Presidential Address…

Presidential Address…

Said a lot of good things, didn’t say GWB by name, tried to say we need new energy, acted like he was in charge…Yep typical teleprompter in chief, made his point for green energy, didn’t take blame for anything he’s done wrong….Hurry up 2012 this idiot needs to be unemployed.

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3 Replies to “Presidential Address…”

  1. Last night the biggest MORON to ever infest the Oval Office removed all doubt that he really is a clueless MORON and positioned himself head and shoulders above all past MORONS in the White House…

    And the MSM took notice… THAT is amazing…

  2. Re: the letter from Grace Gan,

    I wrote her to check for myself; she answered that she did not write the letter; but she actually did send it out!

    I told her that I hoped she would think of me and as strategic allies. (Americanandproud might be able to use some of my articles to stir up debate.)

    I was planning to send Gan letter to freerepublic, somehow lost it in the trash, and then found your version via Google. So I’ll stop there. It really is a great letter.

    Bruce Price

  3. For a man who is so allegedly brilliant, his was the most obscure and non-explicatory speech in the history of the Oval Office. He said mostly nothing about the federal government’s SPECIFIC role in HELPING BP with the situation — except to PENALIZE them.

    And today, the Coast Guard TURNED AWAY barges off Louisiana coast!


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