one of the best America offered and his attitude, skills, demeanor will be sorely missed.


Former Navy SEAL Chris Kyle fatally shot at Texas shooting range

Chris Kyle, a former U.S. Navy SEAL credited with the largest number of confirmed kills, was one of two people fatally shot at a North Texas shooting range Saturday, Texas Highway Patrol confirmed to Fox News.
Erath County Sheriff Tommy Bryant told the Star-Telegram that Kyle, 38, was shot by a suspected gunman, identified as 25-year-old Eddie Ray Routh, around 3:30 p.m.

The facts in this case are clouded. Which offers a lot of time for speculation. One thing for sure is, this isn’t good for the pro-2nd amendment crowd. This happened at a shooting range. Two people are dead because a coward turned his gun on innocent people. Now we can assume that MORE people would be dead if it was a school or a gun free zone. That’s a pretty safe assumption. UNLESS, this was a hit. Perhaps this coward, this murdering slug was hired? Or had some beef with Chris?

Think about this for a minute…. We’ve lost a couple folks recently who had media attention, who were also STRONG advocates of the 2nd amendment. Some of the most staunchest liberals have come out against the gun grab of the Obama regime. What is a Chicago thug to do when your great plans of control are being systematically destroyed by facts? Well, maybe you have another event that highlights your views and supports your vision?

Chris Kyle was the epitome of American values. He was recognized as a courageous, GOD fearing, hero with red-white and blue running through his veins. He gave everything to defend America and he’s gone now because of ????? There’s something fishy in this nation. If I didn’t know better I’d think we were in Iraq 2001….

God bless the warriors.

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3 Replies to “RIP Chris Kyle US Navy Seal.”

  1. Cris was a living Texas hero. From Midlothian,TX.
    A superlative veteran.
    He had 2 skills: sending a round down range to kill someone who was intent on killing our troops, and then helping out other Vets with PTSD.
    He was assassinated helping another Vet.

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