RINO’s Did it Again…

RINO’s Did it Again…

Okay it’s official: The Republican party was on life support, it has been since November. Today, the GOP pulled the plug on itself. RIP.

As of right now. There are only Democrats running this nation. The FEW “Conservative” senators/House Reps will still have my utmost respect. But they have lost the battle and the war. The war to save America from itself is lost. IF the 2nd amendement wasn’t the tie that bound even the most moderate “Republicans” then it truly is over.

We know that they sold us out. What we didn’t know was at what cost. Now we know. It was one dinner with the king and a Yacht trip with booze on Joe Manchin’s (D-WV) yacht. So they aren’t low price whores, they’re high priced hookers.

My pledge and I hope to have MANY REPUBLICANS FOLLOW THIS LEAD is, I will support every challenger of all 16 Republicans in the primaries, who voted to stab us in the back today. IF the traitors win anyway, I will urge ALL REPUBS IN THEIR DISTRICT TO STAY HOME ON GENERAL ELECTION DAY!


You may say: Well, you’ll just ensure that the democrats get a majority. To that I say, they have it now. It doesn’t matter the letter after the name it’s the actions they take. It’s time to give it up and arm up. Wait until SHTF and then maybe we can get our nation back. If not, it’s going to get real rough.

Your choice. Make them pay for their actions, or let the nation die slowly. ME, I like to pull the bandaid off fast.

You may also say, why are you not as upset with the democrats? Well, I EXPECT them to try and destroy our nation. They do it right in front of you. Republicans now are cowards they talk about conservatism during election time then pull this shit. Traitors are worse than the enemy.

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4 Replies to “RINO’s Did it Again…”

  1. One of these days folks are going to look back on what I said way before McRINO and North Pole Barbie lost to Odumbfuck and remember; I was telling folks then that the GOP was over and done and it was time to start an all new Conservative Party…

    Oh well, too damned late now…

  2. I honestly do not believe you can the pull the country back at this point. Expecting the nation to suddenly snap out of its Free Cheese malaise is like expecting Lindsay Lohan to ignore the Home Shopping Network.


  3. This country is doomed. Personally, I think the Republican party should be telling American’s how to renounce their citizenship, and move to other countries. This country is doomed – so the best thing to do is hurry its destruction along, but do what benefits you the most. After all, all you have to do is break the law, and come back and you’ll be an American again – although one that doesn’t have to pay taxes (you can have our off-shore income still go into your off-shore accounts). How is this not a win-win proposition for Republicans? After the inevitable destruction, you can propose a wonderful new idea – called Capitalism… After all, it worked in Russia and China – why not the US?

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