Resting and Relaxin

Resting and Relaxin

Today, unless something really news worthy pops up today, I’ll be a football watching redneck. There’s a few games I’m looking to see today.


Cleveland hasn’t played real well, Pitt’s QB is hurt.. Rivalry game, hard nosed smash mouth football! Should be good.

And this one:


Division game, Atlanta has been kickin ass and takin names all season. Tampa needs this and they’re at home. Should be a battle.

The New Orleans vs Frisco game this evening should be a good game, but San Fran’s defense should shut down that Drew Brees offense. We’ll see.

Have a great Sunday folks.

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3 Replies to “Resting and Relaxin”

  1. Yep Woody, This afternoon at 1 or so. CA time. I’m curious to see how that rookie QB plays today. He was playing above his head against Chicago last week. We’ll see.

    Fred, LMAO. Yep. In a way its not too bad, I can still root for the Raiders to lose. And they are losing BADLY!

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