Palin vs Biden, Close but Palin wins by MOST accounts.

Palin vs Biden, Close but Palin wins by MOST accounts.

This was the debate I really wanted to see. Sarah Palin looked good, confident and prepared. So did Joe Biden, but with Biden it was expected, 30 years of Congressional Experience gives you an edge in debates. The problem with Biden is not his appearance, or his delivery, it is his subject matter, it is severely flawed, and his candidate is more liberal than he is…

The Hot Governor and the moron

I was unimpressed by either of them to tell you the truth, I WAS impressed with Palin’s control of her emotions. It really didn’t matter, I was not changing my mind or my vote based on this debate. The reason is simple: Obama, McCain or Biden would scarcely be considered the BEST candidates for the job. PALIN on the other hand, is the BEST candidate for the TOP job.

Palin’s lack of experience in DC coupled with her STRONG moral values, her CONSERVATIVE leanings in the area of Gay Marriage, Taxes, Religion, Abortion, Education, and a host of other things, oh and her RECORD is clear. Compare her to the other three, you see the biggest chance for REAL CHANGE in Washington is Sarah Palin.

I am voting for McCain/Palin but the truth is I am voting for Palin by proxy.
Who will do the least amount of harm? McCain. McCain will at least have a CONSERVATIVE voice in his cabinet, Obama will have Biden, how is that a good thing?

IF that isn’t enough of a reason to vote McCain/Palin… Think of this:
Obama, Biden, Pelosi. First, Second and Third in power. Is there any difference? Where is the voice of reason, the sanity check?
McCain, Palin, Pelosi. First, Second and Third in power. Same Questions and the answer is SARAH PALIN.

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4 Replies to “Palin vs Biden, Close but Palin wins by MOST accounts.”

  1. All in all it was a good debate, and Sarah is a hell of a lot easier to listen to than McCain is, McCain can’t start a fire with a gallon of gas and a book of matches…

    Biden was *slick*, like a used car salesman in a military town, “Go ahead, bend over, it won’t hurt, I promise”…

    I honestly think that given a couple of years to *season up* a bit, Sarah Palin would be a great CiC, Obama, Biden and McCain, NONE OF EM, will ever be a great CiC…

    Overall, I have to say, Sarah did pretty damn good, not stellar, but pretty damn good… And I still make no excuses for this, I will vote the McCain/Palin ticket, but it won’t be because of John McCain…

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